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“We don’t always get to choose our obsessions.

Sometimes our obsessions choose us.”

The Color of Friendship


I’m an obsessive girl. I’m skeptical, but I’m also hopeful. I was the weird girl in high school who related more to fictional characters and celebrities I would never meet than I did to the wackadoos I spent every day with–and I’m still that girl at 25. Eventually I would learn weird is just a side effect of being awesome. At the time, I just felt alone and unloved. I didn’t fit in. I was weird. So, I started a blog, then wrote a book, started an instagram page, and have now started two podcasts. Both The Mask; Her Aid Podcast and Obsessive Girl Podcast are still major works in process, but I’m really excited about where they may go. I wrote and created these things as outlets for people who might feel like I did and still sometimes do. I wanted to create a place and material for people who feel like they’re not enough, who feel lost, broken, and unseen. I wanted to create a grace place where¬†people could feel safe to dare to be themselves.

What does it mean to dare to hope? To dare is to be brave. It takes bravery to hope. Hope is hard to find in this dark world. It also takes bravery to be yourself. Your hopes and obsessions/passions/things you love are what make you yourself. So go ahead dare to obsess and dare to hope.


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