The Difference Between *a* Church and *the* Church

Praise the Lord!

I will thank the Lord with all my heart

    as I meet with his godly people.

Psalm 111:1



            A church is a building where people get together and play Christian. The church is a group of Christians who meet in a building to worship God, grow in God, and fellowship with God’s people. A lot of people will tell you that it doesn’t matter where you go to church, because church isn’t about you or other people, it’s about God. While it is true that church is about God, it is not true that church is not about you or other people. The early church was founded by Jesus so that people, you and others, could meet in a collective place to worship, grow, and fellowship. Our God is not a god who expects us to worship and grow solely without others. Our God is a God of companionship. He created us to love and be loved. God created church so that we could first worship Him, second grow in Him, and third fellowship with His people.

            To worship God is to have a one on one with Him, in a way that blesses Him, so that we know He knows we love Him. It is a time when we let Him know that He is the only One worthy of our praise and adoration. Repeatedly, we see that God is not a god who wants to be left alone. Before the fall, He walked with Adam and Eve every day. After the fall, when the world was terribly corrupt, He could have and probably should have destroyed everything and everyone, but because He is a just God who does not want to lose His creation and companionship with man, He didn’t. Over and over again, we are told to pray and worship God. Why? He is a God of companionship, Who wants us to talk to Him and meet with Him on a regular basis. Why else would He be a jealous God?

            To grow in God is to have a one on one with Him, in a way that blesses us, so that we can be better Christians. We grow in God so that we can be keen to His voice. When we are keen to His voice, we can better serve and worship Him.

            Finally, Church is a place where Christians can meet together and fellowship. I grew up in a good church, with good Christians, and a God-ordained pastor, but I never felt like it was “my” church. I felt like rather than worshiping God, I was trying to impress other people. I felt like instead of growing in a God, I was only learning about God. And, I felt like instead of fellowshipping with other people, I was competing with them, or like during worship, I was trying too hard to impress them. That all could have been because I grew up with those people, and went to school with many of them, but nonetheless, it was not a healthy way to be at church. Eventually, when I was about sixteen years old, I went going to church services all together, partially because nurses workers were needed at church, and partly because I wasn’t get anything for or from God in the services anyway, so I didn’t see why I should sit there for an hour and a half. I did have Christian fellowship however, and I did learn about God on a regular basis, but for the longest time, I never really felt like I was growing in God at church or in much of a fellowship group. That all changed a few months ago, in about October or so of 2012, when I started going to a new church with a friend of mine. I immediately felt refreshed and renewed. I got the fellowship I needed, without even trying to make friends, impress people, or compare to people, I met three girls (who I will talk more elaborately about in another post) who gave me that fellowship I needed so badly to help me grow in Christ, and I can now truly worship God every Sunday morning.

            Church is all about God, but it’s also sub-topically about you and others.


Until next time this is Brittany Alexandria, daring you to keep obsessing over the things you love! Because we could always use more hope and passion in this world! xoxo

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