Simple Freedom.

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Redemption is a tricky thing.

It really shouldn’t be tricky, because it should be simple. You are redeemed. That’s it.
Christ made it simple when he died on the cross for us. The moment he made that sacrifice he also made us free.
Completely, one hundred percent, totally free. Not only free but he made is pure, blameless, and holy. It’s that simple. Somehow we make it seem so complicated. I think the problem is that it is not always easy for us to feel like we are free. It is not easy to believe that we have been redeemed. When we look at our selves, we only see our faults and flaws and forget that we are free from all of that. When we feel alone, confused, ashamed, or unworthy we choose to ignore the freedom we have received. I do this all the time. I get upset with…

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