The Bin of Sin


Aria told Ezra the truth about her letter to Jackie. At first, he told her that it was a brilliant move, but then he read the letter again and realized that the letter was so convincing because there was at least some subconscious truth to what Aria wrote. When he told Aria what he thought, he told her that they should spend some time apart so that she can really experience college. She told him she didn’t want to; that she could still experience college while being with him. He asked her to at least consider it and she promised she would. Her last scene shows her looking through the school yearbook and realizing that while everyone else had extracurricular activities listed under their pictures and names, she didn’t, because her only extracurricular activity was going home with the teacher.

Hanna finds out that it’s her name on the lease for the storage unit that contains all of the evidence from Mona’s murder case, possibly including her body. She puts on her Nancy Drew shoes and sleuths her way into sneaking herself into the storage unit without being detected. When she and Caleb get into the unit, all of the evidence is gone, except for the barrel that the Liars suspect holds Mona’s body. While she and Caleb are walking away from the unit, Toby and Detective Tanner intercept them in the hallway.

Tanner, who is always suspecting the Liars of everything in the first place, becomes even more suspicion of Hanna and Caleb, especially after she and Toby find that the cables for the security cameras have been cut. She and Toby do discover what is in the barrel, but the camera does not show what they find.

After that, Spencer calls Toby to question him about why he didn’t warn them that he and Tanner were going to the storage place, especially after she informed him that she was worried about Hanna. He told her that his reason for not telling her was because Tanner only told him where they were going while they were driving. She asked him if he would come talk to her, but he told her that he couldn’t, because his job required him to keep quiet and because he would be at work late. That was a lie though, because as soon as he hung up, he walked to his truck and left the station.

In other news, the new worker at the Brew, which is now apparently owned by Ezra, has a thing for Emily. Aria and Spencer were almost frozen to death while following the GPS on Mona’s computer, because they thought Hanna and Caleb had taken it, but really it was “A,” whom they suspect is Holbrook, Ali’s alleged lover. Emily was also there and she saved them from dying. Also, Jason is feeling pretty bummed, because he slept with Ashley and she is trying to keep a distance, because Ted proposed to her.

My Thoughts and Theories

First of all, let me talk about Aria and Ezra. Anyone who has met me or has read any post from this blog knows that I am and will forever be #TeamEzriaForever. HOWEVER, even though I do LOVE them and dream of them being endgame, I do kind of want to see them break up just one more time because I still really want to see Aria and Jason as an actual couple. From the very first moment that Jason and Aria started flirting together, I have thought that, if it were not for Ezra, Jason would make a great boyfriend for Aria and she would make a great girlfriend for him. Even if he does end up being on the “A Team,” which may or may not be my primary theory at the moment, I would still love to see them again. I’m not really sure why, but I do love them together.

Now let’s talk about how cute and perfect Hanna and Caleb are together! Like seriously, they will literally do ANYTHING for each other! Caleb, who has already explained why he cannot be charged for a murder, is even willing to be convicted if it means helping Hanna attempt to clear her name! Ezria may be my favorite, but Haleb really is the best!

As for Spoby, well…. They’re kind of always surfing among the rocky ocean waters. They rarely have their heads above the water for more than a few seconds before going under again and finding themselves facing worse obstacles every time they turn around. It’s really not surprising that they are facing issues right now, but what is surprising, or rather irksome, is that Toby works for the Rosewood Police Station. As corrupt as they have been in the past, one would think that the last place anyone, especially Toby, would apply to work, is the Police Station. Toby is working there though and I feel like that should be an unforgivable offense, unless he decides that his relationship with the Liars, especially Spencer, is far more important than his job with the station. If he doesn’t pull off sone really incredible plan that gets all the Liars off the hook AND captures whoever the real murderer and stalker is, then I will be very disappointed and upset!

Furthermore, according to Marlene, Mike is supposed to start acting super sketchy in future episodes. I would suspect that there are two possible reasons for this: 1) He is helping Mona, whether she’s dead or not or 2) He’s on the “A Team” for many of the same reasons that I stated Jason would be on the “A” team.

In conclusion, did you watch the preview for next week’s episode? Did you see that Holbrook was very much alive and well and talking to Caleb and Hanna? Therefore, Holbrook is definitely not the one in the barrel. It is also extremely unlikely that Mona is in the barrel, because nothing that is ever highly suspected in the show is ever true. Thus, it should be assumed that an unknown body is in the barrel, or something else entirely is hiding in the barrel.



P.S. Does anyone else think that Detective Tanner seems extremely sketchy? She must be hiding something? I’m not sure what or why? BUT, she IS hiding SOMETHING!