If you know me and or you’ve read any of my previous posts (even though all but one is related to Pretty Little Liars) then you probably know that I am the kind of girl who prefers emotional chick flicks or romantically entangled mysteries to action stories of any kind. I don’t watch scary movies, I mostly watch hero movies for the romantic side, I rarely watch any action movies, and I don’t think I have ever watched a war movie. Tonight I did though, and if I’m being honest, I only watched it because Brad Pitt is hot, Logan Lerman is one of my celebrity crushes, and Shia LeBeouf ain’t too bad either. Yes, I watched “Fury,” completely unaware of what it was actually about, for the simple fact that three of the leading actors are attractive. I should be ashamed, but I’m not, because as it turns out, I really like this movie. Sure, it had more blood, gore, war bombs, and F-bombs than I would have liked. However, it was a phenomenal story with a general plot about a seasoned war veteran (Brad Pitt) who takes a young kid (Logan Lerman) under his wings to guide him in the ways of war and to explain to him why so many men risk their lives in the line of duty. We see by the end that courage, faith, love, and loyalty, are the only things keeping this men in the war.

The first, and hardest, lesson Don (Brad Pitt) has to teach Norman (Logan) is how to be courage. Norman is just a young kid who was originally trained to write about 60 words a minute, but now he’s been thrown into the line of duty and he is petrified. He doesn’t want to be in the war, not fighting it at least, but he has to, because it’s his duty. Don, initially frustrated that he has to train this kid, roughs him up a bit by yelling at him, calling him names, and hitting him a bit. He even forces Norman to kill a man, but it doesn’t work. Norman is still afraid and weak, so Don tries a little harder. He pays more attention to Norman and realizes that he’s a sensitive guy with a soft exterior and even softer interior.

So, when Don sees the opportunity to show Norman that soldiers, at least American soldiers, aren’t heartless pinheads, he does. While in a town after attacking German soldiers, Don sees a woman peeking through a window and takes Norman to investigate. He knows that this woman is hiding someone. When he sees that the woman is hiding a younger girl named Emma, his heart softens, and he tries to treat them with as much dignity as possible, while at the same time, making sure his and Norman’s needs are met. He requests, or really orders, the woman and the girl (who is about Norman’s age) to fix them food, so they do it. While waiting for the food to be ready, Norman sits down at the piano and starts playing a beautiful melody that the girl hears. She walks up to him and starts singing along. When Don sees that Norman and Emma have a connection, he sends them to the bedroom. In the bedroom, they talk and quickly manage to fall in love. Before anything can go any farther though, Don is ordered to take his team back outside to discuss further moves. While outside, the German’s bomb the city, and the house that Emma was in was blown up. Norman rushed over to her and found her dead. In that scene you could see in Norman’s eyes that he would be much more willing to fight. It was as if falling in love, even if for a short time, filled him with enough courage to keep moving on.

Another character, dubbed Bible (Shia LeBeouf) for his unapologetic faith and quoting of scripture is in the war for one thing and one thing only, faith. Almost every word out of his mouth is quoting scripture or praising God (though he does also drop the F-bomb as much as any other character). Many times he states that the only reason he and the other guys are still fighting is because God isn’t done with them yet. Though the guys do get annoyed by all of his Jesus references, they also seem to be encouraged and motivated by them as well.

The final message I got from the movie is of loyalty. Don, aka “Wardaddy,” is as loyal to his men as any man would be to his woman. He literally takes bullets to fight for his men and his country. He is constantly reminding himself and his men that the only reason he is there and the only reason they should be there is because of loyalty. He tells Norman, aka “Machine,” that the main reason he is there is because he promised his men a long time ago that he would keep them safe, and he did. Until his last dying breath, he was fighting to keep as many men safe as possible.

I may have gone into this movie with the girly reason of watching attractive guys do whatever it is I expected them to do (I didn’t really have any expectations really), but I came out as a true fan of the movie and the story. I highly recommend that everyone, especially every American, watch this movie so that you can have a small taste of what it’s like for our men and women who serve to keep us safe and free. I feel like a piece of my soul died in that movie, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because if a war movie doesn’t tear you to pieces in one way or another, you probably need psychiatric help, because it’s just not American to watch a movie like this without coming out with a little bit of yourself torn up and a whole lot of yourself full of American pride!

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