Expansion on Previous Posts Based on New Evidence

Okay, so now that we’ve been given a few more clues and since a lot of the cast and crew for PLL are talking, I’ve got to reevaluate some of the potential scenarios for future PLL episodes. We’ve gotta talk a little bit more about the barrel. Then we’ve gotta talk a little bit about some of the characters who are becoming a lot more developed right now. And, later we’ll talk about the characters most likely, or most suspected, of being “A.”

First, let’s talk about the barrel. In two previous posts, I talked about how Mona, Holbrook, Melissa, Jenna, Paige, and Sarah (Ali’s alleged lookalike) could possibly be in the barrel. However, after recent developments, I must contract some of my previous mentions. Holbrook is definitely not in the barrel. He is alive and probably not well. He seems like he’s gone crazy or something. I don’t know what Alison, or maybe “A,” did to him, but he is not the man he once was. He’s actually kind of psycho, not a “This guy is definitely “A”’ kind of psycho, but “this guy belongs in Radley,” psycho. Jenna is also probably not in the barrel, because in an interview, Keegan Allen (Toby) said that he doesn’t think there will be a scene with him and Jenna any time soon because Tammin is spending a lot of time with her daughter. Tammin has been posting a lot of pictures of herself and her daughter in Australia (their homeland) the last few months, so maybe it’s true. Maybe Jenna just isn’t around right now. At this moment in time, I think it’s most likely Mona or Paige in the barrel, but who knows?

Now, what the heck is going on with Mike? He’s been acting a little psycho too. Maybe he’s just angry that Mona is dead, or missing, or whatever. Or, maybe he’s working with or for “A.” Whatever he’s doing, he’s certainly hiding something, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to figure out what is going on! Then there are Ezra and Toby who are like totally not acting like the amazing boyfriends we know they can be! They both seem to be pushing their girlfriends away and I just can’t figure out why! Toby joined the police force so that he could help Spencer and the girls, but he seems to be doing nothing but pushing them away. Now, there could be a perfectly logical reason for this. He could know a lot more than he’s leading on to, because he is a police officer, and he just doesn’t want to drag the girls into it. That’s perfectly logical, and quite frankly, I hope it’s true! The girls are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but it is still totally romantic for the boyfriend to swoop in and save the day! Then there’s Ezra. Sure, his reasoning for suggesting he and Aria break up is perfectly reasonable, because he doesn’t want to stand in her way for new and exciting experiences, especially after she missed out on so much during high school, but haven’t we already been here and done that? I mean, gosh! He definitely already played the “Why don’t you try to be interested in your peers” card! I can understand why he thinks Aria meant at least a little bit of what she told Jackie, and it’s probably true that she does realize she missed out on a lot for Ezra, but I don’t think she ultimately cares! She had chance after chance, especially after finding out about the book, to cut herself loose from her relationship with Ezra, but she has chosen him EVERY TIME! I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they do legitimately break up again this season, but we all know they’ll back together again. If they don’t there will be a LOT of upset fans and I don’t think the creators of PLL are the kind of people to willingly leave their fans angry and broken.

Finally, who is most likely and most suspected of being “A?” Mike, Jason, Mona (assuming she’s still alive), and Alison are the most likely to be “A.” Toby, Ezra, and Caleb are the ones who know the most about the girls, and they could very likely be “A.” And the girls are each the most suspected of being “A.” However, Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Jenna Marshall, Melissa Hastings, Lucas G., Wren Kingston, and the Hastings parents are still super sketchy and unexplained as well. Who’s to know? I don’t know… Right now though, if I had to pick my top 3 suspects, I would pick Jason, Mike, and Mona (not necessarily in that order) for my most suspected. I’m trying to keep my theories open-ended for now though. That way, at the end of season 5 when we have all of our important clues, I won’t be close minded to any of the possibilities.



P.S. As of two seconds ago, I just watched a new promo for next week’s episode and saw that Andrew (the brainy kid who seemed to like Spencer) is back and probably tutoring Aria. To be honest, I always thought he was kind of strange too…. He also keeps coming back at random times…. Maybe “A” has just trained me not to trust anyone, or maybe I’m onto something… I don’t know, but I’m sure his reappearance has to mean something…. Maybe Aria will date him for a while? She’s already dated the popular bad boy (Noel), an older college guy (Jake) and had a fling with that other guy (Riley), and she’s had a LOT of history with her “bad teacher,” she might as well date the brainy guy, right?

P.P.S My brother just watched last night’s episode of PLL and suggested that Holbrook could have possibly been the angry guy talking to Mona the night before she was murdered while she was talking to Leslie… SO, that’s a theory! Especially since we now know that Holbrook is kind of crazzy and super psucho!


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