Mike and Mona

Okay, so, I have a friend named, Courtney, and we are basically the walls on which we bounce our theories off. I share my theories with her and she shares hers with me. When we see each other, we seriously skip right over small talk and shoot straight into talking about our theories. We are very serious theorists. This morning, because I went to bed fairly early last night, I woke up to ten text messages from her where she was brainstorming and came up with a brilliant theory about Mike and Mona. I am going to share her theory here, but I’m going to share it more elaborately than her text messages could (due to space) and I am going to combine them with the theories that I have already shared, including the one that my best friend, Shelby, thought up. There’s basically two sides of the equation: 1) Mike knows Mona is alive. 2) Mike knows/thinks Mona is dead. And each of these sides have two or three of their own facets.

Mike knows Mona is Alive.

He is working with Alison.

He knew Mona is “A” before they started dating. Therefore, he was either playing her to make her think that he really cared about her, when in fact he did not. Or, he had an Ezra moment, when he started out just using Mona to find out her secrets, only to find that he was truly falling for her, thus making everything a million times more difficult. Should this be the case, it would explain why he always gets defensive over Mona, while still saying, “She wasn’t a kind person” and basically saying she was an awful person. Because despite it all, he loves her anyway.

He dated Mona before finding out she is “A.” It’s kind of like Aria in the “Ezra’s writing a book and he’s been using me since the very beginning” scenario. Mike is blinded by love. Despite the fact that it hurts and sucks that Mona only started to date him because she was using him, he really does love her and he dares to believe that she loves him too.

He’s working with Mona.

Mona is (still) “A” (again) because in the beginning, her original intentions were simply to get rid of Alison and recruit Hanna. However, when Aria came back to Rosewood, Mona knew that her return would likely mean that she and Hanna would reconnect with the other girls, thus leaving her in the background. She couldn’t handle the idea of losing her best friend, so Mona decided she would do whatever it takes to keep Hanna as a friend. Somewhere along the way, her desperate need for a friend has driven her to do things she would have never imagined herself doing. Now it’s too late though, she’s too far into the game to change now. She must succeed in what she originally planned to do. Thus, she recruited Mike to be on her team. While in the process of recruiting him, she started to fall for him, and she knew that wasn’t good, because Aria wouldn’t stand for it. So, she plotted to convince Mike that his sister and her friends were the bad guys. Then, when she disappeared, it was an act to make Mike truly believe that the girls were evil. Therefore, Mike is now working to find Mona’s body and pin everything on the girls, because that’s what his lovesick heart believes is the right thing to do.

He is blinded by love. Enough said.

Mike knows/thinks Mona is dead.

“A” has convinced Mike of numerous things.

“Miss Aria You’re a Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife.” Is it just me or did it sound like some kind of a double forewarning when Mona said that to the girls? I never thought it meant that Mona was on the “A Team.” Now, I think it meant that Mona would eventually try to pin things on Aria and her friends. This could be what the forewarning was. Mona, or “A”, is trying to pin her alleged murder and everything else on Hanna and the other girls.

Where’s the body? “A” obviously knows where Mona, or her body, is. There’s no way “A” doesn’t know, especially since it seems incredibly likely that Mona is “A.” “A,” or Mona, wants Mike to find her/body. I don’t know why, but it is possible.

Mike is working with Alison. Assuming Mona is dead, Mike would be working with Alison for one of two probable reasons. Alison is the killer and she is trying to keep Mike as far away from the trail of evidence as possible, thus keeping the liars as far away as possible while they are on a wild goose chase to follow Mike and keep him out of trouble. OR, Alison knows who did kill Mona, whether she knows who “A” is or who “A’s” helpers are, Alison certainly knows something. AND/OR, Mike is in reality in love with/secretly dating Alison, and was simply using Mona to find answers about “A” or to keep Alison out of trouble because of the answers or “answers” Mona found.

Finally, Mona prepared him for her death. Mona knew that the closer she got to sniffing out “A,” the more likely she was to be number one on the hit list, so she found answers, has a bunch of clues, and left some not only for the liars, but also for Mike, because she does/did love him and wanted to make sure he was safe and happy with her gone.


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