Aria Montgomery’s Relationships According to Lucy Hale’s Songs

1.      “Love Tonight” – Season 1: Meeting at the bar and ending the night in the bathroom

2.       “You Sound Good to Me” – Season 1: Falling in love with Ezra Fitz, even though she’s her English teacher and she clearly should not be falling for him.

3.      “Lie A Little Better.” Season 3 – Hiding her feelings for Jason.

4.      “Just Another Song” – Season 1: Every time Ezra has (tried) to break things off with Aria for one reason or another, especially that time, right before she read his poem, when he broke up with her, so she gave into Noel’s advances and started dating him.

5.       “Loved” – Season 2: “I just can’t stay away from you” even though your parents have threatened me in every way possible and now I’ve given up one job that I loved and been fired from another job that I love

6.       “Red Dress” – Season 3/4: Maggie comes into the picture and Aria breaks up with Ezra because “it shouldn’t be this hard.”

7.      “Goodbye Gone” – Season 4 – Aria has that one-week fling with that guy named, Riley, while she’s at the college week with her dad and trying to get over Ezra.

8.      “Kiss Me” – Season 4: Aria “likes Jake, but loves Ezra.”

9.      “That’s What I Call Crazy” – Season 4: Aria finds out about the book and destroys Ezra’s apartment.

10.  “Lie A Little Better.” Season 5 – Resisting her attraction to Andrew

11.  “Runaway Circus” – Season 5: Aria’s thoughts during the beginning of the season when all she wanted was to forget one of two things 1) her feelings for Ezra OR 2) the fact that he lied to her for a very long time.

12.  “Those Three Words” – Season 5 – Aria’s thoughts when she was thinking of Ezra and not being able to trust him.

13.  Come On” – Every other previously unmentioned adorable/perfect/romantic moment between Aria and Ezra