What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do?

About thirty minutes before we got out of work tonight, my friend and coworker asked me a very important question. Have you ever thought about walking away from it all? It all refers to my faith. As I drove home from work, I thought about the profoundness of such a simple question. Have I ever thought about walking away from my faith, or more importantly, my God? I was quick to answer no, absolutely not! In my answer I quoted Britt Nicole’s song “All This Time” and said, “A line from one of my favorite songs says, ‘People ask why do I believe what I believe. Well, I’m not the same me and that’s all the proof I need.’” While that’s true, I realized while I was driving and thinking that it’s not quite as simple as that. As I thought about having never walked away from my faith, I thought about another question she asked. What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Thinking of this question made me realize what my answer to the other question is: I’ve never considered walking away because of what I do when I don’t know what to do. What do I do? I cast my cares, concerns, worries, and anxiety upon the Lord. I do this because He takes care of me, He carries my burdens, and He cares about me.

“Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you.

He will not permit the godly (those believing in God) to slip and fall.”

Psalm 55:22

Jesus Takes Care of Me. How do I know He will take care of me? I know, because He has proven it on more than one occasion—three that I remember more distinctly than any others.

1)                  Years ago, when I was still a very young driver, I accidently locked my keys in the car. This was terrifying for me, because it was the set of keys that we had. I knew that we had a “clicker” for the doors inside, but I also knew that it hadn’t worked for years. Desperate to get the keys out of the van though, I ran inside and found the clicker in a basket in the kitchen. I tried clicking it a few times, but it didn’t work. Then, I started frantically praying, begging God to let the clicker work “just this once.” After a few more tries, it did actually work. The doors came unlocked and I was able to get the keys out of the car. After I got the keys out of the van, just like before, the clicker didn’t work again.

2)                  Another time when God took care of me was when I locked the keys in the car again (I did that more times than I’d like to admit) in the church parking lot on a Sunday morning. This time, the keys were left in the ignition with the engine running. I don’t know how I managed to leave the keys in the running ignition and also lock them in the car, but I did. One of the men at church didn’t live too far away and he knew how to force the window down so we could unlock the car. This should have eased my anxiety, but it didn’t, because I knew that the gas tank was low. I started praying for the Lord to make the car not run out of gas, because I had just enough left to get to the gas station. When we ended up opening the car, I looked at the gas indicator and I was shocked to see that the arrow was showing more than it had been showing earlier. One might say the scare made me forget how much gas was in the tank, but I know that isn’t true. I always know exactly how much gas is in the tank, so that I know when I need to get gas.

3)                  Toward the end of 2014, I was driving in the rain. The rain was heavy and the road was slick. I was getting ready to take an exit when I drove over a wet spot. My car spun out of control in three spirals until I hit the railing facing the opposite direction as traffic. Before I could realize what was happening I turned my car around and exited like normal. In the short amount of time it took me to spin out of control and at the speed the other cars were going, I should not have been able to turn around and keep going without getting hit by another car. It happened though and it’s because, as the words to song the Kari Jobe song that was playing as the accident took place say, “From the first to last breath I breathe, the Lord watches over me.” There’s more to me not being injured though. When I got home and inspected the damage to my car, I saw that the only damage was a broken taillight. What!? I knew I hit the guard rail much harder than that! I felt and heard the impact! God not only takes care of me, but He also takes care of my belongings.

Then Jesus said,

“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens,

And I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Jesus carries my burdens. I’ve written before about how I once had so many worries and concerns that I became so overwhelmed that I ended up hurting myself in an attempt to relieve myself from some of the pain and burden of it all. I’ve written about how truly miserable and depressed I was during that time. I’ve also written about how God is the one who got me out of the dreadful time in my life. He picked me up, held me in His arms, and carried me in His arms until I could walk on my own again. Since that time, when I let go of my burdens and gave them to the Lord, I come against times when I had to face my stubborn self in the mirror and remind myself that if I don’t open up and share my burdens with the Lord and His daughters whom He has placed in my life to help me live this life, then I will fall back into the “Abyss of Fire” that I analogically wrote about in The Light of Life. Since I gave my burden to the “Light of Life” that first time, I haven’t asked for them back, because I know if He carries them, then I’ll be okay!

Give all your worries and cares to God,

For He cares about you.

1 Peter 5:7

Jesus cares about me. I can’t tell you how many times I used to cry myself to sleep because of the harmful things I’ve thought about myself and about the world around me. It’s been a while since I’ve done that though, because I know the Lord is watching over me and He cares about me. When I feel sad about something, it’s almost as if I can physically feel Jesus’ arms wrap around me to hug me and tell me everything is okay. Sometimes, I even hear Him whispering in my ear, telling me that everything is going to be okay, when I’m scared and worried about something in my life. Sometimes, He shows me He cares though by placing certain people in my life. 1) He shows me He cares by putting people in my life who remind me that He cares for me and watches over me. The three main people who do that in my life are the three people I mention in almost every post—Allie, Holly, and Shelby. 2) He shows me He cares by putting people in my life who I can pour into and show that He cares about me and them. Some of those people are my coworkers, including the girl whose question prompted me to write this post. Other people are the people whom I send somewhat regular scripture text messages to, and other people are those who read this post, my other posts, and who will hopefully one day read the book I’m writing called “The Mask; Her Aid.”

What do I do when I don’t know what to do? Have I ever considered turning away from it all? I cast cares upon the Lord, because He takes care of me, carries my burdens, and cares about me, and that is why I have never considered walking away. I have thought, “What if I walked away, but I’ve never auctioned considered doing it, because I’ve seen in the lives of others what it’s like to walk away from faith—it’s miserable and heartbreaking—and I’ve felt in my heart that life is so much better when I’m clinging to the Lord, giving Him my worries, and letting Him take care of me!