My Final List of Top Suspects

With only 4 hours left until we learn the truth, I’ve decided to write a short list of my top ten suspects.

Andrew Campbell (12 episodes) because I have always thought he was oddly sketchy… He may have a cover story, what with having a thing for Aria and wanting to protect her, but maybe that was just a cover story?

Caleb Rivers (104 episodes) because he’s a tech genius whose back story nobody knows. He’s one of the few characters the liars met after it all started. His and Hanna’s relationship is pretty much perfect compared to every other relationship in PLL, so it would make sense.

Detective Darren Wilden (21 episodes) because, even though he is dead and we did see his body in a casket at the funeral, since when is death the final factor in PLL? How perfect of a cover story would it be that Charles pretended to be a detective, who never liked the girls in the first place, and never was able to figure out who “killed” Alison. Like, Wilden’s life goal was to pin everything on the Liars! Who else is that bent on the Liars destruction?

Ezra Fitz (139 episodes) because he’s lied once, what’s to keep him from lying again? He did seem to go a bit overboard with his desire to write his book. Do we really believe he would go to such extremes as to secretly watch the girls, just to get material for his book? Or was he really watching them because he’s A?

Jake (9 episodes) because it never made sense that the last scene of him was him punching his punching bag that was full of knives… Maybe he’s not A, but idk that we’ve seen the last of him…?

Jason DiLaurentis (32 episodes) because he has personal connections to every dead character and to each of the six liars as well (but I also think he might be dead because, as my roommate pointed out, Charles’ last scene next to Alison said something like “It’s just you and me now at the end.)

Lucas Gottesman (29 episodes) because the anagram for Charles DiLaurentis is also “Nerd Lucas Is A Liar.” In season three, there were many Boo Radley references directed at Lucas which could mean he is not as sketchy as we think he is, or it could be something trying to throw us off.

Noel Kahn (22 episodes) because he is super sketch and the reasons behind his sketchiness never really were explained! Also, the cast and crew of PLL have been wearing shirts that say, “It’s No Lie.” Marlene King loves anagrams and “It’s No Lie” could be an anagram for “It Is Noel.”

Toby Cavanaugh (80 episodes) because if any character in this show has reason enough to hate the liars it is Toby for what they did to him and Jenna. He’s also super sketchy. He and Spencer also have a lot of issues. Maybe it’s he’s not who anyone thinks he is.

Wren Kingston (20 Episodes) because my gut instinct has said it his him since the beginning and because we were told between season five and six that we would have enough clues at this point that we should be able to figure out who A is. At this point, everyone seems to think Wren is A.


If Charles/A is someone the liars didn’t know before the first episode my top suspects are:

1.      Wren Kingston

2.      Caleb Rivers

3.      Ezra Fitz

4.      Jake

If Charles/A is someone older than the liars and the same age as Jason:

1.      Wren Kingston

2.      Jason DiLaurentis

3.      Detective Darren Wilden

4.      Ezra Fitz

If Charles/A is someone the girls have thought is their age:

1.      Noel Kahn

2.      Lucas Gottesman

3.      Andrew Campbell

4.      Caleb Rivers

5.      Toby Cavanaugh

And just in general, my top 5 are:

1.      Wren Kingston

2.      Jason DiLaurentis

3.      Noel Kahn

4.      Lucas Gottesman

5.      Detective Darren Wilden