Texas Bad Girls

I intended on writing this post over the weekend, but I was tired and forgot. So, I’m writing it now. Saturday, while I was with my 17-year-old and 11-year-old sister at the mall, we saw a young team of cheerleaders selling water bottles on the side of the road. Ordinarily, this would not really seem like a big deal to me, except that it was very hot outside. Because we live in Texas where it always blazing hot, I would not ordinarily think much about the weather either, but these cheerleaders were little girls whom I knew could not have been much older than ten years old. I thought they were super cute and super awesome for being so dedicated to their goals that I decided to do something I don’t ordinarily do. I bought water from them. While buying the water, I spoke with one of the moms and the coach about what they were fundraising for and about their team. I was informed that they were four to nine-year-old cheerleaders for Texas Bad Boy Sports. They were so adorable that I decided I wanted to give them a little more money than was required to buy the waters and then write about them in my blog as a part of the #CompassCares service challenge we have at my church.


These girls were seriously so adorable and I challenge you to do what you can to support them in any way that you can! I’m not quite sure how to do that, but I was told that if you go to this link then you can give to the girls and boys who are a part of the Texas Bad Boys teams!