Carrie Underwood – Storyteller

I love October, because it means new music from a lot of awesome artists! I was supposed to write posts about Selena Gomez’ and Demi Lovato’s new albums, and I even wrote most of the post for “Revival,” but then Carrie Underwood’s new album came out and obviously I have to write about that first, because Carrie Underwood is musically flawless and as close to perfect as any human being can get! Obviously, her new album is just as fabulous as every album she’s ever released. Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to critique anything she does, because she’s just so talented, but I’m going to review her new album, “Storyteller,” anyway.

Renegade Runaway – This song is kind of like the girl version of “Cowboy Casanova.” It’s a warning song that tells the boy to be careful what he’s getting himself into with this girl. She’s pretty and clever, but she’ll likely leave him with nothing, but heartbreak and a wistful love if he doesn’t run away.

Mexico – She’s always got a rebellious song on her albums. This is that song for this album. They’re partners in crime. Whatever they’ve done, it’s bad enough that they’re skipping town and making their way to Mexico, and as someone from San Antonio where almost everyone speaks Spanish, I can say with experience that Carrie Underwood even speaks Spanish fairly well.

Heartbeat – She also has a getaway song on every album—the song about a love so innocent and pure that all you want to do is get out of town with the person you love and match your heart beats to each other and the rhythm of the music on the radio, until you’ve gone so far, static is all you hear on the radio, so you’re left to dance only to the beat of your matching heart beats.

Church Bells – Carrie Underwood’s voice is so full of soul and sass. I love how she uses it to show the serious issue of abusive relationships, while still keeping true to her country roots by leaving the issues solved in the most cliché to country music way possible by having the abused woman deal with the issue on her own. No one will ever know her secret, because he’ll never be able to tell anyone.

The Girl You Think I Am – This is Daddy’s song. Not all of us are blessed with a father who stuck around through thick and thin in our lives. many of us who were blessed with a father who stuck around, weren’t blessed with a strong relationship. However, those of us who do have a father who stuck around know deep in our hearts that even through the worst of times, Daddy loves us and believes in us even when we don’t love and believe in ourselves. Daddies are a daughter’s biggest fan, even the daddy whose relationship with his daughter wasn’t the strongest or most positive that it could have been.

Clock Don’t Stop – Another cliché in country music is a song reminding us of how quickly time passes us by. I couldn’t figure out who said it, but someone once said, “Time waits for no one, so don’t waste it” and this is essentially what this song is so saying.

Like I’ll Never Love You Again – Love is a daily choice. You can’t just say, “I love you,” and have that be the end. You have to choose love every single day. So, choose to love through the storms of life, through the calm nights, love like the world’s gonna end tonight, and love as if you’ll never get another chance.

Dirty Laundry – If there is any type of song on any album of Carrie Underwood’s, it’s always her cheating songs—the songs that call the “man” out on his lying, cheating heart. Sometimes she destroys his big red truck, other times she buries his lies 6-feet under with the help of his mistress, and other times, like tonight, she airs his dirty laundry out on the clothes line for everyone to see. Sometimes, the best revenge is simply to hang his secrets out to dry.

Choctaw County Affair – This album is full of country clichés and I couldn’t love it more. Another country music cliché is a song about a small town drama when something tragic happens, but no one really knows what, because as the rumors fly, the secrets remain buried with the truth. The best small town secrets are the ones that involve messy love triangles that are dark enough to land its story in a Lifetime Movie.

Chaser – I stand firm on the previous statement that love is a choice, but love goes hand and hand with attachment, and I don’t believe attachment is a choice. You can’t really choose who or what you get attached to. In some ways devotion, which is often synonymous to attachment, is also similar to what it means to be addicted. Something draws you to this thing or person that you’re attached to and you can’t really explain what it is, but you also can’t stop it. This song is about that. This woman is so attached to this man that even though she knows he’s not really hers, even though he claims to be, she wants him anyway. However, because she knows he isn’t really hers, she lets him go, because he’s attached to another woman—a woman who isn’t her.

What I Never Knew I Always Wanted – They say you can never understand a mother’s love unless you become a mother yourself. I’m not a mother, so I won’t pretend I understand a mother’s love myself, but Carrie Underwood did recently become a mother, so she obviously understands a mother’s love and she describes it in a simple way. This child, this beautiful baby born from the love between her and her husband, is now the most precious thing that has ever been in her life, and the craziest part about it is that baby Isaiah is the one thing Carrie Underwood apparently never knew she always wanted.

Relapse – If you’ve ever tasted alcohol and you’ve ever been in deep like or love with someone, then you understand what songs mean when they describe love in the same way that would describe being buzzed or drunk. Love and alcohol have at least one thing in common—they have a strong tendency to leave you feeling addicted if you let them. Once you’ve been addicted, you’re an addict for life, so even when you kick the habit, you have to be careful or you’ll relapse and that is what this song is about.

Smoke Break – You don’t have to be drunk, a casual drinker, or a smoker to feel sometimes that maybe just one drink or one drag will make everything feel better. Sometimes, life is just really stressful and a drag of smoke or a swig of alcohol calms your nerves enough to remind you not to sweat the things out of your control. Sometimes, we all just need a smoke break.

I dare you to listen to this album and try to argue that this album and this singer are not flawless. There’s a reason Carrie Underwood was not only on American Idol, but also won. The girl can “sang!” Anyone who argues doesn’t have a right to their own opinion (kidding!) Seriously though, as usual, this album is full of talented vocals and strong lyrics.


  1. I love Carrie Underwood too… She’s absolutely flawless and her vocals are amazing!
    But I’m so caught up with Selena and Demi’s new album that I didn’t find time to check Carrie’s new songs.. Nice review! This album is definitely on my to- do list now!😊

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