Finally Caught Up on Pretty Little Liars

            So, I kind of fell three weeks behind on Pretty Little Liars, because my TV stopped working during the episode in which Byron and Ella announced they’re back together. Then, after that, I kind of just had one thing after another getting in the way of my regularly scheduled PLL time. Let me tell you though, I’m almost glad I waited, because I could not have chosen a better week to get caught up! I mean, gosh! Them Spoby feels got me making the Toby face again. Sad TobyWhy!? Why do they have to put us through this? As much as I love Ezria, Spoby actually hits me with the most feels! I think, at this point, my heart might actually break more if they don’t end up being end game than it will if Ezria don’t end up being end game. Ugh! And that Haleb scene from whichever episode it was (I binged all four episodes in a row, so they kind of ran together.) Honestly, I do really like Jordan and I wouldn’t be totally bummed if Hannah ended up marrying him in the end as they plan to, but I would have a little piece of my heart permanently lamenting the loss of our beloved Haleb. And don’t even get me started on Ezria! Gosh! Those two are ridiculous, and I mean, come on, there is no way Ezra did not intentionally break the news to lover boy Liam about his relationship with Aria being much more than platonic! Clearly, he’s still got some major feelings for Aria and she obviously still has feelings for him! How could they not? They became a couple in the very first episode and have been through EVERYTHING together!

            So, let’s discuss all of our relationships (platonic, romantic, and friends) in a little more depth here. Hannah is trying so hard not to care about Rosewood’s hottest new couple Spaleb, because she does love and Jordan and they are engaged. However, she also still loves Caleb—he is her first love and all—and she wants to see him happy, even if it is with one of her best friends, her maybe especially because it’s one of her best friends. If it were me, I’d be grateful to know my first love was with one of my closest friends if he wasn’t with me. To me that’s the best way of knowing that he’s with someone really great and you also don’t have to say goodbye to being in each other’s lives just because you said goodbye to the relationship. I for one sometimes wish that I could still of my first love in my life, though, it’d probably be easier if we were both in relationships, which I’m not, and who knows if he is. Anyway, so there’s that Haleb vs Spaleb thing. I think Spaleb, though, they are kind of starting to get on my nerves the more I think about Spaleb means Spoby isn’t a thing.

            Then there’s Ezria vs Ariam (idk if they have a couple name, but I like the sound of Ariam for Aria and Liam, so I’m sticking to it.) These three are a HOT MESS! They’re coworkers, Liam is dating Ezra’s ex, and now Aria is working very closely with Ezra to work on their book. Add in the fact that Liam showed up to find Ezra waiting with Aria at the hospital after she was burned, things really are heating up (sorry, couldn’t pass up that pun!) Liam is cute and if Ezria wasn’t a thing, I’d honestly really like him with Aria, but I still feel like Aria (and Emily) has had the worst time getting over the whole ‘A’ thing and now that there’s a new ‘A,’ Ezra is clearly the only one she can go to with her fears, because he was there for her the first time. Sure, she could go to Liam, but it’d be entirely new territory for him, and I don’t know, I just don’t think he’d be okay with not going to the police quite yet. Liam isn’t like Ezra, Caleb, and Toby; he doesn’t know how many times the Rosewood police have turned on the girls no matter how solid their evidence has been. I just, I really think Aria needs to be with Ezra. He’s the only one who understands her. He’s a writer, a friend, a lover, and a Rosewood resident, so he gets it, whereas, Liam would never be able to understand.

            Spoby! The last scene with them and the flashbacks of them… I was crying literal tears! How could you not get teary-eyed for that? Team Spoby or not, that scene really hit me in the feels! Then, when Spencer went and called Yvonne to tell her she was there for her if she needed to talk, I was just… very impressed, especially since we know Spencer obviously still has feelings for Toby.

            Finally, can we talk about the girls and Mona? Did I miss something? What happened between the Dollhouse and now that made the girls suddenly turn on Mona again? She is one of them, and honestly, it really bothers me that she’s not considered one of the Liars! She may not be in every episode, but she’s just as much a Liar as Alison, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer are! In fact, she might as well be considered the biggest victim, given what she went through to try to redeem herself after Radley and considering the fact that she was in the dollhouse longer than the other girls! That’s just my humble opinion though, I guess.

            In regards to theories, I really don’t have any formed yet. It’s like I have a bunch of thoughts in my head, but they’re all just tiny elements swirling together in a pool of unformed theories. Here’s what I sent my “Partners in Theorizing” though. I’ll even include the typos for the sake of keeping it real:

I’m against this… But… That face mask looks eerily like Mona! I mean… I still think it’d be great for Mona to be again, since she already was, but I also just really want her to be good! Haha. Part of me thinks they’re pulling a CeCe and it’s going to be Leslie, since she was bey prominent for a few episodes and suddenly went away… But, I also feel like that’s what they want us to think…. Tbh, I’m not sure if I trust Liam or Jordan either though… Liam especially! He always seems like he knows more than he’s letting on. Then of course, there’s always the usual suspects named Melissa and Wren… Though, the flashback of their breakup seems like it could have been a clean break for him not to be in the show anymore… Or… His strong reaction to finding out about Melissa’s secret about Bethany could be a clue that he had something to with it too…. Idk? I’m not striking anyone off the suspect list, but I’m also not really adding anyone either… The creepy reported guy is rather suspicious too!