These Boots Were Made for Stalking – Recap and Review

Okay, I finally watched Pretty Little Liars. I must admit, it’s getting better. I mean, it’s not as great as I once thought it was, but it is getting better. So, let me recap and review!

The episode starts with Emily and Hanna discussing how tired they are of playing A’s games, while Aria and Alison are still in it to win, and Spencer just feels super guilty for playing the board game in the first place. After explaining that this is all so ridiculous because they’re not in high school anymore, Emily storms out of the barn. Hanna complains that they’re all supposed to be in this together and Spencer assures her that they are.

Throughout the episode, Emily and Paige are hit with one dramatic play after another as if they were still high school students instead of teachers. While Emily and Paige are discussing Paige’s Alison drama, a young trouble student named, Addison, overhears them. After Paige leaves, Emily finds Addison and confronts her about skipping swim practice the day before. Addison just mouths off at Emily. Later, Emily confronts Addison again in Ali’s classroom and threatens that she will be out of the competition on Friday. Addison mouths off again and leaves Emily and Alison alone. They discuss the A drama, baby drama, and how much worse Addison is than Ali was in high school, not knowing that Addison is listening to them from the hallway and taking pictures of Emily giving Ali a comforting hug. She uses this picture to try to get Paige to believe Emily has been being really inappropriate with her and the other students. Of course, Paige smells the BS from a mile away and takes the info to Emily, telling her that she’ll take care of it. She does this by forwarding “an email from Addison to a friend” to the principal and her parents. Addison 0 Emily and Paige 1.

While leaving Ezra’s apartment above the Brew, Aria is stopped by a journalist asking about Ezra and his reunion with his long lost fiance, Nicole. Furious, Aria sets the record straight and informs the journalist that she is Ezra’s fiance before storming off. “I didn’t realize there were two of you,” the dude shouts after her. Aria meets with Holden to discuss wedding menu plans for her wedding, but instead helps him with a meal that was doubled at the last minute for another wedding. While she helps him, she vents about Nicole and later receives a notification on her phone with pictures and a news article for Ezra and Nicole’s reunion. She plans to confront Nicole, but Holden stops her just in time and they go to eat together.

In the family home, Spencer confronts Veronica again about Mary Drake and Peter Hastings. She mentions how ironic it was that she was placed in Radley so many years after she was born there and asks if Melissa knew. Veronica seems to inform her that Melissa didn’t know enough to know. Later, Spencer tells Veronica that she’s not going to be working with her anymore and she tells Spencer that they’ll be selling the house as soon as possible, because it will be healthy for all of them to sever ties with Rosewood. The following, rather heartbreaking conversation took place next.

With a sad fury in her voice, Spencer said, “Fine. Sell it. It’s just a house.”

“No, it’s not,” Veronica replied. “It’s a home. It’s your home. It’s the only home you’ve ever known.”

To which Spencer says, “It feels different now.”

“Not to me it doesn’t,” Veronica disagreed with a voice full of feeling. “Spencer, it’s not about walls, and a roof, and a staircase. It’s about a family that lived here. A family that I tried to keep together despite all of the lies and losses and the crap that life’s thrown at us. My children made even the worst moments bearable. We got through them together. Not because we have the same blood flowing through our veins, but because we’re a family. All I wanted to do was to make you feel safe and nurtured and… and loved. That’s what made it a home for me.”

Spencer cried, while turned away from Veronica, but quickly wiped her tears and said, “We should go. We’re gonna be late.”

When Mona showed up at Hanna’s place giddy with excitement because Katie really loves all of her work, but really, really loves one dress in particular, Hanna reacts defensively and says that Katie can’t wear that dress. In typical Mona fashion, she won’t take no for an answer and tries to encourage Hanna to reconsider. Later, when Caleb reluctantly admits that he agrees with Mona, Hanna informs him that it’s not only her design, because she took tips and pointers from her former dragon lady of an employer. Caleb tries to remind Hanna how terrible she was and that she had taken enough from Hanna, including their relationship. While discussing the matter with Mona at The Radley, they find Jenna wearing the exact design that they’re discussing. When Mona confronts her about it, Jenna refuses to answer where she got the design.

Spencer calls Marco to come over and he shows up, in his running outfit no less, as soon as he finds her message. After some cooing from Marco, Spencer gets to the point of her call and shows him the letter from Mary, asking him to make finding her his top priority. Of course, he does and she goes down to the station with him. While there, Jenna shows up with a sob story about how Noel told her that CeCe had left a large sum of money for her to get another surgery on her eyes. She claims that Sara was Noel’s first victim and that she was next, so she played along with his game to find the money CeCe left her, so that he wouldn’t kill her. He wanted the money for himself, because his parents cut him off, so he was poor.

Hanna and Emily both receive messages from Spencer about Jenna showing up at the station, while Aria gets some quality Team Sparia time as Spencer recaps in person while Holden is off getting tomatoes for his dish. The two girls discuss the possibility of Spencer getting to know Mary about maybe forgiving her. Unable to get a hold of Spencer, Hanna calls Emily and they discuss the message from Spencer.

While on the phone with Hanna at the Brew, Jenna walks behind Emily with a couple of body guards, so Emily hangs up the phone, telling Hanna she has to go. As Jenna is leaving, Emily catches Jenna sending a message that she hears Addison receive nearby. Tripping over that sketchiness of Addison receiving a message from Jenna, Emily goes to Alison to beg for her spare key to Spencer’s barn so she can try to get answers from A. A makes Emily blackmail Addison with security footage of Addison in a car with her boyfriend behind the Brew when she should have been at practice. After she confronts Addison, Emily receives a text message from A saying to “confront your darkness” and another puzzle piece in her teacher’s mailbox.

Caleb goes with Hanna to spy on Jenna who ends up going to the same place where Hanna is having shoes fixed for Katie to wear with her dress. Hanna wants to confront Jenna, but Caleb does it instead and she basically tells him that her sob story about Noel was a lie. While Caleb is confronting Jenna, Hanna sneaks behind them to go inside the shoe store and of course, she ends up locked in a cage thing that nearly takes her out all thanks to A. Caleb finds her having a panic attack in the cage. Why is that she’s always the one to get trapped, tortured, and threatened nowadays?

When Emily tells the other Liars about her turn with the game and place her puzzle piece where it belongs, Spencer discovers that it’s a map and they realize A is trying to lead them right to him/her. “Game Over.”

The Blood Slayer Smoothie

This Isn't the Greatest Quality, but it's all I've got for now.

What You Need

Red Grapes

Dark Sweet Cherries

Wild Blueberries

Cocoa Powder (Powder of The Slayer)

Peanut Butter (for a PB & Slay)



In the beginning of my diet makeover that I wrote about on the Obsessed with Food Main Page, I figured the easiest way to eat fruits and vegetables would be to try smoothies and I’m so glad I did, because my favorite one is to die for! I mean, it seriously slays my taste buds! 😉

Story Behind The Name: It’s actually a really funny story that perfectly fits who I am as a person and who I am as a blogger.

Generally, when I make this smoothie, it’s because it’s quick and easy and I can take it to work—so, I make it pretty much every day. Nearly every time my coworkers Jesse or Tyler see my smoothie, they comment about how its crimson color looks like blood or slime. Since I’m a night owl with pale skin that burns in the sun and blue eyes that make me go “AH!” in the sun, because they’re so sensitive to light, I’ve always joked that I’m a vampire, so I thought it was funny they thought it looks so much like blood. Therefore, I decided to call it the Blood Slime Smoothie.

The name obviously had to be changed though when my work bestie, Stephanie, laughed at the “Kiss the Librarian” mug of blood the Spike Pop Funko figurine at my desk is holding. Of course, seeing the blood in his cup, she commented about how it looked like my smoothie. Since I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and because this Smoothie has slayed my own demons, I naturally had to change the name to “Blood Slayer.” Plus, I decided that I want all of my recipes to be somehow connected to something I’m obsessed with, so of course the blood smoothie has to be tied to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

For One Serving (8 to 16 ounces, depending on the size of the fruits and possible addition of water, cacao, and-or peanut butter): You’ll need 15 cherries, 30 grapes, and 50 blueberries. If you add cacao—chocolate in it purest form—and or peanut butter, then wait until after you’ve blended the fruits for about a minute and then blend for another minute or so until smoothie is at your preferred texture.

Note: I use frozen blueberries and cherries. I try to buy them organic and from Dole, but you’re free to use whatever you like. If you do use frozen fruits like I do, then make sure the grapes are closest to the blades so that the liquid will help blend the frozen cherries and frozen blueberries. You may need to add an ounce or so of cool water to help thaw the fruits if they’re especially tough.

For Example: I use a magic bullet, so I put the cherries in first, then the blueberries, and finally the grapes, because the blades are on the lid. Then, I blend for one minute, stop, let it settle, and blend for another minute or so. It’s not an exact science, so just experiment with your timing to find your perfect smoothie! 😊 I like mine super smooth!


Slaying My Demons (Fun Fact): When I pulled a back muscle—the sciatic nerve, which connects the spinal cord with the leg and foot muscles and is the largest single nerve in the human body, aka, one of the most important nerves in the body, OW!—I was curious to see if any foods could aid or catalyze pain in the body, so I googled it and found that dark fruits and vegetables are naturally anti-inflammatory. That made complete and total sense to me, because thinking back on it, I realized that my back would start to hurt a little less by midday—the same time I drank this smoothie that contains three of the top anti-inflammatory fruits—Red Grapes, Blueberries, and Cherries! Isn’t God so cool that He made foods with natural healing powers and that He leads us to things that we need before we even need it?

Obsessed with Food: The Green Sauce

My best friend, Holly, just moved to Indonesia. In the months leading up to her move, she came over to my house a few times after church for lunch. One of those times was right after I received “Back to the Kitchen” by Freddie Prinze Jr. While she read through the cute stories associated with each recipe, I made lemon chicken with spicy seasoning and “The Green Sauce,” from page fifteen.

Freddie Prinze Jr. and I differ in that he grew up in New Mexico and I grew up in San Antonio, Tx. These may be two very different places, but they’re also quite similar too. For example, they are both heavily influenced by Spanish culture. Therefore, neither place is afraid to spice it up in the kitchen. To my delight, Freddie seems to love the spice of life too, because he adds peppers and powders to nearly ever dish! While I love spicy food, Holly will tolerate it. When she and I had the green sauce on our chicken, she seemed to really like it and I loved it. It’s got this great balance of buttery and spicy all in one bite! ❤️ 4/5 stars from me! 😁

Obsessed with Food: The Rock’s Cinnamon Pancakes Review

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of pancakes or cinnamon, but every once in a while, I get a random craving for one or both. Last month, a couple weeks after getting “Back to the Kitchen” by Freddie Prinze Jr. in the mail. Thankfully, I knew he had a pancake recipe in his cookbook. So, I turned on the first episode of Dollhouse by Joss Whedon (creator of the Buffyverse) staring Eliza Dushku (Faith of the Buffyverse) and opened “Back to the Kitchen” to page three so I could make “The Rock’s Cinnamon Pancakes.” I knew they would be amazing, because I had tried a handful or two of Freddie’s recipes already and they were the bomb!

As I laughed about how hard it would be to watch Dollhouse and not think of Faith, I got to cracking an egg and mixing the ingredients together. I put my pan on the the stove and started making a mess, because it’s virtually impossible for me to cook or bake without making a mess. It was a mess well worth it though, because the pancakes were, in fact, totally amazing! Have you ever had toast with butter, cinnamon, and sugar? These are kind of like the upgraded, not quite as mess version of that! They’re amazing and I love them! I give them 4 out 5 stars!

Stirring Up Fun in the Kitchen

This post is basically about how Freddie Prinze Jr. is the King of the Kitchen and also about how Sarah Michelle Gellar is his queen! ❤

On the back cover of “Back to the Kitchen” by Freddie Prinze Jr., there is a quote by Seth Green that reads, “Is it fair for a guy to be handsome, talented, a great husband and father, AND a genius cook? Only if he shares the recipes. We all just got really lucky.” I’d like to raise this quote and offer a slightly improvised version for us girls! Is it fair that Sarah Michelle Gellar is beautiful, talented, a great mother and wife, an excellent baker herself (Stirring up Fun with Food), and gets to be married to the man that Seth Green described? Only if, and I paraphrase from the Foreword she wrote, she becomes the nagging wife who constantly comments on how her husband’s food is so amazing he needs to write a cookbook until he finally does!

I have always been a picky eater, not because I don’t like food, but because certain textures make me sick. In 2015, I developed an hereditary intolerance to gluten from my Papa (maternal grandfather, read “Paw-Paw). Up to that point and even still much through 2016, I was contently reliant on a microwavable, highly-processed diet. It was quick, easy, and relatively mess free, just how I liked it. Going gluten free doesn’t really allow for that kind of a lifestyle though, because what few microwaveable gluten free items are out there are bland at best. So, I was forced to start meal prepping. For a while, I just suffered through eating some foods with gluten, because it was easier and also because I was at a total loss in the kitchen. The weekend before Thanksgiving 2016 though, I made brownies to take to my family dinner and decided to meal prep while I was waiting for them to bake and I haven’t not meal prepped since. At that point, it was just fruits, vegetables, corn chips, gf pretzels, chicken, gf pasta, white rice, and my amazing “Blood Slayer” smoothies for the most part, with the weekly gluten stops at Chick-fil-A and gluten-y meals at my Nanny and Papa’s house every Sunday evening. Since Christmas 2016 though, I have only eaten maybe two servings of food that had gluten and I’m living better for it. How do I do this? Well, I take recipes from cookbooks and Pinterest and substitute gf versions of whatever the recipe calls for.

In February 2017, I learned that Sarah Michelle Gellar (star of my favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (the Fred to Sarah’s Daphne) were both as much in love with cooking and baking as they are with each other, okay, maybe not that in love with cooking, because come on, have you seen the way they look at each other? ❤ Because I’ve loved Sarah and Freddie together ever since I learned that a real life married couple would be playing one of my favorite TV couples, Fred and Daphne in the live action Scooby Doo movies, and because I’ve loved Sarah Michelle Gellar since I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time in March 2016, I decided to look them up online. Beautifully, they tend to keep their personal life personal for the most part, so I didn’t find much, but what I did find just made my heart swoon! Like, did you know they knew each other for three years before they started dating? And that their first date was technically an accident because they were originally going to hang out with a mutual friend who couldn’t make it (sounds like a movie, right?)? Or did you know that Freddie said this about Sarah and their first date: “A lot of girls back then in Hollywood as far as the actresses, they didn’t eat; they ate salad and I had gone on a date with a handful of them. They would never eat what I would eat. You have to have that in common with me if we’re going to get along. So, Sarah came to dinner with me, and we sat down and she ate everything, including a crab that they let walk across the counter, then kill while it was alive in some oil and said, ‘It’s popcorn, try!’ And she ate it without even blinking, and I was like, ‘Yo, my girl is legit.’”

Anyway, while I was looking them up, I found a YouTube video of them for Foodstirs (co-founded by Gellar herself) for gingerbread cookies and I immediately knew two things: 1) These two are totally and completely in love. 2) I have got to buy their cookbooks! Surely, if Sarah Michelle Gellar can inspire me to commit to a consistent workout for the first time since high school (Train Like a Slayer), then she and Freddie Prinze Jr. can inspire me to cook and try new foods. So, I went to (my guilty pleasure), found “Back to the Kitchen” and purchased it with my Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card by Chase. Yeah, it worked. Apparently, all it took for me to commit to working out again and to commit to eating almost everything homemade was a personal, obsessive connection to my plans. I haven’t stopped cooking and baking from scratch since getting Freddie’s book in the mail on March 4, 2017. Also, it totally helps that I’m “Obsessive Girl” and the front cover of his book uses the keyword “obsessed” in the description: “75 delicious, real recipes (& true stories) from a Food-obsessed actor.” Of course, it helps too that he has great family and friend stories for every recipe and adorable family pictures on every other page! ❤

I’ve tried a bunch of his recipes now and I fully intend on reviewing them within the next few weeks. I just wanted to write this as a preview of how much I love “Back to the Kitchen.” I’ll also be reviewing “Stirring Up Fun with Food” as I try SMG’s recipes. Here’s a preview—ALL I NEED IN LIFE IS SMG’s LEMON POPPY SEED CUPCAKES! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF FINDING A RECIPE BEFORE RANDOMLY FINDING THEM IN HER BOOK!? IDK, BUT I’M GLAD THEY’RE IN HER BOOK! BECAUSE EVEN IF I END UP HATING EVERYTHING ELSE, IT WON’T MATTER BECAUSE LEMON POPPY SEED CUPCAKES ARE MY FAVORITE AND SMG MADE MY DAY BY HAVING THEM IN HER BOOK!!!! She also made my day when she liked two of my tweets about her cookbook, but that’s only relevant, because the first one was about her cupcakes and the second was about how adorable “Back to the Kitchen” and “Stirring Up Fun with Food” are next to each other (see above photo)! ❤

So, I’ll leave you with these words that are also from the Foreword written by SMG, “Honestly, there are times when I pass on going out to dinner, because I know the meal at my house will be better.” She’s not wrong! If I can make these meals and not want to go out to eat, then how blessed must Sarah and their kids be to have Freddie living in their kitchen? I mean, seriously! I haven’t even been cooking for a year and I’m obsessed with eating my versions of Freddie’s recipes, how much better must they be when he’s the one making them!?

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen–PLL Characters


Once upon a time, Aria Montgomery was my favorite of the Liars. Now, I know that’s probably because I just really liked Lucy Hale and because I am pretty much always immediately drawn to the characters with tragic back stories and or love stories. Now though, Aria is my least favorite of the Liars. In fact, she and Ezra are now my least favorite characters, period. I may even like Jackie and Meredith more than Aria and Ezra, which is saying something because Jackie and Meredith were awful. Through seasons one, two, and parts of three, Ezria was my favorite and they were my favorite characters. Through seasons three and four, they started to lose their appeal, but I longed for they days of season one and two. Plus, if there’s anything I had learned from my original binge-watching obsession, Heartland, it’s that some relationships are worth shipping even if they break up, fight, and or face ridiculous obstacles in nearly every other episode. Obviously, I was hoping Ezria would be one of those couples. Unfortunately, seasons four and five showed me they weren’t one of those couples. Still though, I kept on holding onto hope that maybe true love would prevail for Aria and Ezra. When seasons six and seven came around, they put nails in the coffin of my love for Ezria. I tried to keep hoping, but all hope has been lost. I don’t really care if they end up together or not. In fact, I really don’t care what happens to either of them. They both annoy me now.

Emily and Alison are close seconds on my list of least favorite Liars. They’re just kind of boring. Throughout the whole series, I have felt little to know emotion for Emily. Actually, the only times I’ve ever felt anything for Emily were in the moments with her dad. I didn’t even care when Maya died. I am just completely unaffected by anything in PLL related to Emily Fields. As for Alison, I liked her more when she was dead and missing. I’ve tried to empathize and sympathize with Alison and I do feel for her, but I just don’t like her as a character. She has as a character has added nothing to the show. She couldn’t have stayed dead or missing and it would have been fine with me. Let Charles DiLaurentis be Spencer’s secret brother/sister earlier than the season 7B premiere and let someone else fall in love with a doctor who isn’t really a doctor. That’d’ve been fine with me. at least I would have had stronger feelings about it as time passed. Sure, in the moment, I totally felt for Alison in every one of her tragic reveals, but now that time has passed, I just don’t care.

After Emily, Alison, and Aria, I find it hard to choose my favorite Liars. Even though Mona isn’t included on the official list of Liars, anyone who has read previous PLL posts knows that she’s on my list of Liars right beside Spencer and Hanna. I suppose, these three are my favorites because they are the most relatable, even if I did used to say Aria was the most relatable. They’ve all three felt what it’s like to be rejected. They know how it feels to feel unloved and unaccepted. They know what it’s like to find that one person who looks past all the negative and loves you for the positive anyway.

Even though Mona hit Hanna with a car and tortured her and her friends for years, Hanna has still always loved and mostly accepted her. Does she trust Mona? “Sometimes.” She always loves her though. Even when Mona was in Radley right after confessing to being A, Hanna went and visited her, despite Caleb and the other’s wishes that she not. That’s true friendship. That’s what I want in a best friend—someone who loves me no matter how crazy I am. Thankfully, that’s exactly the kind of best friend I do have. I know good and well that my obsessive tendencies sometimes border, if not cross the line of crazy. And yet, my best friend loves me anyway. She lets me send her excess amounts of posts about my obsessions, she has long, detailed conversations with about my obsessions, and she even joins in on many of my obsessions, sometimes before I’m supposed, sometimes without knowing I’m obsessed, and sometimes after I’m obsessed. That’s true friendship—loving your best friend even if they’re insane. Hanna loves Mona even though she was clinically insane. And Mona? Well, Mona—I think—has and is doing everything she possibly can to prove to Hanna that she loves her too. She’s trying very hard to atone for the sins she committed as A and just as a mean girl in general. Anyway, I love a character who is the redemption character—someone who spends the majority of their time in the story becoming better than they were before and if she does end up being on the A Team or evening being Uber A herself, then that’s even better, because as a story arch, I just thing that would be absolutely brilliant.

As for Hanna, she’s the realest character of all. She doesn’t have any deep dark secrets. Her skeletons are those of a broken family and a broken self-image. She acted out because her parents had marital issues and thus she had daddy issues. She developed an eating disorder because the popular girl told her too. She became the popular and kind of mean girl, because she was bullied and all the other things she has done have either been on accident or with an accomplice. To quote the song “Nervous Girls” by Lucy Hale, “Hanna in her skinny jeans is too damn scared to eat.” That was Hanna Marin for several seasons and long before we even met her. All she cared about was looking good, being popular, and getting the guy, because those were the things she thought she needed to be loved and accepted. Then, Caleb came to town and slowly showed her that none of that stuff was when made her beautiful, loved, or accepted. Of course, she didn’t actually believe that until he left for Ravenswood and came back, but she is finally too that point where she knows Hanna Marin is all she needs to be. Of course, she still struggles, but that’s why she’s such a great character, so yeah, actually, Hanna may be my favorite character of them all. One thing is for sure though, Haleb is definitely my favorite couple!

Finally, there’s Spencer Hastings. She has been rejected time and time again by her various family members. She just learned she was adopted by her mother (which by the way makes all of the other Spencer and Veronica scenes make so much more sense) because her biological mother was in a mental institute. Throughout the series, she has discovered that her father cheated on her adoptive mother not once, but twice and got both women pregnant. Her half-sister Melissa and half-brother/cousin Jason are two of the sketchiest people ever to live in Rosewood. Her ex-boyfriend once made her believe he was working with A and made her believe he was killed in a motorcycle accident. She’s been being stalked for a decade. One of her best friends made her believe she died, then that she was kidnapped, only to confess that she really just ran away. She was placed in the same mental hospital that she would later find out is the same place where she was born because it’s the same place her biological mother and half-sister, or brother, I’m still not too clear on that, was locked up for who knows how long. Spencer Hastings has been a mess throughout the whole series and it’s only becoming more and more clear with every episode as to why it’s totally okay that she’s a hot mess 98% of the time. In fact, it’s basically a miracle she’s not truly insane by now. Actually, at this point, Spencer could end up being A and I wouldn’t blame her in the slightest, because half of Rosewood is related to her and has done tragic things to her anyway, so why not? Then of course, there’s Spoby, who just needs to get back together already, because they’re breaking my heart and I don’t even care half as much about the show anymore as much as I once did.

Anyway, this post was written mostly just because I was reading some of my old posts and couldn’t help but laugh at myself for how much I loved Ezria only to get to a point where they are my least favorite characters! Then, I decided I might as well write about how I feel about the other Liars too while I’m at it.

PLL 7×11 Recap/Tiny Theory Session

Okay, so I watched Pretty Little Liars today! As I stated, I’m going to try to write at least one blog post a week for the rest of the series, since this is what really got me into blogging and since it’s going to be really the last chance I get to theorize while PLL is still airing new episodes. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back and write more once we know who Uber A is so I can try to fit all the pieces together. That’s what my best friend and I joked I would do before the show started its downhill spiral. Anyway, I must admit, I did like today’s episode! It wasn’t one of my favorites of the series, but it wasn’t a bad episode necessarily either. I took notes while watching it, and basically, I’m just gonna share my thoughts of the episode today with a little bit of theorizing as I go.

Ezra’s back. We knew he would be from commercials and teasers, but I do have a few thoughts about him. Does anyone else think he might just be back because Nicole didn’t want him? Or simply because he doesn’t know what he wants? I got that vibe in his first scene with Aria and I got that vibe again when he told her had to go to New York because Nicole’s parents asked him to go. I also get a super weird vibe from him and the fact that he’s always conveniently not around when Uber A stuff goes down. I mean, we know he’s got the tech savvy to potentially build a high-tech board game. Could he be Uber A? Or A.D.? Whatever we’re calling our torturous stalker these days? I would say I think not, since there’s supposed to be a wedding this season and that a little birdy (IMDB) told me his mom is supposed to be another episode, but I just don’t know. I don’t know who to trust anymore! At this point, of the regular characters, Ezra is definitely up there on the “Do not trust” list! Maybe it’s just his acting, I don’t know. I’m just saying, he always seems super sketch.

HALEB! Let me repeat, HALEB! ❤ I know we didn’t get a lot from them, but I don’t really care! I’m rooting for them! Not only because at this point they’re the only couple not having issues, but also just because I love them! That being said, I still haven’t completely ruled out Caleb in the “potential A” department, but that’s mostly just because A is a techy and so is Caleb. Other than that, I don’t really get any sketchy vibes from him, but I could be wrong. After my strong desire to rule out CeCe as A was crushed—even though I did mention she could be a hardcore suspect in past posts—I refuse to even think about not wanting someone to be A.

I do NOT like Paige! She gives me the wiggins (Yeah, clearly, I’ve been watching way too much BtVS, which as you can tell from other posts is my newest obsession)! I don’t know what it is about her, but she does! Again, maybe it’s just her acting—the acting from PLL isn’t as good as I thought it was eight months ago; maybe it’s just that they play better teenagers or something? I don’t know, but Paige just creeps me out! And what’s the deal with her and Alison? Like, I get that Ali was super horrible before disappearing, but once she came back she was fairly decent—at least, as decent as anyone in Rosewood is. Besides, Alison has been through A LOT! Give her a break if she is plays the victim a lot, it’s not like she’s faking—I mean, unless of course she is, but that’s a different story. Alison was forced into hiding by someone trying to kill her and her friends. She found out she had a sister who was originally her brother who was the one tormenting her and her friends and said sister ended up murdered after mending a relationship between herself and Alison. Then, Alison fell in love with and married a man who claimed to be a doctor but whom is really just someone entirely different! Speaking of, is Alison really pregnant? Is her baby really the “baby of a perfect stranger?” Or is the baby Emily’s? And Emily’s right. Why does she and the other Liars have to keep proving their love and loyalty for Alison? They’re only in this stalking/murder mystery mess because of her in the first place.

To be honest, I’m kind of digging this new board game A has for the Liars. I mean, it’s totally creepy, but it’s kind of cool too. Speaking of the board game, now we know Spencer is really Mary Drake’s daughter. That means Peter Hastings has three kids—Melissa, Jason, and Spencer, who are all half siblings, because Melissa is Veronica Hastings’ daughter, Jason is Jessica Hastings’ son and Alison’s half-brother, and Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter and CeCe Drake’s half-sister. So in total that’s five siblings with Spencer coming in with the biggest family since she has three half-siblings, a biological mom and dad and an adoptive mom. Which, btw, answers question number thirteen of my twenty-one listed questions in first blog post of the season, so YAY! Maybe that’s what Maya knew? Maybe, after living in the DiLaurentis house, she learned that Spencer is half-Drake. Idk, but at least that’s one question answered. Oh, and btw, that letter from Mary to Spencer! ❤ 💔 I totally feel for Spencer and her anger toward Veronica for staying in a relationship with Peter after he cheated on her not once, but twice with two different women! And produced a child each time! Kudos to Veronica though for taking Spencer in! Knowing Radley, they probably would have done much worse than just give her up for adoption! Maybe that’s why she felt familiar in Radley? Maybe she visited Mary a bit before growing old enough to remember? I doubt it, since Veronica and Mary seem to hate each other so much, but maybe. Or, maybe it’s just another one of Peter’s lies? Maybe he secretly took Spencer to visit her birth mother?

Okay, and let’s talk about Mona and Hanna! I just LOVE them! And they’re chat totally summed up basically every relationship in Rosewood. Mona: “Do you trust me?” Hanna: “Sometimes.” Mona: “Make this one of those times.” That’s the show right there! They summed it up perfectly! haha. Anyway, I just love them. They are the ultimate screw up best friends! haha.

Spoby! ❤ 💔 We didn’t much from them either, but what we did get was just… ugh! Why didn’t she talk to him about Mary? I know they’re not together anymore and that she’s trying to be the noble ex-girlfriend, but dang it! He was always the one person there for her! I need him to be here for her now and vice versa! Maybe Spoby doesn’t end up together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be best friends! I see nothing wrong with that as long as they’re not like locked up in a room or the woods somewhere by themselves, because stuff, both A stay and love stuff, happens when couples are alone together! Also, they totally summed up the whole show with that conversation! Spencer: “The world doesn’t work like that.” Toby: “Maybe not the rest of the world, but this is Rosewood.”

Finally, what is up with Jenna in that dark room with A? Is she really on the A team? Or has she been captured by the A team? Or do they have something on her? She smiled pretty hugely after she said, “You said you’d tell me today about the game” and then read that it said, “End game.” Maybe it was a sadistic smile, or maybe it was just a smile of relief. Maybe she’s tired of being one of A’s chess pieces. Only time will tell.

The Beginning of the End: PLL

I guess, since I’ve spent so much time blogging about Pretty Little Liars, I should post something about the beginning of the end. The first of the last ten episodes will be airing later this evening. I wish I could say I’m excited, but I’m really not. Do I want to know what happened to Spencer and Toby? Of course I do! By the end of the last episode, I was still shipping Spoby and Haleb, but now I couldn’t care less if Ezria ends up together or not. Ezria was my ship in seasons 1-3 and I still held out hope for them through seasons 4-6, but in 7 I realized they’re a lost cause. Not because they won’t end up together, but because they don’t have the same chemistry they had in the first few seasons. Honestly, I think I’d rather see one or both of them be Uber A than see them end up together at this point. That or Aria can just end up with Jason (assuming he’s sane and not A or a minion, of course) because as twisted as it may be, I always liked them together too. I mean, part of me will still be happy if in the end all three main ships sail off into the sunset (I don’t particularly like Emily or Alison with anyone. I kind of them like them both single), but I won’t be super duper excited like I once would have been.

As for Uber A, at this point I don’t really care who it is. They screwed up everything so much with the CeCe Drake is really Charles DiLaurentis thing that I don’t see how they’re going to be able to save themselves. For a stalker show, PLL had been fairly realistic in most aspects up until the Charles Reveal (except for the whole Ezra writing a book thing, but that’s whatever).  As much as I really didn’t want CeCe to be A, it would have been an EXCELLENT reveal if she had been–not as Charles, but as CeCe, the big bad older college girl that kind of dated Jason and got kicked out of school by Alison. That would have been GREAT! Combine the facts that the CeCe is Charles reveal was a huge let down for a lot of fans, that they jumped five years into the future, and dragged the wait time between 7A and 7B out eight months and you’ve got a huge mess of a series finale that even the most obsessive of girls is really only going to watch so that she can see the end results of a show that up to this point seems to have just wasted a bunch of time and energy.

Don’t get me wrong y’all. I may still theorize and get excited over certain events, especially if they make up for the past season and a half, but no matter how obsessed I may seem, I’ll likely still just be watching to get it over with. That being said, there are still some things that I fully expect to see and get answers for.

  1. Who or what the hell is in the barrel!?
  2. What’s the real story for Toby’s mom?
  3. Why is Wren so relevant sometimes and so irrelevant other times?
  4. ^^ Ditto for the entire Hastings and DiLaurentis family.
  5. Is Mona on the A Team still or is she really one of the Liars?
  6. What happened to Eddie Lamb!?
  7. Why has Bethany been so freaking important throughout this series!?
  8. Will Spencer, Toby, and Yvonne come out of their gun shot and car accident without too much damage?
  9. Will we ever find out exactly what happened that night when Alison disappeared?
  10. Will we ever find out exactly who Wilden is/was?
  11. Who is Lesli Stone?
  12. Why have the parents always been so close to the mysteries and yet so far away at the same time?
  13. What was in A’s secret files for Mr. and Mrs. Hastings?
  14. Why have Noel, Jenna, Andrew, and Lucas been so close to the mystery of A all the time?
  15. What’s the deal with the NAT club?
  16. “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” needs to be answered! What did Maya know!? And what really happened to her?
  17. What really happened to Holbrook?
  18. What happened to that Sydney chick who was close to Jenna?
  19. Is Spencer really Mary’s daughter?
  20. Who has a twin?
  21. What was Ali really up to all those years between her “death and resurrection?”

And that’s really all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there’s other stuff too.


At this point, here’s what would have to happen for PLL to redeem itself for me:

  1. Mona was Uber A all along! She only revealed herself in season 2 so that she wouldn’t be expected later on.
  2. One of the boyfriends or Melissa is Uber A. Maybe even one of the dads? Byron, Peter, or Kenneth could make sense if the story is spun just right.
  3. Neither Jason, nor Wren are Uber A, because at this point whether I always assumed they were or not, I’d hate to see either Jason or Wren be Uber A. If either of them is, then there needs to be this really intricate story that makes everything make sense. Even then though so many people have suspected them at this point that it’d be kind of lame.
  4. There was never anyone named Charles DiLaurentis and if there was, then it wasn’t CeCe. She just pretended because of x, y, and z reasons.
  5. The expected second twin is Spencer’s and not Alison’s. Or really anyone’s as long as it’s not Alison’s, because the show is supposed to be different than the book, meaning Alison can’t have a secret twin.