The Blood Slayer Smoothie

This Isn't the Greatest Quality, but it's all I've got for now.

What You Need

Red Grapes

Dark Sweet Cherries

Wild Blueberries

Cocoa Powder (Powder of The Slayer)

Peanut Butter (for a PB & Slay)



In the beginning of my diet makeover that I wrote about on the Obsessed with Food Main Page, I figured the easiest way to eat fruits and vegetables would be to try smoothies and I’m so glad I did, because my favorite one is to die for! I mean, it seriously slays my taste buds! 😉

Story Behind The Name: It’s actually a really funny story that perfectly fits who I am as a person and who I am as a blogger.

Generally, when I make this smoothie, it’s because it’s quick and easy and I can take it to work—so, I make it pretty much every day. Nearly every time my coworkers Jesse or Tyler see my smoothie, they comment about how its crimson color looks like blood or slime. Since I’m a night owl with pale skin that burns in the sun and blue eyes that make me go “AH!” in the sun, because they’re so sensitive to light, I’ve always joked that I’m a vampire, so I thought it was funny they thought it looks so much like blood. Therefore, I decided to call it the Blood Slime Smoothie.

The name obviously had to be changed though when my work bestie, Stephanie, laughed at the “Kiss the Librarian” mug of blood the Spike Pop Funko figurine at my desk is holding. Of course, seeing the blood in his cup, she commented about how it looked like my smoothie. Since I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and because this Smoothie has slayed my own demons, I naturally had to change the name to “Blood Slayer.” Plus, I decided that I want all of my recipes to be somehow connected to something I’m obsessed with, so of course the blood smoothie has to be tied to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

For One Serving (8 to 16 ounces, depending on the size of the fruits and possible addition of water, cacao, and-or peanut butter): You’ll need 15 cherries, 30 grapes, and 50 blueberries. If you add cacao—chocolate in it purest form—and or peanut butter, then wait until after you’ve blended the fruits for about a minute and then blend for another minute or so until smoothie is at your preferred texture.

Note: I use frozen blueberries and cherries. I try to buy them organic and from Dole, but you’re free to use whatever you like. If you do use frozen fruits like I do, then make sure the grapes are closest to the blades so that the liquid will help blend the frozen cherries and frozen blueberries. You may need to add an ounce or so of cool water to help thaw the fruits if they’re especially tough.

For Example: I use a magic bullet, so I put the cherries in first, then the blueberries, and finally the grapes, because the blades are on the lid. Then, I blend for one minute, stop, let it settle, and blend for another minute or so. It’s not an exact science, so just experiment with your timing to find your perfect smoothie! 😊 I like mine super smooth!


Slaying My Demons (Fun Fact): When I pulled a back muscle—the sciatic nerve, which connects the spinal cord with the leg and foot muscles and is the largest single nerve in the human body, aka, one of the most important nerves in the body, OW!—I was curious to see if any foods could aid or catalyze pain in the body, so I googled it and found that dark fruits and vegetables are naturally anti-inflammatory. That made complete and total sense to me, because thinking back on it, I realized that my back would start to hurt a little less by midday—the same time I drank this smoothie that contains three of the top anti-inflammatory fruits—Red Grapes, Blueberries, and Cherries! Isn’t God so cool that He made foods with natural healing powers and that He leads us to things that we need before we even need it?