Guilty Party Show: Who Did It – Already Theorizing

Y’all! I have a new Pretty Little Liars! It’s a new web series called, Guilty Party, starring the always lovely Tiffany Alvord. I’m so excited! Tiffany is one of my favorite YouTube stars and I’ve been a Tiffanatic since practically the beginning. Naturally, this is new show, especially since it’s a short show, is one of the best things I’ve heard about in a long time! I’ll be honest though, it does seem super cheesy, so far, but quite frankly, I don’t care! I trust that with Tiffany as the lead, I won’t have to worry too much about if it’s appropriate or not and will just be able to enjoy it! So, let’s get down to business!

Tiffany’s character, Emma Wilson, is the girl next door turned bullied because of the harsh tone of her journal entries. Should she have spoken so harshly of her friends in her journal? I don’t really think that’s up to us to decide. You see, a person’s journal is like their mind, unless they share it with you, then it’s none of your business. Cruel or not, it’s not like she shared these thoughts with anyone. No, you see, that’s what we’re going to figure out! Who did it? Who stole Emma’s diary, photocopied it, and shared it with everyone at homecoming last year? I suppose, we should go with our first clues. Those clues come from our very own Gossip Girl, Tess, where shared all of Emma’s spilled secrets on her blog, “Tea with Tess.” Normally, I wouldn’t condone reading someone’s diary, but since it’s already out there, and because I am trying to help Emma as much as I’m trying to help the rest of Warren Academy’s Elite, then I’ll make an exception this time.

Entry #1 – Sounds like maybe Emma found her very own Troy Bolton and kissed him on Warren Academy’s rooftop! Could it have been her perfect boyfriend and Warren Academy’s residential player, Jake Cruise? We don’t know, but go to Tess’ blog to read Emma’s journal entry!

Entry #2 – Ooh! This one’s juicy! Suddenly, she’s digging on BFF, Warren Academy’s Queen Bee, Tatiana Johnson? She says she’s tried to tell her today? What’d she try to tell her? This was about 3 weeks after her first entry, is it possible that the boy on the rooftop wasn’t Jake and was really Preston Fairchild, aka Tatiana’s boyfriend and Warren Academy’s Class President? She didn’t name him in her entry. Doesn’t that seem odd? Why be so cryptic if your journal entry is about your boyfriend? Or, it could be possible that Emma is bi or lesbian, which would be another reason to keep it a secret and to stay with Jake. Sigh. Only time will tell. Oh! She also took a few digs at Tatiana’s sidekick, Olivia and Warren Academy’s artist, Alex Silver.

Entry #3 – Uh oh! 2 days later, Emma is talking about how boring Jake is and about how she thinks she should feel more when she kisses him. That sure doesn’t sound like something a girl would say about the same guy she was gushing over only the month prior, right?

Entry #4 – Onto a different subject. Apparently, Emma and someone else, she says “we,” cat-fished Tess. Why? I mean, I know Tess can be, well… a little… you know, obnoxious! And she should totally mind her own business, but why would Emma catfish her? I mean, I get that they’ve been enemies since like forever, according to Tatiana’s vlog, but what’s the deal? Cat-fishing is way harsh!

Entry #5 – Sad entry! We’ve all been there. We’ve all drifted away from formerly close friends. That’s what happened with Emma and her lifelong best friend, Warren Academy’s Outsider, Charlie Vasquez. I totally know the feels! I had a childhood best friend that I also grew away from in high school, though I was a bit more like Charlie it seems than Emma. Anyway, I do feel bad for them both. Not sure why everyone’s made such a big deal about this entry? It’s not rude or harsh, just honest.

And now, we come to last will and testament of the Emma Wilson who was once loved and respected by everyone! The bullying showered over her after someone published her diary was so brutal that Emma left, never to be seen again, at least, not until now! Emma Wilson is back from the dead and looking for justice and revenge! How will she do that? Well, she’s calling out Warren Academy’s Elite and Powerful—Artist, Alex, Charlie, Jake, Preston, and Tatiana. As you can see in her letter, also on Tess’ blog, or you can hear Emma herself, and the principal of Warren Academy, read it out loud on the very first episode of Guilty Party.

Emma is convinced that one of these “five most promising students at the best, most progressive school on the west” is the one who shared her journal with the whole school. Even if they didn’t though, Emma says, “You did nothing while my life fell apart.” I don’t know if this is true quite yet, but they all looked guilty, so it must be true. Not to mention, if you go watch Olivia’s yearbook videos of each individual, then you’ll see that they all seemed a tad guilty or simply indifferent about Emma’s disappearance. Emma may be calling out her friends, Alex, Charlie, Jake, Preston, and Tatiana, but I’d like to add three names to our list of suspects, the before mentioned Olivia and Tess, and JR, the class clown and conspiracy theorist of Warren Academy.

Considering the fact that the first episode was only 4 minutes long, we have a surprisingly large amount of info to go off in our first theories. So, let me put out my first theories.

  1. Alex Silver – He’s an artist. Apparently, he’s a follower and one of Tatiana’s biggest admirers. This show would lead me to believe that there are going to be a lot of stereotypes. If that’s the case, then it’s likely Emma’s secret about Alex, or maybe even about Jake, is that he’s gay or trans? Most people don’t think that’s a big deal these days, but it’s still something that would be fairly harsh to share about someone if they haven’t come out on their own yet.
  2. Charlie Vasquez– Where could we even begin on theorizing here? She and Emma were best friends since they were kids. What kind of secrets wouldn’t Emma have about Charlie? Out of all of them, one would assume she’s got the most motive to air all of Emma’s dirty secrets.
  3. Emma Wilson – That’s right. I’m calling her out. A lot of us are actually. If she’s as awful as people now think she is, then why would anyone believe she didn’t share her own diary? Idk, I know it’s crazy, but PLL taught me that no theory is too crazy!
  4. Jake Cruise– Emma’s so-called Perfect Boyfriend. Was he though? Is that even possible if you’re known as a player? Maybe he wasn’t before Emma left. Who knows? If my theory about Emma and Preston is right though, and Jake somehow found out about it, then that would be more than enough motive to share Emma’s diary.
  5. J.R. – We don’t know much about him yet. He wasn’t in the first episode and he wasn’t mentioned in Emma’s diary, so the verdict is out whether he would have legit motives for airing Emma’s dirty laundry for all to see.
  6. Olivia – She’s the sidekick of Warren Academy’s Queen Bee. You don’t become the sidekick of the Queen Bee without having at least a little bit of mean streak in you. Could Olivia’s have come out because she was jealous of Emma and Tatiana’s close friendship?
  7. Preston Fairchild– Like I said, my theory about him right now is that he was the one who shared a forbidden kiss with Emma on the rooftop of Warren Academy. That’s what makes the most sense and every good mystery makes sense in the end. (That’s right PLL, I’m calling you out on your crappy, no sense ending!) So, yeah, if Preston and Emma were secretly hooking up, then maybe Preston stole her diary to scare her off? He didn’t want to outright tell her it’s over, because if he did, then he would have run the risk of Emma telling Tatiana about them and he couldn’t have that! How would it look for The President to have a cheating scandal under his belt?
  8. Tatiana Johnson– Two words: Queen Bee. It kind of comes with the territory that she’s on the top of our list, which is exactly why I don’t think she did it. It’s too obvious. I do think she’s got some juicy secrets though. Like maybe she didn’t really have cancer? Maybe she lied about it? That would be horrible and I’d be so pissed off if she did, but I’m just brainstorming with what little info I have here. I will not less this be another case of PLL where I don’t share EVERY crazy thought I have and the one thought I have that don’t share is what really happens! Ha!
  9. Tess – Tatiana said in her vlog that Emma and Tess have been enemies since forever. Plenty of fuel for the first that is gossip, right? Especially since Tess is Warren Academy’s Gossip Girl. For that reason, though, I don’t think it’s her. It’s too obvious, even more obvious than if it were Tatiana.
  10. All or several of them shared the diary and made a pact not to tell under any circumstances!


That’s the problem here though. It seems too obvious for it to have been any of the girls. Charlie is the scorned ex-best friend, Emma is the victim, Olivia is the wicked sidekick, Tatiana is the Queen Bee, and Tess is Gossip Girl. Maybe it’s not too obvious though? Maybe they want us to think it’s too obvious so we’ll be deterred away from believing it? Idk, y’all! I just, don’t know!


Only Time Will Tell,

Obsessive Girl



P.S. Don’t forget the actors and characters will be interacting with those who interact with ever post and episode! Follow them on Tumblr, YouTube, and wherever else they may be! 🙂

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