Guilty Party Show: The Player gets Played

Ha! I knew it! Emma wasn’t kissing Jake on the rooftop!

Photo Sep 05, 6 53 11 PM

Right now, I still think it was Preston. He is the one who called the meeting. Sure, it could just be the president in him trying to avoid any scandal period, but now that Emma let it out that she didn’t kiss Jake on the rooftop, it’s just as likely if it was Preston, then she’ll let that out next! However, I also have a new theory! It could have been Alex! In the last scene, which came right after Charlie asked Jake who he thought it was, Alex was zooming into the bottom corner of his phone screen where it was just him and Emma! Maybe? Maybe not? Everything and everyone has to be questioned in a mystery.

Photo Sep 05, 7 13 59 PM

I do think Charlie and Jake look super cute together! After all, it’s always the troubled, quiet one who tames the player, right? Either way, they’re cute together and since Emma is being pretty terrible right now, I don’t see her and Jake getting back together any time soon, if she comes back at all. So, why not start shipping our OTPs now? Haha.

I’ve gotta say, I’m kind of loving seeing/hearing Tiffany play a character playing for the dark side! She’s so cute and sweet in real life, that it’s fun to see a different side of her! Sure, she’s acting and technically we can only know her as much as social media allows us to, but I honestly interact back and forth with her more than I do with at least half of my social media friends that I’ve actually met in person, so I feel like I know her pretty well. I mean, she did say we’re BFFs now! 😉

Photo Sep 01, 3 43 02 AM

Anyway, right now I’m thinking the same thing I was thinking in my first post, plus the thought that maybe Alex was the guy she was kissing on the rooftop? And that Charlie and Jake might make a super cute couple! I do have to add that Emma and Jake were super cute in that video he was watching too though

Photo Sep 05, 7 12 10 PM

Maybe we’ll get to see a love triangle between Charlie, Jake, and Emma? I love those! Ha, ha. Especially if one of the three is kind of awful, because I always root for the bad guys to be good in the end. The way I see it, no one’s irredeemable until it’s all over! Who knows, maybe Emma will come back, see how cute and good Charlie and Jake are together and that will be what redeems Charlie and Emma’s friendship? Idk, I’m just theorizing here. Maybe Emma won’t come back at all or maybe she will, but she won’t be redeemed? All I know is that I love a good love triangle, especially if it ends up redeeming the seemingly irredeemable character!

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