January 7, 2018 – It’s been a LONG, but GREAT day!

It’s Sunday! 😁 It’s my favorite day of the week! 🤩

Today, Aaron started a series called “God Never Said That.” I’m excited about it! This week was “God Wants You Happy.” Except, you know, He doesn’t. Sure, He delights in our happiness, not happiness at all costs. If it’s sin, then it’s sin, and God will disciple us! Discipline is the loving means of notionally making us unhappy. When a parent disciplines their child, they know it make the child unhappy. The discipline still happens though, because parents care about their children’s well being before their happiness. God is the same way. “He wants joy that will last, not just joy that will past.”

I didn’t read anymore of the Selection today, but that’s okay! I got home and started to write an unfinished blog post and I watched The Four: Battle Of Stardom! I like the concept, but I swear the fan vote is potentially detrimental! 🤦🏼‍♀️ People these days just don’t know true talent! They want fun at all costs, it’s ridiculous! Kind of like what the sermon was about today! Just because it’s fun, doesn’t mean it’s good! The four is about TALENT! The fans don’t seem to know talent… 😒

Anyway, after that I went to see the kids and we talked about their roses and thorns. They’re happy it’s mom and Jacob’s birthday month! They’re so cute! I love them! 💖❤️ They’re growing so fast though! 😫😩😭

Also this conversation happened:

Me: “Did you just say Degrassi?”

Isaac (11): “What?”

Dad: “The show that made Drake famous?.”

Isaac: “Wait… Drake Bell?”

I’ve never been so proud of one of my siblings being confused about a celebrity! Haha. Drake Bell is WAY better IMHO!

After seeing the kids, I went to Nanny and Papa’s house! The big kids and I played Apples to Apples for like 2 hours! Haha. It was funny! 😂 Here are few snippets I posted to Twitter and two I sent to Shelby:

1. Jacob (17 in 2 days): “The girl I asked out and I are the same age for 2 days.”

Lydia (14): “Oh yeah! What’d she say?”

Jacob: “I’m declaring myself rejected, because she never responded.”

Naomi (12): “R-E. J-E.“

Lydia joins in: “C-T. E-D. You just got rejected!” #Zoey101Reference

2. Me: “Naomi, why are you wearing holy socks?”

Naomi: “Because I’m blessed.”

3. Naomi was holding her cards for Apple to Apple w/ the red cards she had to pick for her green card, “Delicious” and I didn’t know it, so I asked, “Who picked dog trainer for delicious?”

Naomi: “That’s my card!”

Not sure why, but Lydia, Jacob, & I laughed hysterically at this! 😂

4. Jacob: *dramatic gasp* “Pause the music! Shelby Lilly just posted a new song!” *even more dramatic gasp* “It’s an original!”

Me: *gasp* “Really!?” plays video “Oh! I know this song! I think… yeah I know this song!”


5 The conversation continued after I sent that and Naomi or Lydia asked, “How can you know the song if it’s an original?”

Me: “Because she’s my best friend and she shares her music with me.”

Jacob: “Yeah! I have it on my phone.”

Girls: Something along the lines of “lucky!”

Me and Jacob: “We told you you could too!”

My friends tend to become famous in my family! 😂😁💖

Anyway, it’s time for bed! I planned on going at 11pm, but of course now it’s 12:15 and I’m still not in bed. Whatever! 🤷🏼‍♀️ At least I got to tell mom happy birthday! 😁💖

p.s. I’ve been journaling for a week! 😁