January 11, 2018 – Unemployment is Nice

I woke up this morning and ate breakfast while reading the sermon on mount from Luke’s perspective. Then, I went for a 3-mike walk from here to the park and around the trail. Since then, I’ve been working on “The Mask; Her Aid.” I’ve said this before, but this time I think it’s really true! I think I’ll have the first draft completely writing soon! I’m so excited! I’m also beyond tired, so I’m gonna drink my protein shake, take my allergy meds, and go to sleep at midnight finally!


January 10, 2018 – Another Productive Writing Day

Today, I woke up and was going to horseback riding again, but the weather wasn’t right for riding. The wind was too heavy and strong. So, instead of going riding, I finally cropped my family photos. Of course, this was done after breakfast and my quiet time. Today, I read the Sermon on the Mount. Dude! That passage begins in Matthew 5 and ends in Matthew 7! Then, I finally transferred all my iCloud photos and videos to my computer again. After that, I sat down to write my journal entry for yesterday because I forgot, oops!
After that, I wrote two scenes for Malachi Gregory! I’m finally introducing parts of Mal’s past and explaining who she is. It’s exciting stuff! Lydia responded to one scene with, *jaw drops at the end.* I love when I get reactions from my fans! It’s so much fun! I can’t wait to have more fans hopefully one day! Of course, Jacob, Kelli, Lydia, Naomi, and Shelby–if she ever reads it–will always get the first samples! As my first, unofficial fan club, they are making me a better writer!
When I finished the second scene for MG, I decided to work on my chapter for The Mask; Her Aid. After five years, I finally have a chapter I’m satisfied with for a rough draft! I’m hoping this means I’ll be able to finish writing it soon! That’s the goal anyway!
Other than that, I didn’t do much today. So, now I’m going to go to bed. Of course, it’s 2 a.m. again. The only reason I’m going to bed now is because these stupid allergies have my head pressurized making my eyelids heavy. I didn’t know if I’d ever actually use Bill’s word, “volvocular,” but that’s definitely how these allergies have me feeling! They leave me with the feeling of eye roll! If anyone asks, I might just have to tell them, “I’m volvocular.”