January 13, 2018 – It’s 7th Heaven!

Today, after I woke up, I went to Chick-fil-A to get my last paycheck. Then, I went to HEB to pick up some last minute groceries. After that, I went to the Palladio house to get my last batch of mail before the house goes on the market. Next, I picked up Lydia and Naomi to come watch movies with me. We only had time to watch The Notebook, but it was fun!
Both girls were watching it for the first time.
Naomi (12): “I want to marry Ryan Gosling now, just this character is so beautiful… Mrs. Naomi Gosling. Sounds about right.” Lydia (14) reminds her of age gap.
N: “We can turn back time!” L: “You can marry him when you’re 18 & he’s 42.”
She also cried at the end of the movie when they passed away. Lydia and I were laughing because we’re not criers. I have also never seen someone cry during a movie in real life. It was amusing, but I’m not surprised. Naomi has always been sensitive. She’s even more sensitive than I am! I feel all the feels, but Naomi expresses all the feels!
When they left, I decided to start watching 7th Heaven again. I’ve been wanting to watch it again for like the past ten years! I don’t remember when I watched it for the first time, but pretty much since then! haha.

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