January 14, 2018 – I’m so tired!

Sunday is always my favorite day even when I only slept 4 hours the night before! I tried to sleep deprive myself so I’ll go to bed at or before midnight. It’s 11:30 now, so I think it’s working! Haha.

Today at church we talked about how God Never said He’ll never give us more than we can handle! If He didn’t, then we would need him!

When I came home, I started working on a new song, probably called “ABBA” or something close. I also played my drum set a bit! It was fun! I wish I had a real drum set! I also worked a bit on The Mask; Her Aid.

Then, I went to the house and played a few songs with the kids! We also recorded it! I love them! 💖

At Nanny and Papa’s house, Jacob, Lydia, and I played Kong’s Corner and then Scrabble!

Then I picked Simon up from bible study.

Throughout the day, I also watched a couple episodes of 7th Heaven after starting it again last night! ☺️


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