The Bachelor S22E03 Review

The Bachelor

Okay, first of all, I cannot believe I started watching this show! I always said I wouldn’t watch it, but here I am! I’m not even surprised I like it; I just can’t believe I let myself watch it! It’s all because of the Selection! As cheesy and predictable as it is, it’s my favorite book series! It’s like reading The Bachelor from a contestant’s point of view! Of course, now I have to watch The Bachelor to see if I like it too!
So far, I don’t know if I like it, but it’s like a weird addiction or something! You get a taste and then you have to keep watching! It’s so ridiculous! I guess it’s like when girls get caught up in drama or gossip. Something about being a woman is drawn to it. Whatever, as long as it’s not my drama or gossip, and is meant for entertainment, then why not?
Okay, what! A wrestling match for a group date? I don’t know if these aggressive group dates are normal or not, but it’s strange! I also kind of like it though, Arie doesn’t take himself or the show too seriously. It’s funny to see the girls literally fight each other.
Aww, he took the girls on a doggy date! It’s cute that he has his own dog and wants to see how the girls interact with dogs. It’s funny! The girls couldn’t get the dogs to perform for the dog show, but they all seemed to be good sports about it!


Are all Bachelors like Arie? I mean, he’s not ugly, but he’s not exactly Prince Charming. Somehow, he is charming, but he doesn’t seem like the right kind of charming. There’s something about this “Kissing Bandit” gig that seems weird. It could be because I didn’t see him in The Bachelorette. Either way, he seems off.
It’s so weird watching a show where the guy is dating so many girls! At least with the Selection, I could tell right away who Maxon wanted and he came out and said it even. With Arie, I can’t tell for sure who he wants! He for sure wants Bekah K. and Chelsea to stay for a while.
I don’t know what to think of Arie’s response to Krystal and Bibiana going to him about their feelings. I have to respect that both girls took their thoughts to him though. Krystal asked if he wants her to be aggressive or stand down. He told her to be herself. Bibiana expressed that she thinks Krystal is too aggressive. He sympathized with her after his own encounters on the Bachelorette. He seemed to be a little more friendly with Krystal than Bibiana though. I don’t suppose she’ll be sticking around long. I could be wrong though. Arie seems to like all the girls I don’t like.
I guess I’ll be watching my first season of the Bachelor for the girls and not for the Bachelor? I have a feeling it’ll always be like this though. Whatever. I have no problem with that! So far, these girls are beyond amusing! And, on the bright side, at least I have another show to blog about! In the order of who got the roses and who didn’t, here’s my opinion!

1. Bekah M.:
I don’t know what it is about this girl, but I do not like her! Maybe it’s the fact that she’s so secretive about her age! She also tries way too hard! Ugh! She’s got something to say about everyone!
I guess she and Arie are kind of cute. Still, I don’t like her and I don’t like him. They’re both likable at times, but he’s kind of boring and she’s too much! I hope she does share her age next week! She seems young and jokes about appreciating older men, but she could be older too. Who knows?
Of course, the kissing bandit is going to give the first rose to the girl he makes out with most! She’s definitely his favorite right now. It won’t be a surprise if he picks her as “the one.”

2. Chelsea:
I’m kind of bummed we didn’t get to see as much from Chelsea this episode. She’s not my favorite, but she makes me laugh! She reminds me of Celeste from The Selection! I doubt she is as awful as she comes across. Seems like she may only be trying to protect herself until she knows if she’s getting what she wants. Ooh! On the group date, Arie pulled Chelsea aside right away! I don’t dislike Chelsea, but I don’t know if I like her yet. I do like that she is opening up a little every time he talks to her. She interrupted him and Annaliese and admitted it was for a kiss. Cheers for the honesty! Honesty is the best policy after all.

3. Caroline:
I’m with Caroline! I would like Krystal to go home! She needs to get off her high horse! She met his family, sure, but who cares! She needs to get over herself! She doesn’t know Arie any better than the other girls do! She thinks she’s being helpful telling the girls to open up to Arie after Lauren S. told her she has a hard time opening up to people, but she’s just being annoying!

I don’t have an opinion about roses 4-9. They’re just not all that interesting.
4. Kendall
5. Ashley
6. Lauren B.
7. Brittani
8. Becca K.
9. Sienne

10. Krystal:
After watching the whole episode, I guess I have a lot to say about Krystal. I cannot stand her! She’s kind of witchy. She is fun to watch though, because she’s so ridiculous!
Gosh! These girls are so sensitive! I mean, I am so not team Krystal, but getting time alone with Arie the whole point of the being a part of the show! Everyone acts so dramatic when someone pulls him aside right away. I’m so not a fan of the group dating thing, but that’s why I’m not on the show. If you agree to it, then you have to know other girls are going to get their time with him!
Oh, but my gosh! Why is she okay with the other girls hating her? She interrupts their conversations and pushes past them. It’s annoying! She is so funny though! She talks about the other girls living in a false reality. She thinks she has the strongest relationship with Arie, but she definitely doesn’t! Sure, he likes her, but she’s not his favorite. Ugh! All she does is whine to other girls. It’s so annoying! Krystal is confident in her relationship, but she is still nervous about not getting a rose! Krystal’s voice is so annoying!

11. Tia:
So far, Tia is the first of the girls I like. It could be the country girl thing! Country girls and guys are kind of always my favorite! haha. Arie is so sweet with girls who get emotional though! It’s funny that both Arie and Tia thought she would be awesome at the WWE thing! I like that they were both surprised she was so sensitive about it! It’s also cute he’s like “it makes me feel like a man to be able to comfort you.”
Aw! Arie got some hay bails and moonshine for Tia, so she can feel more at home. “Moonshine tastes like gasoline in a good way,” he says. They’re so cute together! A race car driver in suits and a sweet little southern girl! I may have exclaimed, “Yes,” when Tia was given the rose! I guess she is my favorite! haha.

12. Maquel:
So far, I like Maquel
13. Jenna:
Jenna seems nice too!

14. Jacqueline:
I like Jacqueline, too.

15. And the final rose goes to…. Marikh.

And those going home:

1. Lauren S.
Ooh, wine country! Lauren S. is on a one on one date with Arie in Napa Valley! It’s a little weird how well he seems to know these girls! The one on one dates seem to be perfect for the girls he chooses. Poor girl is all over the place trying to explain how she got to be a part of the Bachelor. She explains she is nervous around Arie, but that Arie isn’t what makes her nervous. Okay? So, I guess she’s nervous, because there aren’t any feelings there?
Wow! He’s not giving her the rose! I didn’t know that was even possible! I thought it was kind of a given! I’m not surprised he didn’t give it to her, because she was all over the place, but still! He likes girls who are open about who they are and why they’re there. Lauren can’t even talk to him, let alone be open with him. The girls’ reaction to Lauren not getting a rose during the one on one is crazy! They’re so nervous! It’s kind of funny!

2. Annaliese:
Annaliese is likable, but the poor girl has the saddest traumas! Everyone laughed about her bumper car trauma, but I thought it was sad. It was a little ridiculous, but trauma stories are sometimes ridiculous. You can’t help it! Poor Annaliese freaked out during the derby and is now freaking out about the potential of dogs. She was the pooper scooper. She didn’t like it, but her attitude was good! You go girl!
It doesn’t seem like Arie likes Annaliese, but then Chelsea interrupted and he seemed almost annoyed. I don’t know though. She so wants to kiss him! It’s so sad! The girls seem to think she is the only girl he hasn’t kissed. She takes him up to the balcony to kiss him. Oh! He tells her, “I just don’t think we’re there yet.” Yikes! The kissing bandit doesn’t think he’s “there yet” with one of the girls. She’s definitely going home!
Aww, mama bear Chelsea comes out and goes to check on Annaliese after her rejection. I definitely don’t dislike Chelsea now! Marikh is in there checking on her too.
Annaliese wants to ask Arie if he sees something with her or not. The other girls are watching and listening. Aww. He tells her straight up, “I really don’t think there could be a future for us… at the end of all this, I don’t see a future with you.” *gasp* She’s leaving! I’m glad she asked him. I’m not surprised he’s not into her, but this kind of thing isn’t for everyone. I know it’s not for me, but not all girls know that until they do it! The tension with the rest of the girls is tangible! I’m not even in the room with them and I can feel it!

3. Bibiana:
I am so glad Bibiana didn’t get a rose! I don’t like her! It seems that a lot of fans like her on Twitter, but I don’t know why! Bibiana is a crybaby and is annoying! Oh, wow! Bibiana and Tia prayed for Jesus to take the wheel! haha. That was cute, but then Bibiana prayed for a dog to bite one of the girls. It made me laugh, because God doesn’t work like that honey! During GLOB, my favorite fight was with Bibiana and Tia! Bibiana may be annoying, but at least she’s nice to the nice girls. haha.
It’s cute when the girls plan alone time with Arie. Bibiana is annoying, but I like that she planned something for him. Uh oh! Arie finds it and uses the daybed and telescope she set up for him with Lauren B! Aww, she goes out to interrupt and Arie asks for 5 more minutes. Then, he continues to use it with several other girls. This doesn’t look good for her! He doesn’t know she set it up but he knows he didn’t set it up. Bibiana tries so hard not to be upset, but she is!

January 15, 2018 – Texas is Moody; Today I Am Not!

I lied yesterday! I didn’t go to bed early! I think it was at least 1am before I went to bed! I was going to go to bed early, but then I started using my phone and you know how that story ends! haha.

Today, I woke up, read my Bible, and read some more of “The One” finally! Then, Lydia came over and we watched two Christmas movies because I still haven’t watched all the ones I recorded! haha. We played scrabble, ate pizza sandwiches, and then played King’s Corner!

It was warm enough today, that I could have gone outside in shorts and been more or less comfortable. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow and school has been canceled! I can hear the wind right now and it sounds beautifully haunting! I hope it snows again! That would be AWESOME!

When Lydia left, I tried to watch The Bachelor, but it didn’t record properly, so I have to wait for it to come on the app! -_- This one seemed like a good one too! haha. Bibiana and Krystal are so ridiculous! I’m not a fan of Bekah K, either! Tia seems really likable though, so we’ll see! Maybe it’s just the southern bell in her. haha. I can’t believe I started watching this show! I don’t even think I like Arie, but it’s fun to watch the girls!

I also finally used my crockpot for the first time! I made bbq pulled pork and it’s SO GOOD! That reminds me, I better go put it in the fridge before I forget! That would be so like me! Good night!