January 17, 2018 – Going to Bed Glutened!

I woke up, read my Bible, watched Heartland, then The Four: Battle Of Stardom, and of course, spent the rest of the day writing and watching 7th Heaven.

I wrote another scene for MG. I practiced “In Between” by Kelsea Ballerini on guitar. I also baked a lemon poppy seed cake and pancake cake. I did the dishes as soon as I used them, I didn’t break anything, and I didn’t hurt, burn, or cut myself! Miracles do happen! Haha.

Now, I’m going to bed having been glutened! 😩 Idk know how! I haven’t left the house since Sunday and I’ve been eating the same food every day. I suppose, maybe there was glutton in the fajita chicken or rice I ate at Nanny and Papa’s. It’s a really bad reaction and that’s the only thing I’ve eaten out of the ordinary. Idk, but I don’t like it! 🤷🏼‍♀️😩