January 21, 2018 – Sunday Funday

I woke up and went to church. I came home and put chicken in the crockpot for buffalo pulled pork. Then I went to Nanny and Papa’s house and played games with the kids. We ended up playing a 2+ hour long game of Uno! It was crazy! Haha. Then I had to go to Walmart to find super glue because my glasses broke yesterday on the side. While there, I found $100 stationery bike. I probably shouldn’t be spending any money since I’m unemployed, but the weather has been unpredictable and I want to work out every day! Nanny gave me a meat thermometer and a bigger crockpot. I’m gonna roast beef and potatoes tomorrow! Or make fajitas and peppers with onions. I don’t remember what cut I got! Haha. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ When I got home from Walmart, I put the bike together and it took an hour and a half! At least I got to watch 7th Heaven while I was doing it! ☺️

Also, Jacob said it took a like I lost weight! 😁 I’ll check tomorrow for my weight, but even if I didn’t, it’s still nice to hear!


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