February 4, 2018 – Super Bowl Sunday

I woke up, dressed in pink and white, and did my make up in black. Then, I went to church. We started a marriage series for the month.

After church, I went grocery shopping and found several gluten free frozen food options! I’m hoping they’re all good so I can have food again! Haha.

When I came home, I made caffeine free tea, green tea, and chamomile tea for before bed. Then, I worked on The Mask; Her Aid.

At 4, I went drove to Bill and Darla Harmon’s house to watch the game. I ended up staying the whole night! I was surprised! I even watched most of the game! I was rooting for the Eagles, because they have several outspoken Christians on the team and I don’t like the patriots. Eagles won!

I liked Justin Timberlake’s halftime show! After the game, I listened to all of his albums. He doesn’t have a lot of appropriate songs. The ones that are appropriate are cool though!

After the game, I came home and finished working on The Mask; Her Aid. I only have to get the second part of Morgan’s story and then I’ll be able to finish the final chapter for the first official draft! I’m so excited! I’ve been working on this for FIVE YEARS!

Right now, I’m gonna go drink my chamomile tea and go to bed!