February 6, 2018 – Food!

I woke up, drove Naomi and Lydia home from school. Spent all day organizing a list of movies including my watch lists and own lists from all the places! I also went to Bible study, we talked about expectations in marriage. That was fun… then, I got stuck in 10 minutes of traffic, and still had to go to Walmart! It was nearly midnight when I got home!

Yesterday, I started drinking 4 cups of green tea a day, I started making my blood Slayer smoothie again, and I’m trying not to eat chocolate. Tomorrow, I’m going to drink a green, green tea smoothie, my blood Slayer smoothie, and eat salad. Those will be my meals from now on, at least until I lose 50 pounds! Drinking a French vanilla meal replacement shake in my coffee, chamomile tea, a chocolate shake, and a hard boiled egg before bed. I’m also eating a gluten-free, vegan meal everyday. So far, they’re all really good!