March 2, 2018 – So Many Job Applications…!

I was going to spend the day writing the final chapter for The Mask; Her Aid and then editing the whole book so I could ask Shelby to read it, but then I ended up applying for jobs all day. I don’t even remember what I’ve applied for at this point. All I hope is that I can find a job where I don’t have to work on Sundays at all or on Tuesday and Saturday evenings so I can go to small group and sleep before church on Sunday!

I also walked to get the girls. Naomi’s knee was hurting, so we drove from the apartment. Then, Lydia went grocery shopping with me. I fed her and took her home afterward.

Oh, and today I decided that after I finish this current plot with Mal in Texas, I’m going to turn Malachi Gregory into a book. Then, I’ll work on the next plots I have in mind for the second book! 🙂