March 5, 2018

Today, I had lunch with Emily at Chipotle. Then, we went to Target and Barnes and Noble for a little while. I wasn’t even really looking at the books, but I glanced down and found “The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition!” I’ve been wanting to read this book since high school, but didn’t have money as a kid and have since felt if the time was right for me to read it, then God would let me find it in the store! I did! I’m excited!

After that, we met Mrs. Angie at her work, helped her look for a lost paper, and went to Starbucks for a while! Then, they invited me to their house where Emily’s MiMi made the most amazing fries and Mr. John made good burgers! He picked up gluten-freeĀ buns for me at Walmart while he was getting other ingredients, so that was nice! He bought the whole grain ones, which I hadn’t tried yet, and they were really good!

Emily and I ended up going to “her room,” which is actually Faith’s, but she’s staying there while she’s here. We had a long, deep, and emotional conversation about high school and current stuff and it was a great healing moment neither of us knew we needed!