March 11, 2018

I woke up and went to church. We started a series called Rethinking Church. Then, I served in Youth. When I came home, I wrote a song called “Safe Place.” Then, I went to Nanny’s and mostly sat there doing nothing and watching Fixer Upper before it got turned to 60 Minutes. I picked up Simon and Nehemiah from church, then went to Walmart to buy a safety vest for walking, a backpack for walking, and water bottles. I decided if I couldn’t find a bag for less than $20, then it wasn’t worth it right now. I found one for $10! 😁 Instead of buying one safety vest for $10, I bought two large muscle shirts for men for $3 each! Being unemployed has really helped me to figure out how to save money. I’m hoping this will continue when I get a job again!