May 10, 2018

I woke up, read a few scripture verses, and went to drive for Uber. It was a slow day, so in between deliveries I quickly organized my bank accounts and binder wallet for optimum usage. I think I might actually do a decent job this time! I labeled my accounts to reflect what I’ll be using them for and I’ve read a fair number of articles about budgeting/saving tips from Dave Ramsey’s website. He says to save up a $1000 emergency fund first, then pay off debt starting with the lowest balance first so that success seems to come faster. 🙂 I think I’m going to try that approach, but first SSFCU–second lowest–and then discover–lowest, because I’m for sure closing SSFCU. The only benefit to keeping it open is to have a lower APR, but if my plan is only to use credit cards when I know I can pay them off every month, then the APR doesn’t matter. I do like the idea of not having credit cards, but I like the idea of being rewarded for my spending even more! With my first two credit cards, I did really well with paying them off every month. Then, I did a balance transfer and everything went down hill. So, for sure no balance transfers! IF I do, then I’ll have to make sure I don’t use any cards until the BT is paid off.

Anyway, after Uber, picked up Lydia from school. She read Harry Potter while I started deconstructing the big tv stand. Halfway through, we went to get Naomi. Then, I came home and finished before going to do Uber again.

When I came home, I worked a little on MG.