June 10-13, 2018

It’s been a LONG week!

Sunday, I woke up for church and Ava and Abby (the Sims’ dogs) decided to pick that morning of all the times to be divas and not listen when I tried to get them in their cage. 😒

I went to church and it was weird, because Shelby, Morgan, and Ciara (and Robert) were all doing not church things so they weren’t there. It was still a good Sunday though! 🙂

Monday, I woke and went go drive for Uber. After only two orders I had to stop, because my radiator started steaming! 🙃 So, I called for roadside assistance with my insurance and got towed to the Mather’s. In about 24 hours, Mr. Scott had it up and running again! The Powers’ let me borrow their car again while I couldn’t use mine. So, I was able to go to Hot Spot.

Tuesday, I woke up and went ubering. Then, I went to bible study. We had to read 1 Samual 1-5 for homework beforehand.

Today, I woke up and planned on going to the office to watch TWC, but got the time mixed up, so I ended up listening while driving for Uber. I called Uncle Tony (and had a brief text message chat with Sarah) about the Alliance. It’s kind of a pyramid scheme, which is annoying, but Uncle Tony assured me that pyramid schemes aren’t necessarily a bad thing. What matters is if the company is reputable or not. Sarah basically said the same thing, mentioning how Doterra is the same way, and it’s legit. She even buys from them. Uncle Tony basically just encouraged me to keep asking questions until I’m comfortable and to be willing to work hard to make money. He also suggested to go at it part time until I know if it’s what I want to do.

So, I’ll keep driving Uber and maybe make calls while I wait. Then, I’ll see what happens from there. 🙂