June 23, 2018

I woke up and drove some of the youth to the Guadalupe River. Maia (Peaches) Oliver and I spent most of our time there trying to catch minnows. I thought the little guys died in between trips for fish supplies at Walmart and Pet Smart, so I bought some at the store. They didn’t die, so now I have 8 minnows, 4 from the river and 4 from the store! Haha. Best Part: I started chatting with a woman and her son about our fish. After I told her I was saving the fish because we caught them at a youth event, she insisted on giving me money for the supplies and asked us to keep them in our prayers as they house hunt! ❤️

I was gonna go driving when I got home, but I’m too tired, so it’s 7pm and I’m going to bed! 🛏 😴

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