July 12, 2018

I delivered an order from McDonalds to Sea World. When I tried to leave Taco Palenque to deliver from there my car wouldn’t start. So, I called USAA for a tow. The tow man was able to start my car and said he thinks the issue is the starter so I drove to the Mather’s. Scott said it is the starter. So, now Dora is at the Mather’s and I’m borrowing their convertible. It’s tiny, but I’m grateful for anything that lets me drive.

When I got to the Mather’s house no one one was home so I sat in their living room writing for like half an hour before Scott got there. Then, the others arrived and I sat chatting with them for a while until Holly and I left so I could eat, we could hang out, and she could get a feel for Uber Eats.

I made it all the way home before realizing I left my house key with my car keys. I was going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to borrow Savannah’s keys, but she left early because she was sick. So, I called Nanny to see if she was there, because she wasn’t at home and didn’t answer when i called her. She and all the others were at Nanny’s, so Holly and I chatted with them before coming to the house so I could eat. Then we went back to give Savannah her keys, made two Uber deliveries, and went back to her house. While there she took the Pottermore quiz. She’s a ravenclaw, of course.