A Letter from Your Elementary Bus Driver

Dear K, thanks for being the first smiling student I got to see every school morning. I hope & pray you have a great summer & that you’re first year of middle school next year is fabulous! I’ll miss you.

Dear R & D, I’m pretty sure y’all are also going to middle school next year. I’ll miss you! R you’ve always been so quiet & well-behaved, so mature & kind. Carry that with you in life. D, you’re such a happy child. I hope you care your excitement with you through life.

Dear R & D, I just realized the kids at your stop have the same first initials. Haha. Thank you for trusting me with your issues! If you had problems, you shared me with them! Thanks for singing Victorious with me & being mermaids/mermen with me! It was a pleasure to meet y’all this year! Oh, and I’m starting Some Assembly Required! Hoping to talk with y’all about it next year!

Dear H, you moved halfway through the year, but I miss you little buddy! You had the best questions & the silliest jokes!

Dear S, teachers seem to think you’re a handful, but I think you’re awesome! So fun and full of energy! Hope to see you next year!

Dear V & A, y’all are all boy & it’s been fun. You’re a little crazy sometimes, but I miss it! I think y’all were 4th grade this year, so hopefully we get to spend your last year of elementary together next year!

Dear R, my Disney Warrior Princess! You’re spunky and fun! Your love for Disney reminds me of me & your life for life is contagious! See you next year!

Dear A & S, you make me smile! You make me tired too! Haha. You were new this year & I hope we get to see each other next year!

Dear O & R, you adorable preschoolers! So quiet and better behaved than most of the big kids! Hope I can see you next year!

Dear C, I’m sorry I didn’t watch Scales when you asked me to. You were right, I loved it! I really hope we can talk Descendants, mermaids, and Zombies next year!

Dear Z, you’ve grown so much since last year! I’m proud of you! Let’s talk mermaids & Victorious next year. K?

Dear Z & Z, thanks for drawing me wagon (wolf dragon)! Thanks for teaching me cool things I never knew & for always having interesting things to say! I’ll miss y’all! See you soon?

Dear M, good luck in middle school! You thanked me for getting to know your name because other bus drivers hadn’t. I’m sorry for that. Thanks for letting me be your friend!

Dear C, thanks for joining our games! You always had such great answers!

Dear T, I hope you’ve gotten to see your sister a little longer! I hope you’re still learning fun things and having fun with your dog!

Dear F & F, keep reading your Bibles! Keep loving God with your whole heart! Keep sharing him with your friends and family!

Dear M & A, keeping loving pink and rainbows & loving naps & being kind!

Dear R, keep loving vampires! Remember all the things about TVD & tell me next year! Keep reading! Remember you matter, you’re important, and made on purpose! Jesus loves you! You’re not a mistake!

Dear K, I hope you always love Unicorns and pink! I hope you keep your wonder and joy forever! Keep dreaming sweet girl!

Dear N, I can wait to see in MLB & get to tell everyone I was your bus driver! You’re gonna do great kid!

Dear A, keep learning science facts! Then teach me all the things next year!

Dear all of you, I miss you! I’m praying for you! I can’t wait to see you again, if it’s at the store! If I never see you again, you’ll always be my mini BFF & I’ll always remember you & pray for you!

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