A Letter from Your High School Bus Driver

Dear S, good luck in life! I wish I could tell you I’m proud of you & I’m rooting for you! I wish I could tell you I’m praying for your future in the real world. I know you’ll do great things if you make the right choices!

Dear D, I hope you’re enjoying your anime & doing lots of writing for your book! I hope you’re enjoying your new phone & getting your homework done!

Dear J, have you gone back home? Do you have to stay in the US while we figure out this pandemic? Will you try to come back for another exchange year? I hope you’re safe & healthy wherever you are!

Dear M, I know you switched buses, but only recently, so I hope you’re doing well too! Idk if you’re still here or if you had to go home. I know you want to move here. I hope you get to. Good luck with graduation and becoming a pharmacist! We need you now more than ever!

Dear H, I’m glad you got to be on my bus again this year. You’re a great kid! Thanks for always asking how my day is and for thanking me for every ride! You’re a gem!

Dear S & J, thanks for the conversations! They’ve been fun! Keep playing basketball so you can do well next year!

Dear M, E, G, G, I, and gang. Thank you for respecting the rules. Thank you for immediately obeying when I remind you of rules you’re getting too close to. Thanks for the laughs & for the fun!

Dear A, I know you moved, but I hope you’re doing well! I hope you’re enjoying music & working on your goal of being the strongest man! I hope you’re staying out of trouble!

Dear A & A, thanks for being kind and quiet! I hope you’re doing well!

Dear others, y’all are so quiet and so well behaved. Thanks! I miss y’all!

I’m praying for each of you! I miss you! Be good. Do good. Have fun!

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