A Letter from Your Middle School Bus Driver

Dear A & B, you’re so quiet & chill B. I’ve never had an issue with you. Thanks! A, you are a wild child, but you have an energy and excitement for life that I sometimes want! You’re always so excited to show & tell me things! I miss that!

Dear C, you are also wild, but much calmer than last year. I have to give you the look often, but you quickly obey and calm down. Even in your crazy, you’re fun! I miss it.

Dear Z, Z, A, D, & other 8th graders I might have forgotten. I hope y’all have the best freshmen year ever next year! Y’all are crazy, but I’ll miss y’all!

Dear E, M, & L, y’all are so quiet & well-behaved. Thanks for that! The other 6th graders are crazy! Haha.

Dear R, you are all boy and you have the best laugh! It’s seriously contagious! We could use it right now!

Dear D, you came halfway through the year, and what a joyous edition you were! Thanks for being an extra mini BFF!

Dear M, before you ask, yes of course I miss! Yes, really! You make my day with your hellos & goodbyes! Thanks for singing with me!

Dear L, I’m sorry you didn’t get to put in your play. You were so excited about getting a lead role! I really wanted to see you perform! Hopefully you’ll get loads of more chances in the future! Keep acting & smiling & caring about the world!

Dear N, stay friendly and kind. Keep smiling! Hope to see you next year!

Dear J, I hope you’re just an angsty middle schooler & that you don’t have issues at home, but if you do, please know you’re cared for and that we’re here for you!

Dear A, M, J, and C, y’all did such a great job of following the rules & being at the bus on time this year. I’m proud of your improvement!

Dear M, I hope you’re getting to watch your telenovelas (still not sure if that was real or a joke) and anime! Thanks for asking me questions and caring about everyone!

Dear L, keep up the hard work! Keep working out and kicking butt in karate! Keep saying hi to and smiling at strangers. I pray you see that God is real and that he loves you! Make sure you enjoy all the hot Cheetos & salt and vinegar chips!

Dear Noodle Arms, I hope you’re getting the hang of your math! Thanks for trusting me to help you with your questions! Have fun with your brother!

Dear A, keep having fun with sticks and outside fun! Keep your childlike thrill of imagination! You’re gonna need in 8th grade and beyond!

Dear J & J, behave, have fun, and keep being kind!

Dear Rick & Morty, I miss y’all already! Truth be told, you’re my favorite 8th graders! You’ve both grown so much in the past year! I’m so proud of y’all! Rick, please continue to follow the rules! I believe in you! You could be a great leader, so stay on the right path! Morty, you’re a great musician and baker! Keep creating things! Thanks for writing me a song! You never got to play it for me, but I’m sure it was awesome! I miss you both & I hope y’all have the BEST high school experience you could ever have!

Dear all of y’all. Middle school is rough & y’all have been a challenge, but you’re seen, you’re loved, and you’re cared for! You’ve made my experience as a bus driver so much fun! I’ve learned a lot from y’all! Remember you don’t have to be who others want you to be! Be yourself & those who matter will love you all the same! I miss you! I’m praying for you! I hope to see you again!

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