Who Isn’t “A?” (2021 Thoughts Added)

Warning: This post contains Pretty Little Liars spoilers. If you haven’t watched the whole show, then proceed with caution.

A little note: In August 2014, I started watching Pretty Little Liars. That November, I started blogging about it until it ended in 2017. I haven’t watched it since, but people are still reading my posts in 2021. So, I’ve decided to add thoughts and comments based on the feelings and opinions I have in 2021. Because you’re reading this now, I want to thank you! Tbh, after the disappointment of the series finale, I felt like I wasted time writing these posts. Because you’re reading this, it doesn’t feel like a waste anymore. So, thanks!

(Unless otherwise noted, parenthesis indicate thoughts from 2021)

**Originally posted December 28, 2014. Republished February 23, 2021. Yes, a Tuesday, in honor of the show originally airing on Tuesdays.**

“Who is “A?” That is what every person in the PLL Army is asking. I suggest we stop asking, “Who is ‘A,’ and start asking, “Who isn’t ‘A?’” Everyone has a theory about who might be “A.” Many think it is Aria or Alison, maybe Ezra, or possibly someone’s secret twin. (Worst reveal ever! I can’t believe I put so much time and energy into PLL only to be let down like that.) I highly doubt it’s any of them though. (Boy was I wrong. Ugh.)

I. Marlene King is a BRILLIANT writer. (Or so I thought before the big reveal that left many questions unanswered.) She is smart, incredibly clever, and extremely sneaky! I doubt that she would ever make any of the five girls be “A.” (Technically true, but not entirely.) Smart writers never have their sleuths double as the villain. The whole reason people read and watch mysteries, like Pretty Little Liars, is to figure out “Who-dun-it.” Stalker/Murder mysteries are supposed to be as realistic as possible. (The first reveal was decently realistic. Having had my own stalker, many of the first two season issues felt relatable. Even the second reveal was somewhat realistic, if not infuriating. The final reveal? Terrible.)

If any of the girls are “A,” then it would mean that they have tortured themselves for the past two years. And it was for no other reason than to make friends, family, and fans alike believe that it couldn’t be them. Realistically, no one would torture themselves the way “A” has tortured them. Spencer has also technically already been a part of the “A TEAM.” She is also suspect number one on the Rosewood Police’s suspect list. We can pretty much rule her out as being “A.” Alison couldn’t possibly be “A” because we’ve all kind of been suspecting it the whole time. That would be a terrible reveal. Even I suspected she was back when I was only watching the previews for four seasons. A great writer wouldn’t allow her viewers to discover the criminal right away. For the other girls, most of the “clues” gathered against them can be picked apart so fast it’ll leave your head spinning.

Other popular theories try to prove that one of the “bed buddies” is “A,” which is absurd! Ezra, Toby, and possibly Caleb each have alibis as to why they couldn’t be “A.” Maya was murdered, and Paige… well, Paige could still possibly be “A,” but I highly doubt it. (I never did like Paige, which is a bummer because I wanted to. Only because she was played by Jennifer Mosley. Aka Lindsay Shaw.) As we all know, Ezra’s alibi is that he was writing a true crime novel about Alison’s disappearance. So, at first, he only talked to Aria because he knew she was one of Ali’s closest friends. Upon finding that he was attracted to Aria, he stopped writing the book. Then, he picked it up again when everything in his life was upside down. Toby’s alibi was that he was on the “A TEAM,” but only because he wanted to protect Spencer. Finally, Caleb’s alibi is that he worked with Jenna, before falling for Hanna. Also, that he faced a lot of crazy crap in Ravenswood that now makes him wary and skeptical of everything else. (I never finished Ravenswood, but that show was crazy!) That said, he and Alison always seem to share strange glances now that she’s back in Rosewood. So, until we find out if he and Alison are connected in any way we can’t completely rule him out as a suspect. (Did we ever learn if they were connected? Or did he just hate her? And vise versa? I really can’t remember.)
We also can’t claim that Melissa could be “A” anymore. She revealed the reason she was being so sketchy was that she buried Bethany Young to protect Spencer, whom she thought had killed Bethany in the first place. (Why don’t any of these twenty-somethings ever call the police? I know she was protecting her sister, but come on!)

So, we can also potentially rule out Peter Hastings, whom we know knew the truth about Melissa. We may also be able to rule out Peter as a suspect because his secret was that he is Jason’s biological father. However, we can’t know for sure if that’s a reliable alibi or not, because Peter is such a shady guy. So, he may have very well attempted to kill Alison for blackmailing him. Then, killed Jessica DeLaurentis for saying that she couldn’t protect him anymore.

It’s liable that we can rule out Noel Kahn and Cece Drake as suspects as well. (Boy was I wrong. I liked Cece! I wish things had worked out with her, or that she had just been CeCe. She had more than enough reason to be A without the convoluted Charles plotline.) It seems, their sketchiness has been based on the fact that they knew Alison was still alive. And that they have been and probably still are helping Alison escape the evil clutches of “A.”

Other than that, we can’t for sure rule out anyone except for those characters that have been killed. There are a few characters that we can possibly rule out, based on certain evidence. But it’s not proven evidence, so I’ll give them their own post instead of including them here.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you need anything! Like seriously. I’m here for you!

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