“A” for Alison, “A” for Anonymous (2021 Thoughts Added)

Warning: This post contains Pretty Little Liars spoilers. If you haven’t watched the whole show, then proceed with caution.

A little note: In August 2014, I started watching Pretty Little Liars. That November, I started blogging about it until it ended in 2017. I haven’t watched it since, but people are still reading my posts in 2021. So, I’ve decided to add thoughts and comments based on the feelings and opinions I have in 2021. Because you’re reading this now, I want to thank you! Tbh, after the disappointment of the series finale, I felt like I wasted time writing these posts. Because you’re reading this, it doesn’t feel like a waste anymore. So, thanks!

(Unless otherwise noted, parenthesis indicate thoughts from 2021)

**Originally published on February 10, 2015. Republished on March 30, 2021. Yes, on a Tuesday in honor of the show originally airing on Tuesdays.**

Alison’s Army

For a while now, I’ve been formulating a theory that there are two “A-Teams” in the world of Pretty Little Liars. Until now, I’ve felt like I haven’t enough evidence to support my theory. Now, I do. Alison has an army, but it is not the “A-Team.” Alison’s Army is a group of people who have been doing things per her request since the very beginning of the series. These people are Noel Kahn, CeCe Drake, Mike Montgomery, and most likely others.

In the first season, Noel Kahn tried to get close to Aria Montgomery. He might have liked her for real. He might not have. I suspect he was working for Alison since the very beginning. Throughout the whole Noel Kahn loves Aria Montgomery plot, he was trying to get rid of Ezra. Could it be possible this was because Alison asked him to do it? Maybe, Alison put him up to it because she knew that Ezra was using Aria and the other girls to write a book. She at least knew he knows who Aria was all along. And she likely suspected his intentions with Aria were less than honorable. When Noel was watching Hanna and Aria at that cupcake shop, I suspect that he was watching out for Hanna. I think Alison wanted to make sure she didn’t go as far as she had once upon a time. (You know, despite the fact it was pretty much her fault Hanna did what she did, to begin with.)

In season three, CeCe Drake showed up at The Brew, where the girls almost always hang out. Why, of all the places in Rosewood, would we be introduced to CeCe Drake at The Brew? Why would she be quoting word for word something that Alison said in another episode? I suspect it’s because Alison sent CeCe to Rosewood to test the girls. I suspect in the beginning because she hurt them more than anyone else, Alison thought “A” was one of the girls. Then, after seeing “A” taunt them so much, I suspect Alison realized that none of them were “A,” but she wanted to make sure. So, she sent CeCe to Rosewood to test the girls. I suspect Alison assumed the girls would see CeCe as a future version of Alison. That however they treated CeCe would be the same way they would treat Alison if she came back. When the girls decided to be civil with CeCe, it showed they were still loyal to Alison.

Finally, in this season, Mike Montgomery has been acting super sketchy. Naturally, everyone wonders if Mike is “A.” I’ll be honest, I started to think it a little bit, but now I’m not so sure… actually I am. I am very sure that Mike is not on the “A-Team.” That would be too obvious since we know “A’s” identity will stay a secret until at least halfway through season six. Second, Mike is the younger brother who used to be dorky but is now kind of hot. So, we kind of like the “bad boy cred,” but we also want him to stay the sweet and innocent younger brother forever. Then, of course, there are the actual reasons he would not be “A.”
Despite his anger and communication issues with Aria, he does care about her. You can see their sibling bond play out over and over again throughout the series. (It’s like that quote from “Cheaper by the Dozen” by Hilary Duff’s character. “Sometimes I may want to kill you but I will always kill for you.”) In any case, he has been talking to Alison and communicating with Cyrus, aka Hank Mahoney, as of late. And that leads me to believe he is part of Alison’s Army.

Also, in season one, when Noel was threatening to turn Ezra in, we saw Mike and Noel talking in the courtyard. We were led to believe that Noel told Mike “someone” was dating Aria’s favorite teacher, Ezra Fitz. Mike is not stupid. If that were all Noel told him, he would have fit the pieces together. He would have realized Aria was the one dating her teacher. I suspect Noel and Mike knew long before this incident that Aria and Ezra were dating. I suspect Alison told them. She wanted to make sure they were both keeping an eye on Aria, in case Ezra broke her heart.

The “A-Team”

We all know Mona is still alive; she’s been missing for far too long to be anything but alive. The only thing we can trust in PLL is that anyone who’s been missing for longer like one episode is still alive. So, Mona is for sure still alive and well, or at least alive. How do we know this? Who was the one to help Alison escape and hide for two years? Mona. Mona helped Alison escape and Mona is the one who did not tell anyone Alison was still alive. Instead, she played dumb to the whole situation. Is it so unbelievable that Mona would do the same for herself? I don’t think so. Mona’s reasons for hiding are likely different from Alison’s reasons for hiding. Think about it. Who in Rosewood would ever suspect Mona of being “A” after she was already put in Radley for it? Very few would suspect that! And that is why it’s such a brilliant plan! Mona allowed the girls and police to discover the truth so no one would ever suspect her again! It was her plan all along. That way she could get into Radley and work on far more elaborate plans than what we saw in seasons one and two.

Jason DeLaurentis may be the sketchiest person in Rosewood! He spent his high school years drinking beer and getting high. He also started the NAT club with some friends so they could spy on unsuspecting girls. He claims he can’t remember anything that happened “that night.” He was missing for Alison’s funeral and much of the first season. He had stalker-like pictures in his shed of Aria sleeping. He may or may not have genuine feelings for Aria. And her main “A drama” revolves around her relationship with Ezra. He may or may not have caused trouble with Emily on that elevator. He’s been conversing with Mona. He’s slept with Ashley Marin. He is generally a very sketchy guy.

Wren Kingston is also super sketchy. He’s one of the many men in Rosewood who cannot seem to resist his attraction to young high school girls. (Again. Gross. What is wrong with Rosewood men? The fathers cheat and the twenty-somethings fool around with high school girls. There are so many things wrong with Rosewood and this ranks at the top.) We know very little about him or his past. He has already shown that he is comfortable breaking medical laws. He gave Melissa strong medications for Ian. Then, he let CeCe Drake and Hanna Marin into Radley Sanatorium without identification. He also seemed to be pretty close to Mona while she was in Radley. The dude’s a creep. (Side note: I also always liked the idea of him being “A.”)

Double Agents

Every good mystery has a few double agents. Double agents are the people willing to work with or for both sides of the war. They’re gathering and passing information from one or both sides to anyone who wants it. And they want to save themselves from incriminating information any side has on them. We know Caleb Rivers, Toby Cavanaugh, and Spencer Hastings have been double agents. We also know Ezra Fitz has technically been a double agent. He was spying on the girls as much as, if not more than “A” him/herself. Despite his feelings for Aria, he did use their intimacy to gather information for a book. But, he also used that information, in the end, to keep them safe.

Lucas Gottesman may have also been a double agent. He was the victim of many of Alison’s cruel jokes. So, he has every reason in the world to hate her and work against her on the “A-Team.” For the same reasons, he has every reason in the world to hate Mona and work against the “A-Team.” So, it is fair to assume he’s been a double agent since the beginning, or at least since he tried drowning Hanna in the lake. We know “A” recruited him to try to get rid of Hanna. He more or less confessed that himself. But we can also assume he has likely been protecting the girls in some ways as well. I mean, he’s pretty much in love with Hanna and love makes you do the craziest of things. (Actually, love doesn’t make you do crazy things. Lust makes you do crazy things. And there were way more lust and infatuation vibes from Lucas to Hanna than love.)

If anyone is, Jenna Marshall is definitely a double agent. We know she has a lot of anger toward Alison and the other girls for blinding her. We’ve also seen her try to put that behind her many times. We know she worked against the girls to find the flash drive that held her darkest secret on film. But we also know that she claimed in the Christmas episode she was working with Alison now. If that’s true, it’s safe to assume wherever she is, if she is still alive, she is doing some kind of work for Alison so they can finally beat “A.”
If nothing else, Jenna is working with Alison because she knows the girls are sorry for blinding her. Especially Hanna, who pulled her out of Jason’s burning house.

Furthermore, I suspect Mike and Mona have acted as double agents as well, but in less obvious ways. They do/did have feelings for each other, but Mike knew that Mona was/is “A.” If she’s “A” and he knows, then he used their relationship to learn everything he could about her so he and Alison could defeat her. I think Mona eventually found out Mike was using her and that’s when and why she staged her death.

Of course, Mona may not still be “A.” She and Alison may be working together to bring down “A.” As much as they hate and fear each other, they hate and fear “A” even more. To be honest, though, my primary theory for Mona is that she is still on the “A-Team.”

In conclusion, I suspect there are two secret teams in Rosewood—“The A-Team” and “Alison’s Army,” aka “Redcoat.” I’ve been formulating this theory in my head since I finished watching season four a few months ago. It’s been driving me crazy to find out some kind of proof to back it up. Now I have found proof. And I cannot wait to find out more in the last few episodes of this season.

**2021 Thoughts** From what I can remember, and I haven’t watched PLL since it ended, I was sort of right with this theory. Not all the way of course, but the bones of the theory were pretty close to reality and I’m proud of that. I’m especially proud because the last few seasons were such a hot mess it wasn’t worth putting in so much effort. That said, people still reading these posts does make it a little worth it. So, thank you for reading. Thank you for justifying the insane about of time I put into writing these posts. Ha. Thank you also for giving me a reason to pull these up and edit them. It’s been fun!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you need anything! Like seriously. I’m here for you!

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