Why I’m Mad that *Spoiler* Is A (2021 Thoughts Added)

Warning: This post contains Pretty Little Liars spoilers. If you haven’t watched the whole show, then proceed with caution.

A little note: In August 2014, I started watching Pretty Little Liars. That November, I started blogging about it until it ended in 2017. I haven’t watched it since, but people are still reading my posts in 2021. So, I’ve decided to add thoughts and comments based on the feelings and opinions I have in 2021. Because you’re reading this now, I want to thank you! Tbh, after the disappointment of the series finale, I felt like I wasted time writing these posts. Because you’re reading this, it doesn’t feel like a waste anymore. So, thanks!

(Unless otherwise noted, parenthesis indicate thoughts from 2021)

**Originally published on August 11, 2015. Republished on May 4, 2021. Yes, on a Tuesday in honor of the show originally airing on Tuesdays.**

Truth? I am not happy with tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. I would have been happier if Toby, Ezra, or Caleb were A. I don’t care that my suspicions about Jason and Wren were wrong. I’m kind of glad I wasn’t right about them being A. After all the time and energy I gave to figure out the mystery, it would have sucked if my original theory was right. Let me count the reasons why I’m not happy with who A is:

  1. The mystery suspect is a secret family member? Come on! Transgender or not, that’s so overused!
  2. CeCe was only in 11 of 142 episodes of Pretty Little Liars and was not in the twenty episodes leading up to this finale. Why?
  3. “A” should have been someone who had a personal vendetta against each of the liars—Jenna, Toby, Lucas, or Noel.
  4. The whole thing with CeCe and Jason dating was wrong on so many levels. It should not be in a show on a channel with ‘family’ in the title. Or any show on any channel. (At least they changed the channel name to “Freeform” shortly after this.)
  5. “A” should have had a motive that we could have suspected before we met Charles at the end of season five. The point of a mystery is to give hints and reasons for viewers to pick up. Most viewers, not a few.
  6. CeCe being “A” would have made so much sense on its own if she had been CeCe and not Charles. If she had had a little more face to fans time in a few more episodes. The CeCe we thought we knew could’ve been a realistic “A.” I even would’ve been fine with that. She was someone we knew. We don’t know this CeCe, Charles, whatever the name is.
  7. “A” should have had at least a brief introduction before stealing the game from Mona.
  8. CeCe spent the whole summer with the DiLaurentis family. Kenneth should have at some point suspected CeCe of being Charles if not knowing. Gender Transformation or not, a parent doesn’t forget their child altogether. Not to the point he doesn’t notice you after a long summer together.
  9. Speaking of spending a summer with the DiLaurentis family and Jason having a thing with CeCe. Jessica should have made CeCe put an end to things immediately! I mean, EW! What kind of mother, even one as shady and psychotic as Jessica, would let her children date each other?
  10. “A” has always been so organized and had everything so well thought out. To hear CeCe explain her story, you would think everything was kind of sporadic.
  11. As far as the Charles storyline goes in general. How did Mr. Hastings not know about him when he had the affair with Jessica? Is he lying about that too? Did he know Jessica had a son who was only a few months old? Or did Jessica lie about that too? (Did these questions get answered?)
  12. I always knew I should have written something specific about CeCe. At the end of my last post, I should have said, “If it’s not a guy, it’s CeCe, but I didn’t so I’m also a little mad at myself! (I say I didn’t. But I know I wrote about it. I mentioned a couple of times if I had to pick a female A it’d be her.
  13. …to be continued… if/when I think of more reasons to be upset… (I’m still mad about all the above.)

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you need anything! Like seriously. I’m here for you!

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