You’ve Got Mail (A Belated-Movie Review)

When asked, “What’s your favorite movie?” The first movie to come to my mind is almost always “A Cinderella Story.” Of the hundreds of Hallmark movies I’ve watched, “Bottled with Love” is one of my all-time favorites. And, while I love rom-coms, I haven’t seen very many adult rom-coms unless they were Hallmark. Otherwise, I’ve watched mostly teen movies. So, when my best friend told me the movie for today’s girls’ night was “You’ve Got Mail,” I was excited. This was my chance to finally watch the movie that seems to have started it all for the “pen pals to lovers” trope. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.
I’ll start with my highlights. I loved the soundtrack and I liked the setting. Funnily enough, I was wearing an “I ❤ NYC” shirt today, which went perfectly with the movie. I also loved that every time Joe talked all I heard was Woody. And that his kid-aunt was played by an actress I’ve liked in several roles, particularly “Flight 29 Down.” Moreover, I liked that the boyfriend was played by the dad from “The Last Song,” another of my favorite movies.

What I did not love was, well, pretty much everything else. There was so much potential in this movie and it was all wasted. An ending that could have been perfect was tainted by the first hour and a half of awfulness. I acknowledge the Hallmark movies I love always tie everything up in the last five to ten minutes, but it always follows the consequences and resolution of the rest of the movie. So, what felt like a far too quick tie-up to this movie would’ve been fine with me if it wasn’t for everything else. Joe (NY152) and Kathleen (Shop-Girl) were truly awful characters who saw zero consequences and very little resolution.
The nostalgia of the opening scene alone could’ve given the movie so many bonus points. Add the promising beginning of two strangers chatting on AOL and we’ve got the start of a true winner. Then, everything came screeching to a violent and abrupt halt. Not one, but both of the leads were in serious relationships. This may not have been alarming, except both leads hid their messages from their partners. *red flag #1*

In other promising scenes, we get several near-meet-cutes that I always love. They just kept missing each other until the true meet-cute moment. *swoon* He takes his child-aunt and baby brother into her bookstore and they have several moments. Adding to the moment is the fact we all know what she doesn’t. He’s the namesake of the big-name book company that will likely put her small bookstore out of business. This is the moment we Hallmarkies love about our movies. So, yes, I saw a lot of potential in this scene too, especially because he was trying to hide his identity. But then, things got worse and worse.
Shop-Girl and NY152 kept sending flirty emails and building a relationship. *red flags #2 & #3* And each encounter between Joe and Kathleen was flirty in the haters-to-lovers kind of way. *red flag #4* Shop-Girl and NY152 even planned to meet for a coffee date. *red flag #5* Then, NY152, aka Joe, saw Shop-Girl was Kathleen. Naturally, he realized they couldn’t possibly be in a happy relationship, so he stood her up. *red flag #6* But not really, because Joe showed up without telling Kathleen the truth. Which, I mean, is sort of understandable since she hated him so much, but still… It was a lie. *red flag #7* A lie that could’ve been forgivable if it wasn’t for everything else.

I don’t expect movies to be as realistic as real life. I do expect some sort of realism though. I expect real life, but with a guaranteed happy ending. That’s why we love fairytales, Hallmark, and other rom-coms so much. Most of the stories feel relatable in one sense or another and there’s always a happy ending. Not so with “You’ve Got Mail.” Sure, there was a happy ending, but it was tainted by the lack of reality.

Kathleen spent the whole movie cheating on her significant other and blaming Joe for making good business decisions. *red flag #8* Joe spent the whole movie being insensitive and also cheating on his significant other. *red flag #9* In a Hallmark movie or teen rom-com, this would’ve been fine. Not here. Not without consequences or resolution. In Hallmark movies and most other rom-coms the cheater, emotional or otherwise, gets called out and has to deal with the consequences. In this one, the breakups were clean and mutual. What!? Are you kidding me!? GROSS! Then, Joe never actually tells Kathleen the truth. *red flag #10* And neither of them truly apologizes for being awful human beings. *red flag #11* Kathleen does say she shouldn’t be cruel, but she doesn’t apologize. And Joe. Ugh! Joe… Joe doesn’t even apologize for anything. He gets all manipulative saying, “If you can forgive him, then why can’t you forgive me?” *red flag #12* And then, when she leaves him to meet cyber-boy he just shows up without ever telling the truth. In fact, he sort of plays her. When she finally sees it’s him, she cries. I thought, finally, we’d get a good wrap-up and she’d call him out for what he deserved to be called out on–lying–but no! She’s glad it was him!? She was hoping it was him!? She’s not even mad he lied to her knowing who she was the whole time!? And then it’s just over!? Gross! No consequences. No true apologies or ownership. No redeeming qualities even though it had so much potential!
I wanted to like this movie. I really did. It’s the forerunner of one of my favorite tropes! But I couldn’t like it. I tried until the very end and it just fell flat. I honestly can’t believe so many people love this movie so much. What about it is in the least bit romantic? I will defend a rom-com or drama to the end in most cases, but I can’t with this one. I will not be watching it again. And I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If asked, I would discourage it. But I will leave with a parting comment of semi-positivity. I acknowledge Joe did see a little bit of character growth. He was nicer and more empathetic and figured out what he wanted. But once again, it was wasted potential. *Sigh*


Pride & Prejudice – Book & Movie Review (January19, 2019 – Archive)

As a hopeless romantic, I can have no qualms with any telling of Pride & Prejudice. I can have however have a favorite. While neither movie was better or worse than the other and certainly not better or worse than the book, I do have a clear favorite. In part because I prefer simple, modern writing and partly because I already knew most aspects of the story, it took me at least five attempts to read the book for the first time. After the fact I was happy to have done it and have now read it again. That said, and I NEVER say this, I actually prefer the movie to the book. Both movies took creative liberties that seemed odd, especially the six-hour BBC production, but I actually enjoyed the 2005 movie to the BBC production or the book. Perhaps it’s because it’s shorter and thus easier to digest or maybe because it caters to the wants of a rom-com fan, but probably because I didn’t have to deal with the insufferable Mr. Collins or Mr. Wickham for half as long as I was forced to do so in the book and BBC production. As, I must admit, I only like the series because of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth and I wish that we could get their story with dealing so much with the others, though I understand that would make it a much different story, so I’ll tolerate it. As I do though, it will likely only be through watching the 2005 movie instead of reading it or watching the BBC production. All the same, I recommend everyone read and watch each production at least once in their lifetime! 😊

Beauty and the Beast (2018 Archive)

I’m not a fan of movie theaters. If I’m gonna spend that much money on a movie, then I’d rather be at home. I do make exceptions for some movies though. This was one of the exceptions.

I’ve seen a lot of fan made lists for live action Disney movies of whom should play who if the movie was ever made. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a list that didn’t have @emmawatson as Belle. I always agreed that Emma seemed like the perfect fit.

When I sat in the theater watching the movie, I was mesmerized. In recent years, Beauty and the Beast has become one of my favorite Disney Princess movies, so I was ecstatic to see it in live action. By the end of the movie, I felt like I had watched the best live action movie ever!

As time has passed since I watched Beauty and the Beast in theaters, some of the enchantment has worn off. Maybe Emma wasn’t as good as Belle as I had hoped and thought. I certainly didn’t think of the performance much after the fact. That says a lot. I’m obsessive girl for a reason. When I love something, I tend to be a tad obsessive. That didn’t happen with this movie.

Today, I watched it again on Netflix after watching my DVD copy of the classic animated version. Throughout the first half of the movie, I was rather disenchanted. I couldn’t see why I loved it so much. She’s not the most phenomenal singer in the world and her performance didn’t seem quite as magical as I had thought the first time. By the end though, I still couldn’t think of anyone who seems like a better Belle in looks and certain mannerisms. Idk, maybe it’s because I spent so much time envisioning her as Belle, but she still seems like the best fit, even if her voice isn’t the best fit. 🤷🏼‍♀️ At times, she didn’t look like the best fit, but at other times I thought, “She is definitely Belle!” So, now I’m confused, but I still like the movie enough that I’ll certainly watch it again!

Whatever the case may be, I still want Belle’s Library!

Emoji Review: 😁🤔🙃🤷🏼‍♀️😊

4 out of 5 ⭐️

Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins (Music Review)

The Jonas Brothers album is here! It’s 2019 and there is a new Jonas Brothers album out now! No, this isn’t a dream! This is the beginning of our revisited teenage happiness! It’s been quite a while since I wrote a music review, but of course I have to for the Jonas Brothers! First things first. I’ve gotta say, I am so happy that the album isn’t labeled explicit! I do not curse, but I pick up everything, so I can’t listen to cursing or I’ll start using the same words and I don’t want to. I was worried that they might sing explicit songs since both Nick and Joe’s separate projects had explicit music. But now I don’t have to worry! Okay, now onto the actual music.
Sucker – How fitting is it that this was their first single and the first track on the album? We’re all suckers for the Jonas Brothers. If we weren’t, then I wouldn’t be writing this at midnight as I listen to Happiness Begins for the first time. And you wouldn’t be reading this post. I’ve gotta be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Joe’s solo album and I’m not much of a fan of DNCE. So, I was nervous about the new Jonas Brothers music. How could they take Nick’s sound, Joe’s sound, and make it a Jonas Brothers’ sound? Well, they have! And I’m loving it so far! Sucker was stuck in my head after the first time I heard it and it’s pretty much been stuck in my head since! I can’t think of any qualms I have with this song!
Cool – This is such a bop! I love it! If you don’t feel more confident about yourself and life after listening to this song, then I’m sad for you. It’s such a chill and simple song, yet it’s uplifting and encouraging. I can’t remember most of the lyrics, but that’s okay. All I need is “Lately, I’ve been feeling so cool. Top to the bottom so cool! Every little thing that I do. I’m feeling so cool!” Like, come on! That gotta get you feeling cool and confident!
Only Human – To be honest, my sort of innocent mind can’t quite figure out if this song is actually about dancing or if it’s about sex. Based on the day and age and some of the lines, I’d say it’s about sex. Either way, it doesn’t matter. That’s why I like this song. I’m someone that thinks physical relationships should be private and personal. So, I love when a song is just subtle enough you have to listen to the lyrics to catch what they’re actually saying. Nonetheless, it’s definitely got dance vibes and I’m diggin’ it.
I Believe – This is a beautiful song. I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for a good love song about the one who changed you and this is it. Why wait when you know you’ve got the one? Why not get married in a Vegas casino with an Elvis impersonator marrying you? Why not have a bunch of weddings (for cultural reason in this case) to show your lover how much you love them? Why not? Whose place is it to say you’re moving too fast?
Used to Be – I’m also a sucker for a good post-breakup song! Haunting songs, “used to be” songs, “I want you to be happy” songs, “the one who got away” songs. Whatever. I love them all. Not breakup songs. Post-breakup songs. Songs like this one. It seems to me this is the type of song that says, “Yeah, I miss you. You could’ve been the one, but it’s over now. I’ve moved on. You should too.”
Every Single Time – Ah, the classic “you’re bad for me, but I love you” song! Oh, such a good line “you think it’s only physical. No, no, no.” I mean, it’s nothing profound or anything. I just love when people acknowledge there’s nothing physical about this physical relationship. It’s all about emotions and the actions we pursue because of them. That’s why you can’t shake them from your mind. Even though they’re awful to you, you keep going back.
Don’t Throw It Away – Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and reevaluate. Dating is about finding the right person and being the right person. Sometimes you need space to be the right person. So, she’s walked away. He’s putting her things away. He’s giving her time and space, whatever she needs. All he asks is that she doesn’t throw it away, that she thinks of him, and comes back to what they have together.
Love Her – “Because when you love her, no matter the fight you know she’s always right and that’s alright… I put my selfish ways in boxes… will never let it get close to bein’ toxic… gotta learn to let the small things go and know it’s always far from perfect… but the hardest parts are always worth it…” Wow! This is what love is about! Selfless love. This might be my new favorite song right now!
Happy When I’m Sad – The lyrics weren’t available for this song… Sounds like there’s a new breakup. His friends don’t know, so they still think he’s happy, but he’s broken. Whatever the song, I like that it’s all upbeat even though they’re singing about being sad. It fits the lyrics well.
Trust – I don’t trust myself when I’m around you. I don’t think I even know me. I’m like the old me when you’re around. That’s all I understood of the lyrics. I can’t judge this song because I can’t understand it. It might be my least favorite song on the album.
Strangers – Why does it feel like these songs are on fast forward? I can’t figure out if he’s talking to someone who is actually a stranger or someone who feels like a stranger. It sounds like it’s a reconnection or something but I don’t know. I can’t understand this song either.
Hesitate – So, in the past he’s been hesitant and cautious. He doesn’t want to be that way anymore. He promises he won’t be. He wants to understand and make things better. He wants to work things out and figure it out. He wants to carry her pain in his heart instead of hers. I like this for the same reason that I like love her. This is selfless love. This growing and changing and loving for her and not for himself.
Rollercoaster – It’s as typical as the title suggests, but it’s still a good and catchy song. Sounds like it’s THE reunion song. I’d assume it’s the boys talking to each other and about their journey. It’s been crazy and sickeningly dizzying at times, but they wouldn’t change a thing. They’d go back every time and they’re sort of going back now.
Comeback – Another beautiful song. If she’ll come to him no matter what then he’ll be there for her no matter. I’m liking the matter, selfless love-type songs on this album!
All in all, I love this album as much as I’ve loved any other Jonas Brothers album. As each one has, these songs have matured with the “boys” as they’ve grown into men. They’ve matured in a tasteful and appropriate way though. I wouldn’t have a problem with my younger siblings listening to this album. And that’s also an important consideration for me. I’m going to like an album, then I’m going to need it to be appropriate for all ears. This album, while mature, is also tasteful. I will definitely be going to Target as soon as possible so I can have a physical copy. And I’ll be adding these tracks to my regularly played list on Amazon Music.

Kim Possible 2018 Live-Action Review


I’m going into this movie feeling hopeful, understanding that this is a lower budget DCOM made 12 years after the finale of the original and not a big budget theater movie made at the same time as the original. And at the end of the day, it has been written by the same writers as the series.

So far, so good. KP has the right vibes and Ron is as stoppable as ever!

She’s got her classic jet pack, grappling hook, and laser lipstick/gloss!

The random, unnecessary flips are bit much, but I mean, cheesy or not, it’s still pretty cool.

SHEGO!!!! YES!!! Always my favorite villain! And Dr. Drakken, also!

I do like that Ron is doing a live stream! Haha. That’s totally something he would have done in the series if it were a thing! Haha.

What crap is this soccer only thing!? I mean, at least she wanted to cheer, so there’s that! But no cheer!? That’s half of who KP is!

Oh, and I actually really like the holograms vs “FaceTime” messages from Wade! The Kimmunicator was awesome at the time, but now it’s just super basic, so the holograms are awesome!

😂😂😂 Villainstagram! 😂😂😂

Okay, I will admit the soccer thing is a great way of showing off the feud between Bonnie and Kim in a movie that is only an hour and a half long.

Again with unnecessary flips? Just to pick up this girl’s backpack? Athena? Who is Athena!? What about Monique!? I mean, I don’t mind that she’s like a fan girl who needs a friend, so Kim is able to be that, and get a reality perspective, but still… Where’s Monique!?

Yay! Bueno Nacho! 😁 And the Naco! 😁

The tease about Kim not wearing her traditional saving the world outfit! 😂 “I guess, wearing the same outfit all the time just felt cartoony.” 😂


Ugh, and she’s skilled enough to go on a mission with them!? And she’s basically out-Kimming Kim!? 😒 I bet she’s going to end up being the thing Drakken is using to break Kim! Kim is being a bit petty being annoyed by it, but I also totally get it! Haha. Wow… she’s good at everything? Is she like a robot or something?

Oh, yay! The Naked Mole Rat! AND WE FINALLY HAVE RUFUS!!! 😁 Slightly annoying he didn’t get him at the store, but whatever. It’s RUFUS! “I like weird. As I always say, never be normal!”

Gah! Athena is driving me nuts! At least it gives SHEGO great material for sassy taunts! 😏 Ok, but at least Athena said, “I’m just a Kim-itation.” Poor Kim, though, slowly losing her self-confidence because of everything with Athena. “I walked into high school and it’s like I stopped being good at things. Even worse Athena had one good fight and now she’s amazing at everything. I’ve never met someone who’s better than me and I know how stupid that sounds but it’s like whatever I have that makes me she has more of it. I’m glad she’s finding her way. It’s more about me. If I’m not the best at those things, then what I am? I’m Kim Possible. I’m a star student and I save the world. That’s who I am.”

“No, that’s what you do not who you are.”

“Then, I don’t know who I am.”

I have to admit, I like that this movie focuses on KP figuring out who she is and dealing with insecurity. “I needed to be the person who saves the day. I can’t believe how mixed up I’ve been. Just because I’m not the best at something, doesn’t mean I’m not me.”

Oh! I was right! Athena is a weapon! But I kind of also think maybe she’s going to end up wanting to be friends with Kim? Idk… maybe because Drakken and SHEGO ditch her? 🤔

And is that chocolate milk that Drakken’s drinking!? Haha. I sure hope so! I STILL call my chocolate milk coco moo because of him! 😂

Ooh, Athena attacks Kim and Kim apologizes and thanks her for making her better. Ooh! She is a robot! Or at least partly? Maybe that Brian implant thing she was talking about him using? Poor Kim! Just lost a potential best friend? Okay, so she is a robot? I’m so confused…

Yeah! Go Rufus and Wade saving the day so KP can do her thing!

Hahahaha! 😂 Dr. Drakken is a kid now!! 😂 Is this leading into a sequel? Drakken being a kid and going to school with her as a brainy kid? 🤔

Okay, this whole getting emotional over a robot best friend is a little much… it’s kind of creepy and weird. She’s not human…. I mean, it’s kind of nice too, but… it’s weird….

Special shout out to Momma Possible and Nana Possible, especially because Momma Possible is Alyson Hannigan! Haha.

All in all, I actually really liked this movie and am glad I watched it. I don’t understand why everyone is hating on it so much, because Sadie and Sean did an awesome job!

This IS the Greatest Show – Review of The Greatest Showman

This is the message I sent my best friend as soon as the movie was over! No regrets!

I was twelve years old when High School Musical (2006) came out. I was fifteen when the third and final movie came out. Naturally, I was in love with Zac Efron. I fell more in love with him in Hairspray (2007) and 17 Again (2009). Several years later, he starred as the male lead in the Nicholas Sparks movie, The Lucky One (2012). While it was neither Efron’s best role nor Sparks’ best story, I was still in love with Zac Efron. Then, came This is Awkward (2014), Neighbors (2014), Dirty Grandpa (2016), Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016), and Baywatch (2017). To each their own when it comes to taste in movies. I’m not a fan of raunchy comedies though. I like movies with substance. With each empty movie, came more disinterest from me for Zac Efron.
When The Greatest Showman (2017) came out, I was wary. I didn’t know what the movie was about and I was growing more and more skeptical of Efron’s movie choices. I only knew Hugh Jackman from X-Men (2000) and Les Miserables (2012), so I was indifferent toward him. As for Zendaya, I wasn’t a fan, and I didn’t know the other actors.
Two weeks ago, I learned The Greatest Showman is a PG-rated movie. Because Efron is in it, I had assumed it is at least PG-13, but I was happy to be wrong. Last week, I watched friends from church fangirl over the music from the movie and learned it was a musical. Cool, it was a rated-PG musical! I was a little more interested than before, but I was still kind of indifferent. When my high school best friend asked me to go see it with her, I knew I had to go see it. Within seconds, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it.
Hugh Jackman is PHENOMENAL in this movie! I’ll be honest, I don’t care that much about Logan/Wolverine. When I watch X-Men, I’m more a fan of Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Rogue, Bobby Drake/Iceman, and Scott Summers/Cyclops! Even in Les Miserables, I didn’t watch it for Jean Valjean. Yes, I loved him in that movie, but I watched it for Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Eddie Redmayne.
Today though, I fell in love with Hugh Jackman as he became P.T. Barnum! I am a dreamer through and through. I never give up on my dreams, and yet, Hugh Jackman made me believe in my dreams today! P.T. Barnum showed me that dreams can and do come true! As much as I believed in dreams, love, and family before watching this movie, it’s like I started from ground zero! The Greatest Showman made me believe in dreams, love, and family today! Before watching this movie, the size of my dreams was nothing in comparison to how big they are now!
Phillip Carlyle! What can I say about Phillip Carlyle? Phillip Carlyle is a rich boy turned family man. He finds acceptance, love, and joy in the heart of a performer and her family of choice. Then, against his own expectations, he becomes a performer himself. The duet between his character and Zendaya’s is so beautiful it might have turned me into a Zendaya fan! It’s also a big part of the reason why I’ve fallen in love with him again.
This role shows how much Zac Efron has grown in the twelve years since his debut on High School Musical. In the first movie, his acting was a little forced and he didn’t even sing his own songs. He lip-synced through the entire first movie. As the trilogy progressed, so did his talent. By the end of the third movie, he was singing all his own songs. He had even played an important role in a remake of the musical movie Hairspray. Between Hairspray and The Greatest Showman, Efron has one other singing credit to his name as Ted in The Lorax (2012). With each singing role, he has honed deeper and stronger skills. Singing alongside Hugh Jackman can’t be an easy task, but he seemed to hold his own in their duet, “The Other Side.” Granted, even I wouldn’t say Efron is quite as talented as Jackman, but he did hold his own.
Then, of course, there was the female lead Michelle Williams as Charity Barnum. Being that she is a fairly established actress, one would assume she would deliver in this role. I didn’t know who she was before this movie. After viewing her filmography on IMDB, I know that I have seen her one role, as Annie/Glinda in Oz the Great and Powerful. Now that I am familiar with her, I can say I’m a fan. Williams plays well as the supportive wife, mother, and co-dreamer. Her love for Jackman’s Barnum is believable and her voice is beautiful. To be honest, I actually enjoy her singing more than the supposed greatest opera singer in the world. Loren Alfred is very talented, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t prefer her to Williams.
Who can forget the darling daughters, Caroline and Helen Barnum played by Austyn Johnson and Cameron Seely? These sweet faces and beautiful singers may be my favorite part of the movie! What can I say? I love children! Okay, maybe they’re not my favorite part, but they were great in their roles! I’ll be looking forward to seeing them take on more roles as they grow older!
My goodness! Can we talk about that opening scene? I doubt I have ever loved a movie so much in the first five seconds. That’s coming from the self-proclaimed obsessive girl. This movie though immediately drew me into the plot and setting! Needless to say, I was invested from that point forward! If I had the money, then I would definitely sit and watch The Greatest Showman over and over until I’m sick of it. Is that even possible? I don’t know, but don’t take my word for it! If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, then drop everything and go watch it now! Seriously, even if you have already seen it, then drop everything and go watch it again! It has love, dreams, passion, family, friends, music, and people who rise above the status quo! If you don’t love this movie for at least one reason, then I have to question your taste in movies! Sorry.

Seriously, I’m currently listening to the soundtrack for the tenth time since the movie ended at 3:30 this afternoon. And, because I can’t go rewatch it again right now, I’m settling for getting my Efron and Jackman fix by watching each High School Musical movie, Hairspray, and Les Mis! Don’t judge me!



For many people, Taylor Swift has carried a reputation of relatable, inspiring, and dreamy. To many others, she has carried the reputation of a boy crazy girl who dates too much. To me, the best part of her reputation is that she turned country into her own genre. Then, she broke every record she possibly could! Her country crooning, singer of love songs reputation continued to flourish and grow throughout her next four albums. Then, she released 1989. It was a decent album, but it wasn’t the Taylor Swift her fans knew and loved. That didn’t stop us from buying the album and shouting the lyrics at the top of our lungs or using them as captions to our social media pictures though.

I have always been a hardcore Swiftie. I own every single one of her CD’s, including her EPs. I have a collection of Taylor Swift guitar picks and music books. I can even sing 98% of her songs perfectly as they play and a decent number of them from memory. Taylor Swift and her music got me through a very tough time in high school and I will forever be grateful for that. I even gained a dear friend because of a conversation we had about Taylor Swift. So to me, Taylor’s reputation has always been great!

When Little Big Town came out with “Better Man,” many fans had mixed feelings. It was exciting, because it meant Taylor Swift was still writing country music. But it also probably meant she wasn’t going to record country music for herself. Then, “Look What You Made Me Do” came out and we knew, at least for now, we won’t be getting any new country music from Taylor Swift. Personally, I was super bummed. I miss the Taylor Swift I know and love! Discouragement didn’t keep me from driving to Target and buying a physical copy of Reputation though!

“…Ready for It”
Actually, no, I wasn’t ready for it. What is this song even about? Is it like “I Knew You Were Trouble?” Is she falling for someone that isn’t the best for her? Is it like the counter reply to “Wildest Dreams?” Instead of begging him to remember her, is she telling him he’s the one she dreams of? I don’t know. By no means is it my favorite, but I do like it. I won’t listen to it in my spare time, but I won’t skip it. When I’m listening to my music on shuffle or when I’ve got this CD playing in my car I will listen to it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even dance to it every now and then. It’s got a nice beat and could be fun to jam out to when I’ve had a long day. And, in the middle of the night in my dreams, I’ve already found myself singing it when I wake up.

“End Game (featuring Future and Ed Sheeran)”
This song is kind of annoying, which is a bummer. I expect more from both Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. I love listen to “Everything Has Changed (featuring Ed Sheeran).” The lyrics have the potential to be a cute love song. Instead it’s poppy, loud, and not something that works well in a playlist of love songs. Some of the lyrics could be perfect as background music in a cheesy chick flick. The music doesn’t work, though. I suppose it could be a song playing in the background at a club when the main couple meets. Even then, it doesn’t quite work.

“I Did Something Bad”
I get that half the point in this album is to be petty, but I’m so over petty Taylor! On albums of Swiftness past, the best thing was listening to the petty songs between her cute, lovey songs, and her heartbreaking, sad songs. On this album, it’s all their is and it’s tiresome. The majority of the album is petty and meaningless. I know she’s trying to make a point, but she could make a point without having such annoying music and lyrics. They say Taylor did something bad? I know I did something bad! I listened to this song! **01/18 update** I still don’t like this song, but I don’t hate it as much as I did on 11/11/17 when I wrote this review.

“Don’t Blame Me”
I actually like this song. In general, I like music that compares love to addictions though, so that’s probably why I like it. But it also has a few old Taylor vibes. It’s barely there, but it’s like the haunting of a ghost; you can feel it when you’re not looking. It helps that it’s the first song on the album that uses real instruments for the music. Sure, you can still hear synthetic music, but at least some of it’s real.


The song is far from being old Taylor. The lyrics are reminiscent of the young Taylor though. The old Taylor was always so cautious, yet fierce in her love. She wants to make sure she’s not coming on too strong, but she also wants to be the girl he remembers more than anyone else. This is the Taylor we know and love. The lyrics aren’t the cleverest or deepest lyrics she’s ever written. They’re relatable though, especially in the chorus. “Is it cool that I said all that?” Who hasn’t lain awake at night wondering if they said too much?

“Look What You Made Me Do”
Look what you, Taylor Swift, made me do! This was the first time that I’ve ever given a bad review for Taylor Swift. She’s had a few songs that I haven’t been the biggest fan of, sure. I haven’t been silent about it either, but I hadn’t ever actually disliked any of her songs. There’s a first for everything though. “Look What You Made Me Do” is a beyond annoying song. I thought it would grow on me, but I’ve only grown more annoyed by it.

“So It Goes…”
I’m kind of tired of Taylor Swift’s “I’m not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you” thing. At this point, I’m pretty sure if she does bad things with as many guys as she claims, then she’s either a bad girl or a poser. I do like the bit of the song where she sings about being his to keep or his to lose. She’s more or less telling him it’s his move. She’s decided what she wants; now he needs to decide.


She’s having an internal battle with herself over how she feels about this guy. She wants him, but she can’t have him. She wants him to be single, but she’d rather he not be single. He makes her happy, and sad. And she’s arrogant about it. She thinks she’s worth it, but more than anything, he’s so cool, she can’t bear to look at or talk to him. I don’t hate this song. I don’t even dislike it. The lyrics aren’t my favorite, but I can relate to some of the lyrics on a personal level. Most of us have all had someone we both wanted to be with, but knew it we should be with.

“Getaway Car”
This might be my favorite song on the album. She says the old Taylor is dead, but that can’t be 100% true. She’s resurrected her for the writing of some of the best lyrics on this album. None of the songs on this album are Taylor Swift’s best work, but some of them are reminiscent of her best work. This is one of those songs. It takes me back to the era of Red. It was still poppier than her first three albums, but still country enough to play on y100 and KJ97. This song isn’t country, but the lyrics could be.

“King of My Heart”
Thanks, but I’ll stick with the worship song by Bethel of the same title. It’s not that this song is bad. It’s not even that if I’m going to have a king of my heart then it’s going to be the Lord. It’s just that it’s yet another annoying song. Taylor Swift is too talented to have everything synthetically programmed. I don’t even know if the lyrics are good, because I don’t want to listen to it long enough to decide. **01/18 update** I still agree with my original review, but I like the lyrics a little more than I thought.

“Dancing with Our Hands Tied”
Why does Taylor Swift feel the need to repeat herself so much? Why on this album does she feel the need to reference sex and drinking so much? What many of her lifelong fans have loved so much about her in the past is that her lyrics make no reference to any of these things. I get that this is what normal twenty-somethings do and talk about, but what about the fans who don’t? What about the young fans? The references are subtle and easy to miss, I’ll give her that. I still miss the Taylor who sang about fairy tales and dreams though.

Here it is; the song inspired by endless desire. It equates to the songs of Swiftness past that I want to listen to while feeling a longing desire to find true love. or that is appropriate for young fans to listen to. I get it, I’m weird. I’m an almost twenty-four-year-old girl who doesn’t want to listen to love songs about sex and lust, but is that so wrong? Why does every artist my age have to reach a point in their career where they stop singing cute love songs and start singing lusty sex songs? It’s ridiculous! **01/18 Update** Okay, I confess. I love this song! And that’s exactly why I hate it! I’m an old-fashioned Christian girl who believes sex is for marriage. This song goes against everything I believe in as a single twenty-four-year-old, and yet… I can’t help but love it. Stupid Taylor Swift! I hate you for writing such a good song about a topic I disagree with!

“This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
Okay, we get it! You’ve got beef with several artists, especially Kim and Kanye! You don’t have to sing about it so much. Your fans used to come running to your defense, because you didn’t run toward the drama, but instead away from it. You would write one song about the situation, but it was also subtle enough, that it left us guessing. Is this song about who it seems to be about? *shrugs shoulders* We don’t know, but that makes it better. Now, we do know what these songs are about and it’s tiresome. **01/18 update** I still agree with what I wrote before, but I also kind of like this song. It’s fun to listen to, because it’s so ridiculous it puts a smile on my face.

“Call It What You Want”

Yes, Taylor! Yes! More old school Taylor vibes! Again, it’s not country and that’s what I want, but at least it’s got some vibes! You reference the drama briefly, but otherwise, this is just a cute song. I’ve got to ask though. What the heck is “it?” What “it” are they calling what they want? I’m so confused! Are they calling the relationship something that it’s not? I don’t know, but I like this song!

“New Year’s Day (Secret Session Version)”

Ah, Taylor’s natural voice! This is the Taylor we all know and love! This is the Taylor we miss! When 1989 came out, my best friend pointed out that she sounds a lot better acoustic. I hadn’t thought about it until she said it, but now I realize that, as usual, she’s totally right! Taylor needs to stick to what she’s good at! She needs to be the girl with the guitar or the girl at the piano! She sounds so much better and her songs are so much more enjoyable! So much so that listening to a piano performance can transform my opinions for her music. “Out of the Woods” was my least favorite song from 1989, but it became one of my favorites after she explained it and performed it on piano. I watched the secret sessions video before buying the album, and now I can’t listen to the album version without wishing it was the acoustic version. Why, oh why, Taylor must you edit your songs so much now?

“New Year’s Day (Album Version)”
Even on the album version, this song is the closest thing to the old Taylor that we get from this album! When played acoustically, it might be my favorite song from the album. More than any song on the album, it’s the rawest and truest recording. It’s the most stripped down and enjoyable to listen to. It’s the song that I will listen to over and over again and I’ll it sing with glee. I might even actually decide to cover this song on my YouTube channel! I don’t know, but I’d at least consider it! Listening to her harmonize with herself is a little odd though. *shrugs shoulders*

As I write this review on 11/11, I wish that the album had been recorded without so much heavy editing. I wish that it hadn’t been so petty. I wish that it had at least one or two inspiring songs like the songs of Swiftness past. But if I wish in one hand and spit in the other, guess which one will fill up faster! So, I’ll let go of my wishes. This is by far my least favorite Taylor Swift album and I only like a small portion of it. Still, I’ll always be a Swiftie, even if the old Taylor really is dead and gone. If nothing else, at least I’ve got the songs and albums that helped me get through the toughest years of my life—high school. If this new Taylor is going to be the forever Taylor, then I’ll wear out my old Taylor Swift albums. And I’ll keep listening to the new country music princess, Kelsea Ballerini, because I definitely won’t be listening to this album over and over again! **01/18 update** At the end of the day, whether I love or hate this album, one thing is true. It’s actually a pretty great album to listen to in the car. It’s not about much and that makes it perfect for a car ride to work or road trip to somewhere fun.

Revival Review (Finally)

When I listen to music, watch TV shows and movies, and read books, I look for clean stories and inspirational people. I’m definitely not looking for perfection, because nobody is perfect, but I am looking for someone that I would be more than happy to encourage my younger siblings to look up to rather than encourage them not to look up to. In the case of Selena Gomez, I’m comfortable enough with how she publicly presents herself that I’m not against my siblings following her. However, I do hope that they are cautious of their admiration for her, because she has a tendency to go from being one of the most inspirational stars in Hollywood to being a more sexual star in Hollywood. All in all, I do enjoy her music, her acting, and who she presents herself to be in public. I feel much the same way about her new album, “Revival.” It’s upbeat and exciting and many of the songs have an inspirational vibe to them.

Revival – You know those moments in life when you’ve gone through the motions for so long that you’re no longer living, but simply surviving, until one day you realize that you need to wake up and do something? That’s what this song is about.

Kill ‘Em with Kindness – Ordinarily, a song as repetitive as this one tends to be annoying, but this song is different. In a world typically bent on revenge, these lyrics are inspiring enough that the repetitiveness is not annoying. Arguably, the best line in this song is, “No war in anger was ever won… kill ‘em with kindness.”

Hands to Myself – As stated in the intro, when I listen to music, I listen for clean lyrics that I would be comfortable listening to with my younger siblings, therefore, I’m not a big fan of this song. I do, however, like the line, “Can’t keep my hands to myself. I mean I could, but when would I want to?” I like this line because it’s one of the most honest lines I’ve ever heard in a song like this. It just makes me laugh to hear how transparent this line is. She’s literally saying, “I could control myself, but I don’t want to.”

Same Old Love – it’s your classic sassy break up story. Mr. Not-So-Perfect said or did something stupid, so they broke up, and Miss Independent is now singing about how much better off she is without him. It’s catchy and relatable in every way!

Sober – it’s the classic tale of a tragic love story. It’s a perfect example of a line from one of Gomez’s best friends, Taylor Swift’s song, “This Love.” The singer is basically saying, “This love is good. This love is bad.” She knows this love is not healthy for her well-being, but she still keeps going back to this guy who only loves her best when he isn’t sober.

Good for You – There are only three people for whom any girl should ever dress to impress—a potential employer, herself, and her significant other. In this song, the singer loves her significant other so much that she just really wants to look good for him. It’s cute and sweet and there’s kind of just an overall sexy feel to the song.

Camouflage – Give or take a few lines, this song is the epitome of what it’s like to drift apart not only from your significant other, but also from anyone in general. Once upon a time you were so close, but it’s been a while since you were. Now that you’re catching up it feels cold, but it’s still nice to talk again.

Me & the Rhythm – Selena Gomez is known for the dance feel of her songs. This song is one of those songs that is perfect for dancing. There’s not a lot going on with the lyrics other than a dance pop theme and that’s what makes it perfect for dancing.

Survivors – This is an inspirational love song about the beauty of how love can take all the pieces of a broken heart and turn them into something strong and beautiful. These lyrics speak of how love makes it possible to survive almost anything.

Body Heat – Words need not to be used to say I’m not the biggest fan of this song. Why would I be? It’s not a love song and it’s not inspirational. It’s just words on a page. Credits needs to be given where credit is due though. One of the lines is pretty clever—If you’re the flame, I’m the kerosene.

Rise – This is the kind of song I look for when listening to an album for the first time. It’s inspiring and empowering—the kind of song you listen to when you are feeling down and out and unable to move on. It just might be my favorite song on the album.

Me & My Girls – While the lyrics are empty, the sound is full enough to be a fun song to dance to. It’s a great song for a girl’s night out or even for girl’s night in with junk food, girl talk, and make overs.

Nobody – I don’t know who or what this song is about, but the lyrics are written in such a way that they could be applied to any love fueled relationship. On a personal level, I could use this song as a worship song if I wanted to do so. The lyrics are strong and they imply the kind of love that in the Hebrew language is Agape, which loosely translates to mean “unconditional love.”

Perfect – While we may not all know how it feels to be in relationship with someone who obviously has somebody else on their mind, I think it’s safe to say we do all know how it feels to be in love with, or at least have feelings for, someone who has feelings for someone else, and it sucks! This song fully explores the feelings behind wanting someone so badly that you are envious of the person who has captured his/her heart.

Bonus Target Edition:

Outta My Hands (Loco) – We all know someone, or have been the someone, so wrapped up in the one or two redeemable qualities of a lover that they keep going back for more even though his/her bad qualities far out way the good. This song is for the person who knows it makes no sense to keep going back but you do anyway.

Cologne – At least once in your lifetime, you’re going to meet someone who consumes your every moment. You’re going to fall for someone who is everywhere in every sound you hear, everything you see, and every scent you smell. If you’ve already been there, you can relate to this song, if you haven’t then when you do, you’ll know this song is true.

Carrie Underwood – Storyteller

I love October, because it means new music from a lot of awesome artists! I was supposed to write posts about Selena Gomez’ and Demi Lovato’s new albums, and I even wrote most of the post for “Revival,” but then Carrie Underwood’s new album came out and obviously I have to write about that first, because Carrie Underwood is musically flawless and as close to perfect as any human being can get! Obviously, her new album is just as fabulous as every album she’s ever released. Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to critique anything she does, because she’s just so talented, but I’m going to review her new album, “Storyteller,” anyway.

Renegade Runaway – This song is kind of like the girl version of “Cowboy Casanova.” It’s a warning song that tells the boy to be careful what he’s getting himself into with this girl. She’s pretty and clever, but she’ll likely leave him with nothing, but heartbreak and a wistful love if he doesn’t run away.

Mexico – She’s always got a rebellious song on her albums. This is that song for this album. They’re partners in crime. Whatever they’ve done, it’s bad enough that they’re skipping town and making their way to Mexico, and as someone from San Antonio where almost everyone speaks Spanish, I can say with experience that Carrie Underwood even speaks Spanish fairly well.

Heartbeat – She also has a getaway song on every album—the song about a love so innocent and pure that all you want to do is get out of town with the person you love and match your heart beats to each other and the rhythm of the music on the radio, until you’ve gone so far, static is all you hear on the radio, so you’re left to dance only to the beat of your matching heart beats.

Church Bells – Carrie Underwood’s voice is so full of soul and sass. I love how she uses it to show the serious issue of abusive relationships, while still keeping true to her country roots by leaving the issues solved in the most cliché to country music way possible by having the abused woman deal with the issue on her own. No one will ever know her secret, because he’ll never be able to tell anyone.

The Girl You Think I Am – This is Daddy’s song. Not all of us are blessed with a father who stuck around through thick and thin in our lives. many of us who were blessed with a father who stuck around, weren’t blessed with a strong relationship. However, those of us who do have a father who stuck around know deep in our hearts that even through the worst of times, Daddy loves us and believes in us even when we don’t love and believe in ourselves. Daddies are a daughter’s biggest fan, even the daddy whose relationship with his daughter wasn’t the strongest or most positive that it could have been.

Clock Don’t Stop – Another cliché in country music is a song reminding us of how quickly time passes us by. I couldn’t figure out who said it, but someone once said, “Time waits for no one, so don’t waste it” and this is essentially what this song is so saying.

Like I’ll Never Love You Again – Love is a daily choice. You can’t just say, “I love you,” and have that be the end. You have to choose love every single day. So, choose to love through the storms of life, through the calm nights, love like the world’s gonna end tonight, and love as if you’ll never get another chance.

Dirty Laundry – If there is any type of song on any album of Carrie Underwood’s, it’s always her cheating songs—the songs that call the “man” out on his lying, cheating heart. Sometimes she destroys his big red truck, other times she buries his lies 6-feet under with the help of his mistress, and other times, like tonight, she airs his dirty laundry out on the clothes line for everyone to see. Sometimes, the best revenge is simply to hang his secrets out to dry.

Choctaw County Affair – This album is full of country clichés and I couldn’t love it more. Another country music cliché is a song about a small town drama when something tragic happens, but no one really knows what, because as the rumors fly, the secrets remain buried with the truth. The best small town secrets are the ones that involve messy love triangles that are dark enough to land its story in a Lifetime Movie.

Chaser – I stand firm on the previous statement that love is a choice, but love goes hand and hand with attachment, and I don’t believe attachment is a choice. You can’t really choose who or what you get attached to. In some ways devotion, which is often synonymous to attachment, is also similar to what it means to be addicted. Something draws you to this thing or person that you’re attached to and you can’t really explain what it is, but you also can’t stop it. This song is about that. This woman is so attached to this man that even though she knows he’s not really hers, even though he claims to be, she wants him anyway. However, because she knows he isn’t really hers, she lets him go, because he’s attached to another woman—a woman who isn’t her.

What I Never Knew I Always Wanted – They say you can never understand a mother’s love unless you become a mother yourself. I’m not a mother, so I won’t pretend I understand a mother’s love myself, but Carrie Underwood did recently become a mother, so she obviously understands a mother’s love and she describes it in a simple way. This child, this beautiful baby born from the love between her and her husband, is now the most precious thing that has ever been in her life, and the craziest part about it is that baby Isaiah is the one thing Carrie Underwood apparently never knew she always wanted.

Relapse – If you’ve ever tasted alcohol and you’ve ever been in deep like or love with someone, then you understand what songs mean when they describe love in the same way that would describe being buzzed or drunk. Love and alcohol have at least one thing in common—they have a strong tendency to leave you feeling addicted if you let them. Once you’ve been addicted, you’re an addict for life, so even when you kick the habit, you have to be careful or you’ll relapse and that is what this song is about.

Smoke Break – You don’t have to be drunk, a casual drinker, or a smoker to feel sometimes that maybe just one drink or one drag will make everything feel better. Sometimes, life is just really stressful and a drag of smoke or a swig of alcohol calms your nerves enough to remind you not to sweat the things out of your control. Sometimes, we all just need a smoke break.

I dare you to listen to this album and try to argue that this album and this singer are not flawless. There’s a reason Carrie Underwood was not only on American Idol, but also won. The girl can “sang!” Anyone who argues doesn’t have a right to their own opinion (kidding!) Seriously though, as usual, this album is full of talented vocals and strong lyrics.

Breath In. Breathe Out. Hilary Duff has a New Album!

OMGosh! Am I dreaming? Hilary Duff has a new album! Excuse me a moment while a fan girl for a few minutes! I just, can’t believe she has a new album! She’s basically the reason I’ve dubbed myself Obsessive Girl! When I was as young as seven years old, Hilary Duff was basically my reason to watch anything! I literally cried at night when Lizzie McGuire came on, and I couldn’t watch it, because I was so young that it was my bed time! Gah! I’m so excited right now that I might cry just from the excitement! Okay, okay. *breathe in, breathe out* I’m good, I’m good. Now, let’s talk about Hilary Duff, because THIS is what dreams are made of!

Hilary Duff. Any household with anyone born in the 90’s or sooner recognizes this name as a common household name. She was adored by just about every nineties born girl in the United States for her quirkiness and ability to play relatable characters, such as “Lizzie McGuire,” Sam Montgomery in “A Cinderella Story,” Kelly in “Cadet Kelly,” and so many other characters. In addition to her many acting roles, she also released four albums entitled “Metamorphosis,” “Most Wanted,” “Dignity,” and “Hilary Duff.” She is one of the few Disney stars that few parents could ever question in regards to whether they wanted their children looking up to her, because she was clean and wholesome, and to this day has always had a strong head on her shoulders. While many of the other stars from her time have squandered their careers away to drugs and alcohol, Hilary Duff has grown up, gotten married, and raised an adorable little boy named Luca. Today, she is making a huge come back by starring in a television series called “Younger” and releasing her brand new album, “Breath In. Breathe Out.”

Sparks – The lyrics to this song are as cliché as pop lyrics come. It’s all about how nothing else in this world matters as long as we’re together, because when I’m with you all I know is sparks, so baby come closer and don’t let go. Honestly though, it almost doesn’t even matter what the lyrics are saying because the upbeat tempo makes it virtually impossible not to dance to the beat.

My Kind – A song about a guy who seems way to good to be true. How is he real? He stands out in a crowd, makes me want to let down my walls, and just be here in the moment with him. However, I need to make sure this is real, because I don’t want to waste my time.

One in A Million – Upon hearing the title one would assume this is a cliché pop song. Really, it’s not as cliché as one would expect though. Typically, a song with a title like this would be about a girl who finds this guy or relationship to be a one in a million chance and like a dream. This song isn’t really like that though. He seems to want to take a break from the relationship, while she’s supposed to wait on the sidelines, waiting for him to make up his mind. It should be easier to deal with this, because he hasn’t actually done anything wrong, but that actually makes it worse, because she knows she’s worth it and shouldn’t have to wait for him to make up his mind.

Confetti – The sound of this song is a little more like a traditional Hilary Duff song than the others. The lyrics are cute and simple. It’s about a girl who falls to pieces because of him, but in a good way, because he’s so irresistible and as surreal as a daydream. It’s a cute new twist on what it feels like to fall in love.

Breathe In. Breathe Out. – The title track. It’s about remembering everything about the relationship. It’s a girl trying to let go of the relationship that wasn’t what she thought it was. She has to pretend to be over him, so she’s thinking only about breathing in and breathing out. Basically, it’s the song written the moment after the break up when you realize it’s all over and nothing will ever be the same so you have to fake a smile and just keep going in life.

Lies – Just upon hearing the title, you assume it’s about a lying jerk who doesn’t know what he’s got and that’s exactly what it’s about. This girl is strong, independent, and so done with the lies that she’s moving on. It’s a power anthem for every girl (or a guy) who has ever reached the point in a relationship where she realizes he’s not the prince charming she thought he was, but a deceiving serpent with captivating and hypnotizing eyes.

Arms Around a Memory – It’s over now and all they have left are memories. She desperately wants to wrap her arms around the memory of him, because she misses him and wants what they had back, but she can’t and that’s upsetting. Because she can’t put her arms around the memory, and because as she wants him here, she also wants him to disappear, so she begs him to remember to forget her.

Stay in Love – As the title implies, this is a song about a relationship that is falling apart. It’s not what it used to be. There’s no passion or emotion. It’s as cliché as it sounds, but like the first track of this album, it almost doesn’t matter what the song is about, because the upbeat tempo leave you wanting nothing more than to forget your own worries and just dance.

Brave Heart – This relationship is like a game or a carnival ride going round and round in circles. She doesn’t want to let go of the relationship, but she knows she needs to for the sake of her own sanity. She’s scared to death to let go, but she knows she can, because she has a brave heart. She would never change anything about their relationship and she will forever keep every letter he’s ever written to her, but that doesn’t mean she won’t let go and move on.

Tattoo – This is the song that has stuck out to me the most from this album. Maybe it’s because I knew Ed Sheeran co-wrote it with Miss Duff, or maybe it’s because it’s a truly phenomenal song, I’m not quite sure, but it is a fabulous song! It’s a slightly more artistic take on the typical song about how love leaves marks that will never go away—like a scar or tattoo, that not only affects how you appear, but also how you feel on the inside. It’s a beautiful reminder of how scars and tattoos are the beautiful remains of pain felt and love lost.

Picture This – It’s about how a relationship is never exactly what you expected it to be. In this case, it’s better than she expected. Some things are regretted, but most of it has been beautiful and wonderful. She wants to remember all of the good things that were a part of their relationship.

Night Like This (featuring Kendall Schmidt) – This is another song that stuck out to me. It’s two potential lovers who feel electrified and mystified just by being near each other. The lyrics aren’t exactly my favorite, but it’s fun to listen to. It’s also interesting to experience on personal level, or as a third party, the power of new and exciting potential love.

Needless to say, despite the fact that I’m not as into pop these days as I used to be, I do love this album. Sure, there are certain points when I think, “yeah, this is why I don’t really listen to pop anymore,” but for the most part it is a good album. The lyrics are catchy and fun, the music is upbeat and dance worthy, and the general feel of the album is nostalgia mixed with themes perfect for anyone who has grown up as fan of Hilary Duff, because the themes of this album have matured with Hilary Duff and her fans. Maybe I’m being biased, as I’m the kind of girl who is “once a fan, always a fan,” but regardless of how I feel about the album, I suggest you listen to it for yourself and form your own opinions!

Taylor Swift “1989”

Taylor Swift is a multi-platinum artist known for pushing the envelope, defying the odds, and breaking records. She has won over fifty awards including seven Grammys. Her flourishing career started at the age of sixteen when she released “Tim McGraw.” Since then she has released over thirty more singles. The first four albums in her discography have been country albums, but her most recent album “1989,” is a pop album. “1989” includes 13 tracks, plus an additional six tracks on the deluxe Target Edition including three uncut, original recordings of “I Know Places,” “I Wish You Would,” and “Blank Space.”

“1989” is an album written by a girl who has watcher dreams come true. It is about a young woman who finally knows exactly who she is and what she wants out of life. Gone are the lyrics of an innocent, naïve, and slightly confused young girl. In the first track, Taylor Swift sings “Welcome to New York” to the young dreamers who remind her of the days when she dreamed of “living in a big ol’ city.” She encourages them to keep their heads up when success seems impossible. The rest of the album goes on to show that the rose-colored glasses of her youth have been taken off and been replaced by the clear glassed of a jaded adult.

Unlike her past albums, this album does not live under the fairytale views of a a hopeless romantic. In songs like “Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Wildest Dreams,” she does not sing of the perfect lover, but of the one who got away, because though they worked so well together, they were bad for each other.

Six of the tracks, including “Out of the Woods,” tell tales of how love could be beautiful and simple, but instead the jaded lovers get so caught up in running away from trouble and toward perfection, that their love slowly slips out of their hands until it cannot be reached again.

Hope is not completely lost for the hopelessly romantic “Swifties” though, because Swift does briefly sing of the potential of finding true love in her tracks “How You Get the Girl” and “You Are in Love.” In these tracks, Miss Swift reminds listeners that even as a jaded adult, a part of her still believes that true love is attainable for the fortunate few who are willing to hold on to it and patiently fight to keep it.

Finally, she has the songs “Bad Blood,” “Clean,” “Shake It Off,” and New Romantics.” These are her “whatever, I don’t care” tracks. These songs are written to the haters and people who did her wrong. She’s telling them to say what they will and do whatever, but she will let slide off her back and keep doing what she does. Love her or hate her, but at the end of each day, one thing is true of Taylor Swift—she is honest and relatable. Hates hate because they claim all of her songs are the same, and that might be true, but for her it is not a bad thing. The topics of her songs are always similar, because she writes what she knows. As successful as she is, she is still only 24, and like most other people her age, she really only knows love, heartbreak, and haters. She has not experienced much and that is why “1989” which is just a more seasoned version of her other albums, will inevitably be the first platinum album of 2014. It is also why she has such a large a loyal fan following. Girls and boys alike lover knowing that such a famous star has felt the same things they have felt. Taylor Swift is a star they feel has grown up alongside them and “1989” shows that she still as real and down-to-earth as ever.

After Taylor Swift announced that she was releasing a pop album, I was prepared to be disappointed. It was not because I thought it would be bad; I knew it would not be bad. Taylor Swift and the people she works with are far too talented to come out with a bad album. I was nervous because to me, Taylor Swift was made for the country music she had been singing all along; not because country fits her particularly, but because she made country music her own. I was worried that turning to pop would turn her into a sold out copy of what everyone else was doing. I could not have been more wrong though. As she did with her first four albums, Taylor Swift has taken her chosen genre and made it her own.

Until next time this is Brittany Alexandria, daring you to keep obsessing over the things you love! Because we could always use more hope and passion in this world! xoxo

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Road Between

Most people know Lucy Hale for her starring role as Aria Montgomery in the hit ABC Family drama “Pretty Little Liars,” but many people don’t realize that music is Hale’s first love. When Hale was only twelve years old, she competed on the American Idol spinoff, American Juniors, and won. When she was fifteen years old, she moved from her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to Las Angeles, California to pursue her music career. When things didn’t fall into place right away for her music, she pursued an acting career, but never strayed far from music. In nearly every role she has ever played, even her role as Aria Montgomery, she has sung a song or two. Now, after a long time coming, the time has finally arrived for her to release her very first album, “Road Between.” “Road Between” is a country album written with a theme inspired by love—love from a girlfriend, love from family, and love from self.

I personally thought she did such a fantastic job singing the pop songs on her movie, “A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song” that like many others, I was skeptical when I learned that Lucy Hale had come out with a country album. However, because I grew up on country music, I chose to listen to Hale’s album despite my doubts. Upon listening to her album, I was grateful that I did. With powerful vocals, catchy beats, and relatable lyrics, Hale’s album is sure to become an album that present and future fans will remember for many years to come.

With her songs “From the Backseat,” “Road Between,” and “Feels Like Home,” Hale shows the importance of remembering your roots. “From the Backseat” reminisces about family memories, first dates, and prom nights, while “Road Between” and “Feels Like Home” talk about how it’s important to remember home and the lessons you’ve learned through the years.

Her songs “Nervous Girls” and “My Little Black Wedding Dress” show that even though she’s a famous actress and singer, Lucy Hale struggles with insecurities every now again just like any other girl. “Nervous Girls” is very similar to the song “This One’s for the Girls” by Martina McBride and “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” by Kellie Pickler. It’s a song that depicts situations in which women face things like eating disorders and divorce. Toward the end of the song, Hale becomes as open and honest as anyone by singing “I’m that girl who’s just like you.” Later on in the album, Hale sings the song “My Little Black Wedding Dress” which is the anthem of any girl who feels like she’s “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” and “forever alone.” It’s my personal go to song when I’m feeling down and out while all my 20-something year old friends, friends who are my age, are off getting engaged, getting married, and having babies.

Now, what would a country album with strong female vocals be without depressing love songs and sassy break up songs? The answer would be, “Not a country album.” Considering the fact that Hale is a talented enough actress to make anyone cry, it should come as no surprise that she can make you cry with her lyrics as well. Therefore, should you ever feel like cuddling up in your bed with a bowl of ice cream and majorly depressing love songs, “Red Dress” with Joe Nichols and “Just Another Song” can and should be your go to songs from the album. Should you feel sassy and or angry about a guy who treated you wrong, then you should listen to “Goodbye Gone,” “That’s What I Call Crazy,” “Runaway Circus,” or “Those 3 Words.” Hale’s powerful vocals and fiery attitude in these songs could be compared to the same type of songs sung by artists like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift.

Finally, the album has incredibly sweet and totally relatable love songs like “You Sound Good to Me,” “Kiss Me,” “Lie a Little Better,” “Love Tonight,” and “Loved.” I personally recommend you listen to “Lie a Little Better,” which is a song about a girl who is crushing on a guy, and she doesn’t want him to know, but the words just slip out, so she feels idiotic and tries to take it all back. You should also listen to “Loved,” a very sweet and loving song about a girl telling her boyfriend that he doesn’t have to do anything special or fancy, as long as he loves her, tells her she’s beautiful, and reminds her that she means the world to him.

Ultimately, “Road Between” is a fantastic album, written with grace and talent for an artist who truly pours her heart and soul into every word she sings. It is an album that anyone could relate to in at least one way or another, and even when being as objective as possible, I cannot think of one reason as to why you should not go out and buy this album right this very moment.

Until next time this is Brittany Alexandria, daring you to keep obsessing over the things you love! Because we could always use more hope and passion in this world! xoxo

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