My Thoughts on “Hart of Dixie” (with spoilers)

I’m a country girl at heart, so when I read about “Hart of Dixie” in a list of “Shows You’ll Love if You Loved Gilmore Girls” I definitely had to give it a go.  I immediately loved it, but only made it half way through the first and only season that was on Netflix because work or something got in the way. I finally started watching it again this week and used each of my free moments binge watching it (is there any other way?). Zoe Hart is the goofy speed talking character I always love, because characters like her always talk themselves into trouble and then somehow manage also to talk themselves out of trouble. In my world, I’m the goofy, speed talking girl who talks herself in and out of trouble. So, of course, I love “Hart of Dixie,” not only for the southern charm and speed talking characters, but also because it’s super cheesy and cliché, but in the best way!

I’m normally first and for most a sucker for tragic love stories, so I thought at first that I would be rooting for George Tucker and Zoe Hart to be together. However, I also typically root for the fixer and the mysterious troubled guy, and this time that couple won out, because Wade Kinsella is… well, Wade Kinsella. *fangirl swoon* I actually did like Joel, kind of, but I was definitely one of the 87% who would have voted he and Zoe did not make the best couple. I also liked Vivian, but as Zoe’s cousin and not as Wade’s love interest, though of course if it wasn’t for Joel and Vivian, we would have missed a lot of the best moments between Zoe and Wade, because Joel and Vivian were the bridges that ultimately helped Zoe and Wade find their way to each other. Don’t even get me started on the baby bomb. Dude! Normally, I think those types of bombs are RIDICULOUS, but in this case it was PERFECT, especially when Wade wanted to propose and then chased after Zoe when she ran away to New York when she learned his plan. That baby bomb though, for me at least, came from completely nowhere, especially since they were leading us to believe it would be Lemon who was pregnant, but of course, that would have been too obvious.

Speaking of Lemon, even though she cheated on George with him, I definitely wanted her to be with Lavon. I am one hundred percent against cheating, but if you’re going to do it, at least do it with someone who you’ve fallen in love with and not someone, like Wade did, who means absolutely nothing to you! There were a few moments, particularly in season three, when I momentarily rooted for Lemon and George, but ultimately, I didn’t really like him with either Zoe or Lemon. I did, however, think he was super cute with Tansy, that was until she fell for Scooter, and then all hope was lost for me for them when Lemon planted the seed of potential love in George and A.B.’s mind, because they were totally adorable!

Speaking of adorable, can we talk about Tom and Wanda? Those two were adorkable! Gosh! I mean, who would have thought Tom Long would end up happily married to someone before any of the other characters were even happily dating anyone? Honestly, probably anyone who knows anything about cliché love stories, it’s also dorky, but loveable kid who finds true love first, because they typically have less of a chance of getting caught in love webs—way too many connections to be love triangles!

I don’t think I’ve even truly been able to say this about a TV show before, or really any love story at all, but I really like how they chose to end the series. I have only one complaint, and that’s that it would be nice to see the show extended so we can watch Zoe and Wade raise the baby for at least a season or two, but as far as the story line and closure goes, I don’t have any complaints! Zoe and Wade are quite possibly one of my favorite ships ever, Lemon and Lavon bring out the best in each other (except of course cheating), Tom and Wanda are just adorable, Scooter changed for Tansy, and George and Anna-Beth are the couple that came out of nowhere, who should have made sense the whole time! All in all, I am very satisfied with “Hart of Dixie” and will definitely be watching it a few more times through. So, if you’re looking for a cute show that is for the most part for cute and mostly clean, I truly recommend you watch “Hart of Dixie” especially if you liked the small town feel and quick-speaking pace of Stars Hallow in “Gilmore Girls” because Zoe is a speed talking New Yorker who has to learn how to live a small town life with the quirky residents of Blue Bell, Alabama, all while learning about a family and father she didn’t know she had and falling in love, but ignoring it with temporary relationships, at the same time. Beware though, if you easily pick up accents, especially if you’re from the south, your words will come out with a bit of an accent if they don’t already and your thoughts will run in “southern dialect” for a while as well.