“Cash Me Ousside” Girl

Dear younger generations, I know you’ve  all watched the video and seen the memes. You’ve all laughed at, joked and even complained about the “cash me ousside” girl. You’ve all judged her based on a few things you’ve seen on Dr. Phil. Why shouldn’t you? You saw with your own two eyes how disrespectful she is to her mother and other people. Now, let me ask you this: Have you ever disrespected your authority? No? Okay, then go ahead, throw that stone of yours.

Older generations, I see and hear you talking about how idiotic it is that younger generations have made her viral. Why? Didn’t you do things that seemed idiotic to the older generations when you were once the younger generation? Of course you did! Maybe you didn’t have social media to make it as big of a deal as things become today, but you still did things that seemed idiotic to the older generations. Now, let me ask you this: If it seems so idiotic to you, then have you stopped to consider why she’s gone viral? No? Didn’t think so.

To both generations: Do you even know this girl’s name? No? Let me tell you. Her name is Danielle Bregoli. Do you know her story? I don’t for sure, but I did read somewhere that she had an absentee father and a mother who was diagnosed not once, but twice with cancer. Whether her family story is true or not, one thing is true. You don’t know Danielle and you don’t know her story.

Please, don’t misinterpret what I’m trying to say. I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, condone Danielle’s actions. The actions we have seen from her have been wrong on somany levels. That being said, I refuse to judge a book by the cover. All we’ve gotten of Danielle, just as all we get from all famous and infamous people, is what the media shows us.

Dr. Phil has never been known as the most reliable news source. For all we know, Danielle’s behavior has been scripted. Either way, yes it’s wrong, but no we do not know her story. So STOP judging her already!

And older generations, maybe instead of judging the younger generations for making this girl go viral, maybe you should ask yourself why she’s gone viral? Have you ever thought maybe she’s gone viral because consciously or subconsciously the younger generation relates to her? Not the rebellious and disrespectful behavior necessarily, but the attitude and feelings behind it. If the the story I read is true and her parents are estranged, then it almost makes sense that she acts out. She probably feels lonely and afraid to trust anyone. Heaven knows far too many kids in recent generations know how that feels! More kids I know than don’t have divorced parents and many times at least one of those parents is more or less an absentee or might as well be at least.

This is a broken generation, more than my generation before them, and so much more than the generation before me. They’re hardly ever disciplined and when they are they’re getting it from two (or more) objecting parental figures.

Not to mention, this generation, even more than my generation, are constantly being picked at and scutinized for their selfish behavior. Why are they selfish? It’s simple; mostlikely because the generations before them don’t take the necessary time to nurture and groom them. They don’t know how to act, because my generation before them has spent so much time fixing ourselves from the brokenness left by the generation before us.

How can we expect these kids to relate to and make viral videos that are beneficial for society when we don’t take the time to help them see what is beneficial? We’re too busy bickering and fighting with each other to help them! I can speak for my generation when I say we are broken and we’re broken in large part because halfway through our childhood the previous generation stopped loving each other and started breaking each other down. So now, we’re leaving the newest generation in the dust while we try to pick ourselves up!

That was very long winded and I don’t know if it made sense, so let me clarify it for you. Whatever generation you’re in, stop fighting and judging and start loving and helping! Whatever problems might have been left for you are none of your business. If it’s broken and can’t be fixed, then stop trying and start together from the ground up.