Dear Tim, Men Like Tim, and Future Husband

Part 1

Dear Tim Tebow,

           I don’t know what happened between you and Olivia Culpo. Maybe the headlines are right and she broke up with you because of your abstinence, or maybe it was something entirely different. I don’t know and quite frankly, it’s none of my business. There is something I do know though and that is that you are a stand-up guy. You’re the kind of guy girls like me dream of finding and falling in love with one day. From superficial standpoint, you are very attractive with your beautiful blue eyes, often scruffy facial hair, adorkably smart-looking glasses, and well-built physique. From a monetary standpoint, you’re a famous football player, so I’m sure you’d be a very reliable financial support for whichever lucky lady wins your heart and hand in marriage one day. Most importantly, you have a heart of gold.

I’m not normally one to judge a person based on who they are as a celebrity, but I am one to judge someone’s character based on their heart, which is why I don’t judge most celebrities’ character, because you can’t normally know someone’s heart without personally knowing. I am confident though, that I don’t need to know you, Tim (can I call you Tim?), to know your heart. You’re barely twenty-eight years old, so you’re still fairly young; therefore, it would make sense, since you’re only in your twenties, if you were still trying to figure out what it is that you believe and stand for in this life. Isn’t that what our twenties about—discovering who we are and what we believe? You know who you are though, and you know what you believe. You’re a godly Christian man whose heart knows what it believes and is willing to give up anything in order to maintain those beliefs.

I’m a twenty-one-year-old female virgin (*collective gasp* yes, I said the “V word.”) and I just really want to thank you from the bottom of heart for being one of the few but proud Christians in the spotlight (not including those who are in the Christian spotlight) who has claimed a life of purity and actually acted on that promise, even when it means possibly losing girlfriends because of it. I want to thank you for being a visible reminder to girls like me that guys like you really do exist. Sometimes it’s hard being someone who has sworn to save themselves for marriage, especially when it’s such a rare thing to do, even (unfortunately) in the Christian community. I can’t imagine how hard it must be not simply to be a virgin in the spotlight, but to be a practicing Christian in all areas of your life. Furthermore, thank you for being an example, not only to me and other girls, but to practicing Christian men like you who have made the promise to stay abstinent until marriage.

Part 2

Dear Men Like Tim,

I will be twenty-two in three weeks, and I have never had a boyfriend or any kind of romantic or physical relationship with anyone and that’s why I’m writing this open letter. I know what it’s like to be judged in a society that focuses so intently on sex that people like me, people like Tim, and people like you are stigmatized because of it! At best, we’re treated like children who just haven’t grownup yet, and at worst we’re mocked and scorned for thinking we’re holier than thou or something. Honestly, why does my sexuality have anything to with your happiness? If I shouldn’t be judging people for who they want to you love, why are you judging me for when I want to “make love?” Guys! You deserve a round of applause because as bad as it is for me to be a twenty-one year old virgin (yes, I said it again), I’m sure it’s much worse for you, because in this society, it’s not okay for men not to be sexually active, so thank you! Thank you for waiting! Y’all are the real MVP’s, because you have beliefs and you stand for them, even though they are some of the most unpopular beliefs of our generation!

Part 3

Dear Future Husband,

Thank you for waiting for me. Thank you for being the reason why it’s so easy for me to wait. I know that one day we’ll find each other, fall in love, get married, and find that the wait truly was worth it. I know that we won’t ever have anything to regret in at least this one area of our lives because we didn’t waste time on people who would ultimately disappoint us and leave us. Sure, we won’t be perfect and yeah, we’ll regret other things in life, but it feels so good to think that somewhere out there, maybe even reading this post right now, there is a man who is wearing the letter “A” for abstinence like a scarlet letter on his chest, because he’s made the same commitment to wait until marriage that I’ve made. I know it seems strange, even a close friend of mine was genuinely shocked to hear that Tim Tebow at 28 still hasn’t had sex. She knows I’m almost 22, still a virgin (wow, three times in one post? I’m on a role with this strange word) , and planning to be one until marriage, and I really think at least a part of her, if not all of her, respects me for making such a crazy and weird decision in this day and age. Still though, the shock on her face and in her voice could not have been hidden. She thinks Tim Tebow is crazy, I’m sure she thinks I’m a little crazy too, and if she ever meets you, she’ll probably think you’re crazy. I mean, heck, even I think we’re crazy! That’s what makes it so beautiful! We’re willing to look crazy in order to keep the promises that we’ve made to ourselves, to each other, and to our God, to save that special moment of love for each other. So thank you, future husband, for looking crazy and waiting for me!

Always with Love,

Brittany, the 22-year-old virgin